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What in the fuck has happened to “comedy”?

During Henny Youngman’s day in the late 1930’s on radio, in clubs and speakeasies he was the master of “one liners” and his wife jokes were a mainstay of his work. “Take my wife …….. PLEASE!” and “My wife said to me, ‘For our anniversary I want to go somewhere I’ve never been before.’ I said, ‘Try the kitchen!’”

He had an inoffensive, friendly style of comedy but today he’d find himself in hot water with the feminists for sure. But a good joke is ALWAYS worth the price.

If you give a shit about the Oscars (which if you do Tubularsock already has a judgment against you and your intelligence —- not that it matters, just sayin’) then you already know about this comedy of errors between Will Smith hitting Chris Rock on stage.

Chris Rock was doing his comic rant and drops a joke about Will Smith’s wife shaving her head. It was a weak “G.I. Jane joke” except it hit a touchy subject with Will Smith.

Will gets up from his front row seat and comes up on stage a slaps Chris across the face and says as he was returning to his seat, “Keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth”!

Jada Pinkett Smith has alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss and balding. She has been open about her experience with hair loss and got her head shaved last July.

Ok. Comedy is a rough sport and has always had its mean spirited tendency and chancy “you can’t say that” eggier aspects. It has always been what made comedy comedy. Oh Well, times change ……….. now we have PC culture and those who adhere to it are complete assholes who thinks and report to the rest of us that their diarrhea doesn’t stink.

Of course they are incorrect “. . . AND SO’S YOUR MOTHER”!

You may recall George Carlin’s joke about the “Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television”

The words, in the order Carlin listed them, are: “shit”, “piss”, “fuck”, “cunt”, “cocksucker”, “motherfucker”, and “tits”.

This is just one of so many well constructed routines showing Carlin’s genius as a comedian.

Man! Would he have gone nuts over the material which is just sitting up there in the air in our present illusionary reality.

Not all comedic direction pleases everyone and that is what makes it a dangerous sport.

And the more one weaves dangerous “word speak” into their work the more intriguing and more interesting it becomes in Tubularsock’s view. Chancy yes, creative yes, and funny if the punch line doesn’t end up as a punch in your face. But on second thought there were more pies in the face than there are now. Seems now our society leans toward the 45 to the head. The innocence age is wayyyyyy over!

Take for example racial slurs like honky, nigger, hebe, raghead, gook all dangerous to use in a comic routine but one would be walking on eggshells in our current society. Not there wouldn’t be some pretty funny stuff created but risky.

But Tubularsock knows for sure that one could find a following no matter how gross you’d become. And Tubularsock would be in the front row!

And what would one do with all the “faggot” jokes or “lezzo” jokes? Well from Tubularsock experience you’d find it difficult to find a seat in the sea of faggots and lezzos that would show up for the show in the SF Bay Area.

It appears to Tubularsock that humor and comedy is in the mind of the beholder and not all humor and comedy fits all points of view and lifestyles.

And the stronger one is in their gender, race, and religious/spiritual lifestyle the heavier the joke can be flung at them without hostile repercussions.

They’d either not pay any attention to you or they’d join in on the joke due to their own solidity within themselves.

A case in point for Tubularsock was when Dick Gregory, ‘60s comedian and civil rights crusader, entitled his book NIGGER.

And he told his mother that he named his book NIGGER so whenever she heard that term she could think whoever said it was advertising his book.

Which only goes to show that if you are STRONG AND TRUE TO YOURSELF …….. the jokes on them!

  1. swo8 says:

    I think Will Smith would have made a bigger statement if he just got up, turned his back on Rock and left. It’s just a little more classy…

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  2. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Uggggh….this topic!
    Yes, it’s me again, two weeks in a row!
    But comedy, comedy, comedy. It’s suffered tremendously in the woke/metoo/social justice warrior world we live in now where everybody’s feelings get hurt because nobody can take an effing joke anymore.
    Remember what happened to Dave Chappelle with the black trans woman making everyone boycott him at Netflix saying he was “anti-trans”?

    Hubby and I watched the special, and he was not only NOT anti-trans, he was the opposite of it, and had a very touching story to tell about being friends with a trans person. But nooooooo. He used the wrong phrase, the wrong words, didn’t couch it JUST the way the trans woman wanted, because the world revolves around HER, of course, and now Dave, who everybody knows is an edgy comic, is supposed to stop his livelihood and rethink his existence and comedy in general to please this person and people like her with no sense of humor.

    As far as Will Smith goes, he should be very, very, very ashamed of himself for acting like a thug in the middle of the Oscars. Incredible. Not just the slap–which was an assault–but then the foul language. Was that really necessary? He believes his own hype. My father had an encounter with him years ago when he was still a young man, and he was a dick then, and he’s a dick now. Some things never change.
    Except our sense of humor. It’s gone. And it’s beyond tragic when we can’t laugh at ourselves anymore. Self-deprecation is a gift that’s been lost on mostly the “younger” generation who take themselves WAY too seriously.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Welcome once again SB. Yes, THIS comedy is an “Uggggh” topic. Glad that it still activates a response. Must have been all those “Uggggh” jokes you have heard over the years.

      Have you heard the one about the “Uggggh” that walk into the bar …………..

      Tubularsock totally agrees with your observation, “. . . everybody’s feelings get hurt because nobody can take an effing joke anymore.”

      The only improvement with that statement, for Tubularsock, would be to use FUCKING rather than “effing”, because EVERYONE knows “effing” means FUCKING so who are you fooling except some “effing” prude? So FUCK that!

      Sorry for Tubularsock’s aside there. It just fucking came over Tubularsock.

      The Dave Chappelle issue and fall out was “stupid-trans” but it WAS funny in a stupid way.

      Tubularsock didn’t see the Chappelle performance but yes he is an “edgy comic” and that is why people go watch him. And one can ALWAYS find a bitch with an “edgy comic”.

      So Tubularsock says ……………. “Then don’t go see him if you’re so “effing” sensitive!

      Tubularsock agrees that Smith was a bit over the top with his aggressive protective manliness for sure. Tubularsock sees this kind of shit on the streets of Oakland often. But mostly from slap-prone-black-women, believe it or not.

      So to see two rich and famous Black dudes going off on a public stage in front of thousands of people was disappointing for sure.

      The only thing it lacked was the regular precursor, the yelling out “I’ll kick you ass, Nigga! Is that whatcha’ you want, Is that whatcha’ you want?”

      At least Smith had enough composure to wait until after he sat back down. May have been safer.

      Smith being a dick in the past Tubularsock has heard several times so am not surprised but interesting that your father can verify that as a real person experience.

      Not that it matters to Tubularsock. Not going to be in any movies with him for awhile at least.

      Many do take themselves way to serious and then attempt to put rules on us because of their lack of intelligence AND THAT AIN”T FUNNY!

      Thanks for the comment and here’s to your dad!

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      • selizabryangmailcom says:

        Yeah, it’s kinda ironic, too, ’cause I generally swear like a sailor, especially at home, where hubby says, “Could you act more like a lady?” and I’m like, “I never pretended to be a lady! Who do you think you’re married to?!” lol.
        But as I’m not gonna be in any movies with him, either, anytime soon, just like you, I guess it’s all moot.

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      • tubularsock says:

        SB, do you think that with you and Tubularsock not planning any pictures with Will anytime soon that that has led to “Will Smith Resigns From Film Academy Over Oscars Slap”.

        All due to our “slap” of rejection?


  3. I guess I just know too many sadistic men who like to use humor to belittle me and then say they’re just joking. Talking about the the small size of their penises usually solves the problem. I have never felt the desire or need to hit them.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well DrB, Tubularsock is not about to defend “men’s” humor gauge when it come to personal relationships with women. As “funny” as it may be one often needs to learn to duck.

      The penis size approach seems to work for you so full steam ahead. Hitting them may work just as well, however.

      As for “. . . sadistic men who like to use humor to belittle me . . .”, Tubularsock would highly recommend hitting them more than once.

      Good luck, and pick better acquaintances.


  4. Priti says:

    I think Smith has done a mess ! It was not necessary well shared 🙂

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    • tubularsock says:

      Priti, Tubularsock thanks you for your comment.

      Yes, Smith has done a mess and something that is just so stupid.

      It is a sad commentary for an adult “star” to act out like a 5 year old.

      Maybe others will learn from his action but Tubularsock doesn’t trust mankind that much when it comes violence. Seems we always have to learn the hard way.



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