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WHOA! Hot damn!

Tubularsock and his entire news team ……. ahh.

Ok, Tubularsock and Tubularsock’s news team in Tubularsock’s mind has happened on A REAL LIVE PERSON who is REALLY living his life and taking his great photos in Romania.

And Romania has “a large common boarder with Ukraine”.

So because Oakland, CA where Tubularsock has his top floor corner office in his underground bunker overlooking Washington , D.C. (see Bunker Tour) doesn’t border on Ukraine Tubularsock has found a living person who can see and has seen Ukraine. Not bad.

The following is a comment that was made on Tubularsock’s last blog post BUT just so you don’t miss this information Tubularsock has decided to Highlight It as a blog.

Think of it as LIVE coming from Tubularsock’s News & Information Service (TN&IS)!!!

Note: The information provided has been substantiated by Tubularsock’s own research and Tubularsock is in agreement with the information provided.

And Tubularsock wishes to acknowledge and thank Imagynasium for doing all the work here.
You can see his blog at

Imagynasium says:
October 2, 2022 at 11:55 am  
I’m glad that in the USA there are still people who have the freedom to express their thoughts … I live in Romania, which has now been transformed into a US military colony … the geographical proximity to the war in Ukraine, makes the geostrategic position of my country, to be very important … for this reason, propaganda and censorship, are more intense than during the communist period, from which we broke up in 1989. These instruments of social pressure are used to force the Romanian people, to support the involvement of NATO, in a war that is not ours and that we do not want … but, as in the communist period, reality cannot be changed by propaganda and censorship, but only the perception of reality.

… unlike the rest of the world, Romania has a large common border with Ukraine and we know what is really happening there … more than 500,000 Romanians live as a minority in Ukraine and there are several hundred thousand Ukrainian refugees, who settled in Romania … these two sources of direct information, make the war propaganda ineffective … most Romanians know the truth from direct sources. I wrote these things to understand that I have a different perspective, on the war from Ukraine and the situation from Europe, in general … I think that you, as an American citizen, would be very outraged if you knew what was really happening, with those many billions of dollars, made available by your government, to support the war in Ukraine.

Regarding the industrial sabotage Act, on NS 1 and NS 2, things are very simple … you Americans, should know best that the sixth US fleet, is equipped with advanced military technologies (including satellite monitoring systems) , which are paid with a lot of money by the American people. Having such technologies, I think it is impossible for the US Sixth Fleet to not know what is happening in the Baltic Sea … any person who knows a little about the current military capabilities, knows that some ships belonging to the US Sixth Fleet, were so close to the place of the sabotage, that the automatic anti-submarine protection systems would have triggered the alarm for suspicious submarine activities.

… otherwise, it is publicly known that a helicopter belonging to the US Navy, flew intensively over the area of the sabotages, before they occurred … to be precise, I can say that we don’t know what happened there under the water, but we know for sure, that the sixth US fleet knew and approved what happened there … that means, he is either the author of the sabotage, or he is an accomplice to sabotage … both situations being equally reprehensible!

In support of these arguments of military logic, can invoke the economic interest of the USA, to sell expensive liquefied gas in Europe … at this moment, Europe has no other alternative and will change its dependence on cheap energy from Russia, with dependence of expensive energy from the USA … in this context, it is only a matter of time, until the economy of the European Union will collapse due to non-competitiveness … in this context, the American military presence in the European Union will be combined, with a domination and control, over advanced European economies … which, from a financial point of view, represents a much higher stake, than the war from Ukraine, For any geostrategic analyst, it is obvious that the USA needs the European Union, for the future big confrontation with China (the real opponent of the USA, in the world), and the European Union will not come willingly, in this future inevitable conflict.

By sabotaging NS1 and NS2, the USA won the industrial production capacity of the European countries, but sent the cheap energy of Russia, to the opponent China … only the future will tell us, if your strategies made a good choice, or not!?

I close this message, thanking you for quoting me on your blog and I hope that in the future we will exchange information, about how the world is seen, from two places so far away and different from a social, economic and historical point of view (of course, as long as censorship from my country, will allow me to do this)!

Sorry for the quality of my expression in English, but I have no training in this regard!
My only “teacher” was … Hollywood!

It may be necessary to acknowledge here that Tubularsock’s knowledge and use of the Romanian language is somewhat limited as in “Buna, numele meu este Tubularsock.
Ca o bere?”

  1. Thanks, Tube, for your international perspective on US meddling where it shouldn’t.

    No wonder the rest of the world hates us.

    I suppose Germany and the EU could still get Russian gas via other routes. Ego may prevent any backtracking on policy.

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    • tubularsock says:

      There is something about making the world in our image that seem to percolate to our power structure. Tubularsock has a suspicion that it’s left over Christian Dogma!

      Germany especially may shift and overcome ego in order to survive economically.

      We shall see ………

      Thanks for your comment — stay safe!

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  2. Imagynasium says:

    It’s a pleasant surprise because you posted my comment, Mister Tubi … I didn’t think about it … if I had known, I would have tried to write more correctly from a linguistic point of view … I hope that I didn’t make too many mistakes of writing!
    Also, it is a pleasant surprise to see the two sentences in Romanian … “Buna, numele meu este Tubularsock!”, it is written correctly … Nice to meet you Mister Tubi … my name is Dan Cristian, and I live in Romania, near the capital Bucharest, in Ilfov District! … “Ca o bere?”, unfortunately it is totally wrong 😀 … the English translation would be “As a beer?” 😀 … I think the question was, if I want to drink a beer or maybe “You like beer?” … of course, my answer is yes, in both versions … who can refuse that?! … I’m going to drink a cold beer, here in Romania, in honor of the free-spirited people, who still exist in the USA! 😀

    P.S. If you need some information, from my side of the world, I will glad to help you!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Dan, glad you were ok with the post. Your information was so important coming from where you are on the ground living it.

      Tubularsock was not aware of how heavy the U.S. military presence is in Romanian. Guess it shouldn’t have been knowing that the U.S. military is all over the world and the number of our military bases.

      Tubularsock’s “As beer” meant to say let’s have a beer. So even though it was incorrect you figured it out and had one ….. so Tubularsock will as well in honor of you, my friend.

      If at anytime you wish to update Tubularsock with current information and insights please feel free to do so.

      Stay safe.


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