Posted: April 16, 2022 in America Asleep, AMERICAN HYPOCRISY, Psychology

“This nation was born in violence, it’s kept alive by violence or the threat thereof, and it’s going to die a violent death. …….. Prophet of Doom.”

Well for Tubularsock — that sums it up pretty adequately.

And Frank James is “the nut”?

Well, Frank James does have some issues. Issues that are not uncommon within our society.

His violent YouTube rants are rather angry and full of frustration. Down right scary. Especially when he signs off as “Prophet of Doom.” Hmmm, kind of gives it away, don’t you think?

And Tubularsock could out compete Frank’s rants but the difference is Tubularsock would not attack average citizens going to or from their slave labor jobs.

Frank wounded 10 people in an attack on the NY subway with smoke bombs and the whole nine yards. Lucky Frank was such a rotten shot. Tubularsock is rather a good shot but would not direct anger at the poor working stiff. But Congress may want to duck.

We have a huge homeless population in the U.S. and even a greater number of psychologically challenged individuals as well as entire families. We are really A COUNTRY OF NUTS!

Alcoholics, dead end druggers, prescription drug addicts and just plain “lost souls” dominate this country. Which includes a few politicians as well. And very little help is ever offered as compared to the amount of money THAT WE pull out of thin air to give away to Ukraine or Israel or NATO and on and on ………….

Our own people suffer.

And if you add the TOTAL lack of direction we as a society hold …….. we are a lost cause.

Rotten health care, rotten dead-end employment, failed education, and NO MORAL DIRECTION.

The only push by the establishment is BUY MORE SHIT which as a culture we have been taught and trained that it is BUYING MORE SHIT that will make us happy.

Opps, Tubularsock forgot to add in the suicide rate of the young. Astronomical.

A society where the young are killing themselves ISN’T a positive society.

And a society which conducts CONSTANT wars IS NOT a happy well adjusted society.

So all the hand wringing about Frank James and the “search for his motive” ……. Well, give Tubularsock a break!

Frank James is a Black 62 year old man with enough education to be able to work as a gear machinist at Curtiss-Wright, an aerospace manufacturer for eight years and a time working in telecommunications at the giant Lucent Technologies.

But due to several personal problems, including the death of his father who he lived with, ended up as an employee on the maintenance staff at Bridgeway House, a mental health facility in New Jersey where he had been a patient at an earlier time attempting to get his life together.

And now we as a society will put him in jail for his actions.

If, on the other hand, Frank had taken a drone and from thousands of feet in the air pushed a button and wiped out thirty Syrian, Vietnamese, Iraqi women and children, our society would have given him a medal and praised him for being a patriot.

But the bottom line for BOTH of these actions OUR SOCIETY does not really assist the psychological aftermath of either of these actions.

For Frank it will be prison with NO real help to come to terms with his issues. JUST PUNISHMENT as good as any deranged Pseudo-Puritanical Society can create.

And for the soul destruction military murderer, a medal!

Along with no real help for the personal psychological devastation of killing. Which explains the huge number of post-military suicides.

So what’s the solution?

This ain’t going to be easy BUT THE ONLY WAY and Tubularsock means THE ONLY WAY is for the society, as a whole, to shift direction and shift the societal VIBRATION.

And this can only happen within each individual. A reawakening of the cosmic vision of ONE.

Better start at once. Time, which doesn’t exist, does have its marching orders.

  1. Batt Guano says:

    In the 1960’s H. Rap Brown said..”violence is as American as Apple Pie…” And he was right. An Apple Pie is a rather violent dish. It’s crusty..has to be put in an oven like Holocaust victims, is sliced by a knife, and is deceptively sweet, like many politicians. So your humble Battster may have a possible solution. Let’s outlaw Apple Pie and promote Jello as the national dish. JELLO! Jello has never been known to hurt anybody. If you put it in a shell casing and fired it at someone it wouldn’t hurt them. And even the beloved Bill Cosby, before he became a monster, endorsed it. If more people were to like Jello they wouldn’t eat Apple Pie or purchase guns. And if we could muster enough political support to outlaw Apple Pie we might have enough clout to outlaw guns. So let’s say jello.. and goodbye to Apple Pie!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well Batt, Tubularsock finds your solution just a little bit wiggly.

      First problem …… Joe Buydone is very much like very old Jello running all over our feet.
      He can’t speak, he can’t stay awake even falling asleep as he speaks AND he can’t tie his shoes. And he and his family tie with Dump and his family in their corrupt money stacking.

      Seems the Presidency is a family business. Do you think it may be a qualification?

      As for guns, all this Covid dictatorial control Tubularsock noticed from our government was ONLY slowed by the fact that the citizens are well armed. Unlike Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Austria all now neo-fascist states.

      Covid governing has convinced Tubularsock that being well armed (two hands-two guns) is the best way to go!

      As for Apple Pie, the core problem is … power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!

      So Batt, grab your gun AND STAND YOUR GROUND!

      Thanks for the comment.


  2. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Even though you’re right, it’ll never happen. But you’re still right. Well said.

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    • tubularsock says:

      SB, Tubularsock thanks you but YOU are correct as well ……. “it will never happen”.

      But have you noticed that by just having Tubularsock bring forth the idea the number of those who agree DOUBLED!

      See how change happens.

      Awakening CAN HAPPEN.

      Thanks for your comment

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  3. Make that triple. I agree.

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  4. mistermuse says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Tubularsock:
    The inmates are taking over the institution
    To our goddamn shame….and that’s a lock
    Without a key, or a prayer of a solution.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Thank you for your comment mistermuse. Tubularsock agrees, that a lock without a key is a clear block against changing unless it is changing the lock. Dynamite comes to Tubularsock’s mind but then we end up with a more explosive issue.

      Well prayer may have to be attempted maybe with just a little dynamite to bring down the walls so we can see the sky. But then the dynamite would cloud the sky and we’d be back to without “a prayer of a solution”!

      Damn ………. back to the drawing board.


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