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About a week ago Tubularsock ran across an interview by Kim Iversen with Catherine Austin Fitts.

Catherine Austin Fitts is the managing member of Solari Investment Advisory Services, LLC. and has a long track record in finance on Wall Street.

She was appointed Assistant Secretary of Housing – Federal Housing Commissioner in the first Bush administration.

And bottom line she knows her shit when it comes to the financial system and its corruptibility.

But more importantly Kim brings out Catherine’s view about the way THE SYSTEM is herding us into financial slavery by controlling our money with digital money which they can “turn off” your own money like Canada did to the Canadian Truckers for protesting.

As well as controlling the death rate of the population and brain washing children into a new world order.


An excellent interview you should make time to watch here on Rumble. Anything with REAL content has to be on Rumble because YouTube has become a censorship mill! You know, in the name of Democracy!

Tubularsock can’t say enjoy because it’s scary.

But cutting back using credit cards and doing more transactions in CASH is a major way to counter the EVIL FORCES.

And that question, “just what can I do?”, is made simple …….. take action at the level where you still have control. The weakness of Capitalism is non-participation.


If for some reason the link doesn’t work then copy it into your browser.

  1. Tube,
    I use cash whenever possible, because it is easier, and I don’t have to track paperwork. The banks and government can appropriate any monetary hoards, including digital currency and bank accounts, as the Canadian government did, or even gold stores, as the US has done with Russia, Venezuela, and a few others. That’s why the global east and south are working to de-dollarize, and to back their currencies with gold.

    The degradation of money and of currency has a long history in many cultures and civilizations.

    I believe there are at least two levels of financial fluidity. One involves cash, but the other depends on savings, investments, pensions, or assets, like real estate. There are those often small businesses now that deal in continual inflow and outflow of cash, like grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, and the like. There are places now that won’t take cash and require use of credit cards or ATMs.

    Even cash in the US has inflated dramatically in the last century, since the creation of the Federal Reserve and central banking in 1913. Coins no longer contain gold or silver, and the US dollar is no longer backed by gold or silver. The Federal Reserve Note is backed only by federal debt to the Fed, termed “fiat money” by G. Edward Griffin in “The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve”.

    This is what I call “Poof Money” because it can disappear without a trace, as can digital currency, bank accounts, or even banks, stock holdings, governments, and national boundaries.

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    • tubularsock says:

      KO, Tubularsock thanks you for your Poof-Explaination. THAT is so true when it comes to monopoly money.

      Tubularsock uses cash more often than not as well and if a place doesn’t take it then Tubularsock doesn’t buy there.

      Barter still works for many tasks so there is always that. It is surprising just how far three home made chocolate chip cookies can get you while dealing with Tubularsock.

      The entire system is really a house of cards and Tubularsock has always wondered just how long the system will stand in a strong wind.

      And that wind may be on its way.

      Stay safe and keep your hand on your wallet!

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  2. swo8 says:

    I have a great deal of respect for Catherine Austin Fitts. I use cash all the time and they can’t stop me. The Bank of Canada has a survey out to test for the use of CBDC’s. Don’t know when they are planning to try to make the transition here, however, the wheels in my mind are turning on how to get around it. We have such a large homeless population that a major portion of society will be out in the cold if they try to eliminate cash. These people won’t have bank accounts either. In their proposal they say they won’t eliminate cash, and how can they, there’s so much corruption and black market transactions, even in the government, that cash is essential to it. Not to worry we will clean house next election.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Leslie, Tubularsock’s first thought was to run Trudeau over with a truck and squish the little bastard! If only Tubularsock was in Canada with his eighteen-wheeler for a quick visit.

      Tubularsock agrees that Fitts is a most remarkable person and hits the nail on the head with her warnings.

      And cash use is the way to go for sure. Even though cash is just paper that represents an agreed upon value which is manipulated. But carrying around large amounts of gold could be bad on the back.

      We too have a HUGE homeless problem and it will be either cash or robbery as a medium of exchange it appears.

      Tubularsock thanks you for your input once again Leslie.

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  3. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Uggggh. It never ends, does it? Another way to keep “slavery” going: banning abortions. Aside from the racial implications (replacement theory), all the women and families that are barely getting by NOW (which is the average life in the USA these days, everyone working two, three jobs, unable to buy property, and barely having healthcare) can you imagine getting accidentally pregnant and being forced to have the kid? People will NEVER be able to claw their way out of that hole. Better start looking for that fourth and fifth job and cut back on creamer and cable and don’t even plan for any of your kids to go to college.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well SB, it appears to Tubularsock that our society is moving in reverse. And doing it rather well.

      Having children even if you don’t want them is such a great plan. Can’t imagine what could go wrong.

      Tubularsock loves the concept of three jobs as AI eliminates four jobs an hour.

      Maybe we have to become a society of vacationers. Pull down three jobs but have your very own AI drone work them for you ……. think on that.

      And then think of the bright side if you don’t own your own house then it is not your responsibility to repair the dry rot in the front steps! See …….

      Don’t worry about cable. THEY will give you cable for free so as to keep you programed. But you may have to do without a lot of food, you deadbeat!

      And then why would you need college if your very own AI drone is doing the work for you? Just a few programing skills and you are set for life. Get back to the beach!

      Creamer is so yesterday, SB. Nobody uses creamer any longer. It is so, NOT!

      Soon there will be a white plastic creamer substitute that will act like a creamer but its white plastic residue will arrange itself much like a butt, chin, or breast uplift. Saves on cosmetic surgery. Sweet.

      All this to agree with your observations and we are on the fast track to doom. And sadly THAT’S the good news.

      Cheers, and Tubularsock thanks you for taking the time to commiserate.

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  4. CBDC also opens the door to massive fraud. With only a few keystrokes central banks can wipe out hundreds of billions in debt in an instant and make it appear as if they’re acting with accountability. If we thought that cash has no inherent value, then it only gets worse when cash is reduced to numbers on a computer screen.

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