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The Railroads want their workers to work ALL THE TIME and make the RR huge profits.

And this can only happen if the rail road worker doesn’t have paid sick-leave and no days off to keep the profits gushing into the pockets of the owners.

And the new RR contracts have pushed this concept. Some Unions have accepted this! Those Unions should be disbanded and reformed to actually FIGHT for the membership.

But the largest RR Union and three smaller ones have rejected this rip-off-contract that does nothing to improve the working conditions of the workers.

SOOOOO, Buydone siding with the capitalist pigs has asked Congress to pass a law to force the RR workers to accept the Capitalist Bosses’ Demands. This is all done under the LAB0UR RELATIONS AND INDUSTRIAL DISPUTES ACT.

This ACT gives the government the power to intervene in labor disputes and stop labor unions from going on strike.

And then the OLD BAG OF SHIT (aka the President) has the nerve to act like the Democrats are a “pro-labor”, pro-worker party. Give Tubularsock a break!

The House passed the bargained contract that has been rejected by the major union and passed to put forth this fucked-up contract.

Then the House passed an amendment to the contract to add the paid sick days proposal knowing full well that that won’t pass the Senate.

This way the Democraps ACT like they support labor when in truth THEY DON’T and neither does Buydone!

The railroad corporations reported more than $1 billion profit in the third quarter. So they really can’t plead poor, now can they.

The entire contract is being held up over paid sick time! And Tubularsock agrees with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass when she stated: “A multibillion-dollar industry that is engaged in buybacks, that has doubled its profit margins during the pandemic should not be able to force its workers to come in when they are sick and injured”.

At this moment it remains to be seen how this entire thing works out but Tubularsock has a suggestion to the unions if they are FORCED TO STAY ON WORKING.

Just don’t come into work. And that is not easy if you can’t pay your bills for yourself and your family. And you’d get fired. Not the best option for sure.

Can you imagine how many ways, if one put their mind to it, you could “fuck up the works”!

Tubularsock has spent just a little time in a railroad switch yard. This is the place where the train cars are put together to form the train car destination and order of a train.

It works by of having a switch engine “arrange” the cars by moving the cars onto spur tracks and putting them in order of delivery so as to drop off cars at their destinations rapidly without dismantling the cars order thereby saving time and confusion.

Several misplaced cars could cause major delays and if cars were placed going to destinations in the opposite direction as intended ……… delays, delays, delays.

Hey, mistakes do happen, you know.

And then the old time “throw a wrench into the gears of the machines”. This is meant literally. Maintenance is primary in maintaining a “well oiled” machine.

Just imagine the trouble of a “broken down” train engine at certain bottleneck areas on a train line. Two would cause even more delay …… and three, four. Would be suspected as a plan. Yep!

And those are the easy ones ……… open your minds rail workers. STOP THE CHOO-CHOO’S!

Until the downfall …….. be safe and cheers ……. WOOO-WOOO!

  1. Julydase says:

    I worked for Walmart for 22 years…had paid vacation, paid personal days, paid sick leave, good health insurance, 401K, and an employee stock purchase plan (they matched 15% of what I bought). This without a union. And they say Walmart is a sorry company to work for.

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    • tubularsock says:

      JD, Tubularsock hadn’t realized that Walmart take care of their employees as well as that. How was the pay level?

      Tubularsock has never figured out just why these super-rich corporations don’t just pay people a fair rate for working rather than always cutting labor cost so they can make a couple of more bucks.

      Yet, that is capitalism after all.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. And hope you’re feeling better.

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      • Julydase says:

        I worked full time…if you’re part time the benefits aren’t as good. I started out part time Christmas help, but I worked hard, went above and beyond, learned everything I could, and was soon offered full time. Then, a short time later, a job as an area manager. My pay wasn’t great at first, but since I knew nothing, I didn’t expect it to be. As my competence grew, I got bigger raises, and not just yearly. Several times, I received merit raises (two raises a year). For my area of the country, I earned more than the average wage. When I retired, I was receiving 4 weeks paid vacation a year, had hours of unused sick time and personal time accrued, received a good-sized yearly Christmas bonus, plus on the anniversary of my hire date, the gift of an extra weeks pay. Not to mention, I bought a lot of Walmart stock in those 22 years that has paid great dividends, which I still reinvest in Walmart stock.
        TS, in my years with the company, I saw so many people bitch and moan because they couldn’t get ahead; these people believed that just showing up entitled them a good check; and many called in sick when they just didn’t want to work that day. I would have been highly pissed if these people made the same as I—which they didn’t.
        My daddy told me long ago you get out of a job what you put in it, and for me, it worked.

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      • Or as Tom Lehrer nicely put it, ‘Life is like a sewer; what you get out of it depends on what you put into it’!

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      • Julydase says:

        Lol…true also.

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      • tubularsock says:

        JD, Tubularsock agrees with your daddy 100%.

        Tubularsock has always loved to work and to do ….. as opposed to sitting.

        Maybe it is because Tubularsock has a short attention span.

        But taking it to the limit and beyond is what makes work fun.

        If you are going to show up, DO IT!

        Starting ones own business gives one more control over the outcome of their time.

        Glad it all worked out for you in the corporate world.

        Cheers and thanks for your comment.


  2. Batt Guano says:

    Your argument seems “on track”. You seem to have”engineered” a good solution. And you have “conducted” yourself with unusual dignity. So please don’t “switch”your stance. And don’t let the opposition punch your “ticket”. Let’s try to get this remedy “to the station on time”

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    • tubularsock says:

      Batt you have truly outdone yourself with this response. Tubularsock did notice that you didn’t take into account the “Shoofly” but you were on top of your game with the “Run-Through”.



  3. Lara/Trace says:

    Hey TS: My family in northern WISC was railroad and they had unions. It’s time to STRIKE, indeed. My dad was a switchman for over 30 years.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Thanks LT for your input. Over 30 years as a switchman is impressive. The sad thing for Tubularsock is the Unions became so corrupt over the years that it affected their power.

      The rank and file got taken for a ride.

      Tubularsock was involved with the AFT and the CTA in the early days as well as selective unions doing summer work. But after early years of teaching Tubularsock started creating his own businesses and moved into the bossman role.

      But sometimes a strike is just necessary to awaken the situation.

      In this current RR situation it is just stupid not to pay sick days. Tubularsock hopes they shut the entire system down!

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  4. swo8 says:

    More power to the unions Tube. They’ve been pretty much gutted. Time to change all that.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Right On, Leslie! It is time to wake up and realize that the power structure DOES NOT have “Our” interest in mind. But the PEOPLE need to wake up to that.

      And it is not done at the election box when we are “given” the same old candidates over and over again. THAT IS NOT Democracy!


      Thanks for your comment Leslie. Hope you’re doing well.

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  5. Hello

    Thanks for your post. Generated some interesting and useful comments. I wrote this about state of Ohio and Joe ‘Where’s my brain?’ Biden.

    “Ohio – It has a motto ‘With God all things are possible’. Very sensible and true. It’s in the name too. From ‘Oh hi yo’. Yo is singular for y’all, and as God is the Most High to address Him you say ‘Oh High Yo’. The highest ‘You’ as it were.

    I see Joe Biden has been to the state recently. Apparently he said “I spent the bulk of my adult life driving to an Amtrak station,” Biden said, as a helicopter hovered overhead. “It’s not as fast as a helicopter, but I made a lot of family friends on Amtrak.” This is from

    Well Joe, I am sorry to hear you spent most of your adult life driving to an Amtrak station. Did you ever get there? Did you get the chance to eat or sleep? I just wondered that’s all.

    I am so pleased you realise the Amtrak station is not as fast as a helicopter. Of course if the helicopter is on the ground, then in a race with the station, which would win? Perhaps you might advise me as I can be a bit slow on these matters.

    I am glad you made a lot of family friends on Amtrak. Were you on the train or the track at the time, it’s a bit confusing? And were the family not friends before? I just wondered that’s all.

    Anyway, I imagine Ohio must have places of interest. And it must be a boon that Joe Biden lives elsewhere.”


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  6. If I may add one further observation.

    The bosses can be greedy and exploit the employees.

    The workers can be exploited by Marxists and mess up the work or service.

    Overall are the banksters who exploit everybody to their own advantage, manipulating the markets of various types, stock or otherwise. They will use Capitalists, Marxists/communists, Socialists, indeed any kind of -list as long as it has large figures summed up at the bottom. See below.


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