Well shit! Here Tubularsock is again repeating himself ad nauseam about the state of the American political decay.

It is somewhat overwhelming to witness the depth of the decay yet the ability of this continued dry rot to hold its flimsy structure.

Another marvel of science Tubularsock supposes.

To listen to Dead-Man-Walking Joe Buyden speaking to the United Nations about the destruction that Vlad has unleashed on the Ukraine is breathtaking.

“Russia has shamelessly violated the core tenets of the United Nations charter.” says
Dead – Old – Joe.

But funny that Dead-Old-Joe failed to mention the U.S.’s role in the 20 year war in Afghanistan, or for the wars the U.S. also started in Iraq, Syria, and parts of Africa. Or even our continued rotten treatment of Cuba!


Even more strange that Russia had believed the U.S.

He didn’t even mention the number of Central and South American election the U.S. has altered overthrowing the PEOPLE’S WILL for a dictator that will go along with the U.S. corporative agenda of stealing natural resources.

You know, “We Are Doing It For Democracy”!

To watch that pompous old fuck chastises other nations while “leading?” the most destructive terrorist nation on earth, The United States of America, is stunning!

But hell, that is all old news ………..

Did you here the great news that Dead-Man-Walking-Joe has continued to build “Trump’s Wall”?

Remember all the consternation over “Trump’s Wall”? Well now, Old Joe is continuing to build it. And not a mention of it by the mainstream presstitutes. Hmmm. Don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain, Dorthy.

Remember when Trump put children in cages at the boarder? MORE CONSTERNATION! But few realized that Rent-A-Kneegrow-Obummer STARTED that policy while he was in office.

Funny how that works, isn’t it.

And Dead-Ol’-Joe has deported MORE immigrants than Orange-Dump!
Seen any consternation over that policy?

BUT IN TRUTH the power structure has continually framed the question of immigration as to HOW TO STOP the influx of those coming across at the boarder at any particular time.

BUT THE REAL ANSWER has always been hidden.

Stop undermining democratic elected governments in Central and South America and let the peoples of each country vote for the government THEY WANT.

Not the government the U.S. wants for them controlled by the U.S. corporate agenda!

In truth, most people at the boarder didn’t want to leave their country but were driven to leave their country because of the U.S. foreign policy that has help to create governments that are run by “approved” dictators or drug lords.

Do remember that the CIA is one of the most prolific illegal drug pushers in the world! So what is good for business is ……. well, good for business. (You don’t believe that the U.S. pulling out of Afghanistan has stopped the CIA’s opium business in the area do you!)

So all that establishment bull shit that immigrants at the boarder want to come to “AMERICA” for a better life is ONLY true because the United States have meddled and help to destroy their country for American control and exploitation.

It has worked for over a hundred years!

Well, just maybe things are about to change.

Imagine U.S. citizens with their pillow cases filled with crucial survival items, cellphones, talking wristwatches, portable TV’s, pressing themselves against the Sacred Border Wall waiting for asylum in Mexico.

Fucking could happen! And perhaps sooner than we think!

But in the meantime Tubularsock will hang low in Tubularsock’s top floor corner office in his underground bunker over looking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA. (see Bunker Tour)

  1. US retirees are already fleeing the US in droves for Mexico and Puerto Rico seeking improved lifestyles.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Yep. Way better deal going down. This has been happening for several years. Of course some years the trend spikes upward.

      Thanks SB for the comment. Tubularsock has been having trouble connecting with your blog so Tubularsock ReFollowed and that seems to be working.

      Are you having issues with the power structure again?


      • Lara/Trace says:

        I don’t know if this comment will show up – not letting me LIKE anything.

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      • tubularsock says:

        LT, Tubularsock has been having trouble with all this as well. Then Tubularsock wasn’t signed in to his WordPress Account and once Tubularsock did that then everything started to work again.

        Tubularsock hadn’t signed out of the WP account but somehow it dropped Tubularsock.

        All is well at this moment BUTTTTT, there is still the death cult!


    • Tube,
      You were on my WordPress feeder but disappeared. I’m glad to find you again on Stuart Bramhall’s posts. A most refreshing perspective, as always.

      The US is imploding. Dr. Bramhall was smart to emigrate. I’ve considered seeking political asylum in Russia, myself, but stay in Savannah because fall is the best time of year here ( but for the hurricanes).

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      • tubularsock says:

        KO it is great to reconnect. Tubularsock has lost several people and had to re-follow due to an update of computer software.

        But slowly, things are falling into place.

        Glad to hear from you again.

        Tubularsock would say Cuba may be nice but Russia not so much.

        But the weather in the SF Bay Area can’t be topped so in Oakland Tubularsock will stay.

        Tubularsock has found that no matter where one is, you ALWAYS bring yourself along so one has that to live with and consider.

        And then packing all Tubularsock’s shit …….. forget it! The Bunker is full!


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      • I don’t move because of all the stuff. However, an ongoing ambition is to reduce my belongings to bare essentials, like a rice bowl and a toothbrush. If I live long enough, I may lose all my teeth, so won’t even need a toothbrush. Of course I would still want some wrap for warmth or to hold my rice bowl, so it would have to have pockets.

        Like you, I have too much stuff, and I don’t want to have to make decisions about what to get rid of.

        If my house sinks into the marsh or burns down, that would save me from making all those decisions.

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    • Dr. B,
      I dream of leaving, myself, especially during the heat and humidity (and biting insects) of summer in Savannah. I’ve considered Cuba and Russia.

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  2. fauxcroft says:

    Seems the US has a dearth of presidential candidates that have not got one foot in the grave or prison. I feel for you all. Faux🙏

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    • tubularsock says:

      Faux, Tubularsock thanks you for taking the time to comment and being compassionate with the U.S. “leadership” issue.

      The U.S. hasn’t had a REAL leader since Kennedy and “they” shot him for attempting to stray from the script just a little.

      Here in the U.S. of A the populous is well fortified with iphone97’s to not notice.

      Thank God for intrusive technology!


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