Posted: February 25, 2023 in American Exceptionalism, AMERICAN HYPOCRISY

Here’s an idea from Tubularsock. Maybe we should look at the facts about all this war crap.

Let’s follow the bouncing ball and see if an intellectual basket can be made.

First bounce: In the United States’ 250 years of existence we have been at war with somebody 229 years. Which as a country we have had ONLY 21 years of our history OUT OF WAR!


Second bounce: The merchants of death, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamic, Northrup Grumman, to name just a few rely on death and mass destruction in order to maximize revenue and profiteering. THAT IS WHY THEY EXIST!

And by extension if you are an employee of one of these merchants of death YOU TOO are a war criminal!

And by further extension if you are a TAXPAYING CITIZEN you too are a war criminal for supporting your government.

But hey, death and mass destruction is what this country was founded upon! You know, IT IS OUR TRADITION! Just ask the Native Americans / Indigenous Peoples.

The United States NEVER had an honest view about true democracy in our entire history. The wealthy have been in control of the true POWER but the story goes that the people choose their own representatives by “fair and honest” elections.

The humor value of that belief is so outlandish that holding a straight face while saying it aloud is extremely difficult ….. UNLESS YOU ARE PART OF THE POLITICAL CLASS. They are experts in bull shit!

In the U.S. of today we don’t live in a democracy, but rather in an oligarchy. In reality, a 21st Century corporate, technocratic, bio-medical, national security state. And THAT is why the “citizen” HAS NO CONTROL over what is happening to them.

“But we live in a democracy” is ONLY a repeated mantra of ignorance!

Free Throw: POPPYCOCK!

That is what is truly going on here and it would be best that you awaken yourself to the nonsense being perpetrated upon you. Empty talk being used to scare you and keep you off balance.

Have you noticed how the ultimate end of the world Covid has drifted into the end of the world Ukraine? With some free floating balloons to keep you occupied for levity.

The Game being played is to keep YOU occupied so the power elite can keep us all controlled and from Tubularsock’s vantage point it seems to be working rather well.

NOW’S THE TIME to throw the wrenches into the machinery and bring it all tumbling down.

And that will take the “regular” citizen to STOP AND NOT COOPERATE with the system.




Games over.

The question is ……… did you win or lose?

Guess it is time to check the score board.
And it sure as hell is not going to matter what happens in 2024!

  1. swo8 says:

    You think you have it bad there in the US? Well our government was elected with the interference and blessing of the Communist Party of China. Our electoral process was hacked by this foreign entity and they got the results they wanted too. Tell me where is the incentive to investigate this situation if you are Mon. Trudeau? He got what he wanted. He’s bought off the news media has passed a censorship bill and is about to Digital Id us so if we don’t knuckle under to the narrative of the day he’ll freeze our bank accounts. Not that just sucks!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Leslie, Tubularsock hears you.

      It is time as these that ASSASSINATION has been used in the past.

      It is a very old election technique that could be effective in the quagmire of your countries current trauma.

      But whatever you do DON’T put it on your credit card!

      Too easily tracked.

      Good luck.

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  2. Tube,
    Time itself is unbeatable. As a fledgling septagenarian, I know time itself will end my conscription into the US drama, sooner or later. I abandoned Humanland politics awhile back, although the charade still entertains me.

    I do believe the earth will outlast all of us.

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    • tubularsock says:

      KO, Tubularsock thanks you for your comment even if you are still a child. Yes, Tubularsock has past septuagenarian yet still is running 3 miles 3 times a week.

      Time is an illusion which may just provide one with cunning elusive abilities if one is cunning enough to fold into the “light”.

      The fun part ……… who knows? Well, besides Tubularsock!

      Further KO, Tubularsock would suggest that you shift your “conscription” into a “subscription” so you can renew it when the time comes.

      Sometimes you can even get a cheaper rate as you mature.

      As for “Humanland politics” you are spot on. One needs comedy in one’s advancement through the earthly quagmire.

      And Tubularsock agrees that EARTH will outlast mankind. At that point Tubularsock will return to Tubularsock’s home planet and give up his vacation underground bunker here on earth.

      Wishing you well and STAY THE COURSE!


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  3. Batt Guano says:

    While America has its faults, including seismic ones on the West Coast, the rest of humanity does not smell like a rose either. From the first time prehistoric humans discovered bonking their neighbor or an animal with a rock or club was effective we’ve been on a collision course with extinction. In 100 years or less we wont even be here. Give another few hundred years and no one will ever know we were here. Except for those four heads on Mount Rushmore. Some future space explorers will wonder who in Hell they were. And how they could be mobile with only an upper torso.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Perhaps you are correct Batt.

      That is why Tubularsock is urging you to sign the petition in support of adding Tubularsock’s head as the fifth head carved into Mt. Rushmore.

      That addition should impress those space travelers!

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      • Batt Guano says:

        Tube: A capital idea. You as the 5th Rushmore head. But…geologists have determined the remaining granite on Mount Rushmore was not of suitable strength for another head. That stopped movements for additions of FDR and Reagan. And Trump, of course, was a one man movement for his head being added. But let’s add your head anyway, and when those future space travelers show up they can marvel at the four entities with no bottom torso, and another guy with a deformed head. And they will determine that the beings that occupied the planet were of defective genetics. And they will all shake their green heads with one bulging eye in wonder, and give each other a high five with their tentacles.

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      • tubularsock says:

        Oh Batt, Tubularsock feels you are too kind.

        But don’t you worry, Batt. Tubularsock’s head could be made of a light plastic compound. After all Tubularsock is an American citizen thus plastic through and through.

        As for the green headed, one bulging eye and tentacles aliens they don’t really have a whole lot of room to criticize others!

        Thanks for your insights Batt.


  4. Batt Guano says:

    Ah yesss, plastic! A trademark of advanced nations like the USA. And one more possible cause for the demise of the human race besides nuclear war and global warming. And don’t forget our old friends Covid and its variants.

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