Posted: January 21, 2023 in classified documents

  1. Decker says:

    Fantastic! Cheers!

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  2. All that top secret paperwork should still burn well and light the night skies, or the day skies, while heating the environment and further contributing to carbon emissions and climate change.

    I believe all those particulates attract moisture in the upper atmosphere, leading to rain, which will help put out the fires.

    I could be wrong . . .

    Thus we can deal with several problems at once.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Wow KO, nice going!

      With all the rain water we have been getting in California over the last few weeks they must be burning up all the CIA’s and Pentagon’s Top Secret documents as a bonus!

      It could have lit “. . . the night skies, or the day skies . . .” but the cloud cover and sheets of falling water messed up any confirmation of that fact. However Tubularsock does believe that your theory is correct!

      THAT’S SCIENCE for ya’!

      Thanks for you insights.


  3. swo8 says:

    I’ve been watching the series about the Borgias and it occurred to me that nothing much has changed through out the centuries.

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  4. Well done, great to read. I found an allegedly classified document from

    BRd 3(1)

    There are over 2,000 clauses. Santa has competition!

    This includes:

    ANNEX 21U

    1. Coaching is defined by the Naval Service as: “Unlocking a person’s, team’s or
    organisation’s potential to maximise their own performance”. Effective coaching causes
    learning; an essential component of performance improvement.

    2. Naval Service personnel are strongly encouraged to seek regular coaching, as well as
    developing their ability to coach others; receiving coaching allows a broader perspective on
    coaching to develop, including having direct experience of the subtle yet important factors that
    determine how well coaching supports learning.

    3. Fundamental Principles of Performance Coaching1
    a. Performance coaching should always aim to enable learning. In doing so, it must:
    (1) Increase learners’ level of awareness about their situation.
    (2) Maintain, or increase, learners’ sense of responsibility for their own learning
    and performance.

    4. Foundation Coaching Skills
    a. Four critical foundational skills are necessary for coaching:
    (1) Listening.
    (2) Observing.
    (3) Asking Effective Questions.
    (4) Providing Feedback.
    b. These skills must be consistently put in to practise, as behaviours, for coaching to
    have beneficial effects. When used frequently they will become deeply integrated into the
    service person’s character and the leadership approach.

    I could post more but I think you might fall asleep.

    It is the most inane load of twaddle I have seen in a while. However I suppose it is classified as it is a secret weapon to be employed to bore the pants off the enemy!

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