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Now Tubularsock was looking back …….. Tubularsock knows, the Obummer only wants Tubularsock to look forward but Tubularsock is so fucking obstinate!

So looking all the way back to the Ferguson Grand Jury and that fucking St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch and the fact that his daddy was shot down while  performing police duties by a black man when Bobby was 12 years old would be enough for any man with integrity to step down from his role as County Prosecutor to avoid even the hint of “conflict of interest” assertions.

But no, Bobby says he is over that and he can rise above the psychological scaring to be fair ………… sure.

Which brings us to Grand Jury witness #40. The FBI interviewed witness #40 and informed McCulloch that her story was-bat-shit-crazy. No not in those words. Only Tubularsock would have used those words if he had been on the FBI team but alas, he was not. But Tubularsock has always wanted to be in the FBI so he could flash his badge as his wallet flapped open like Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.

Yes, perhaps a 12 year obsession of Tubularsock. But he was older than that when the TV show aired but hey, shit sticks with you.


Anyway the FBI informed Bob that witness #40 was fucked-up but he allowed her to present her version of the Ferguson drama not once but twice! She was called back because of her “journal” entries.

She states that she saw Brown put down his head and charge Officer Wilson and Wilson shot this unarmed black man in self defense.

The Grand Jury stated that they believed her.

But there was a small detail that wasn’t expressed to the Grand Jury that County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch had been told by the FBI ***BEFORE*** she was called to testify ………..


Hell, picky, picky, picky!

Yet witness #40 testimony was accepted as truth and the Grand Jury decreed that there wasn’t enough evidence to indite Wilson! CASE CLOSED! gavel

Oh yeah …….. “the rule of law, not of men” is really only good if the “men” have integrity. And integrity seem to be in short supply in our culture at present.

Now the woman who was Witness #40 is nuts ……. you know “insane” but still on the streets.

So when it came out that she wasn’t going to be prosecuted for lying to a Grand Jury it didn’t surprise Tubularsock. Hey! She’s fucking bat-shit nuts!

What didn’t surprise Tubularsock as well is that no one is prosecuting St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch for stacking the witnesses. Funny how on TV cop shows tampering with a jury is like the fucking crime of the century. But not so much under “real” law.

Little 12 year old Bobby knew that witness #40 was “lying”! The FBI told him so. But he still let a known lier who he knew had not been in Ferguson at the time of the incident  to testify as a witness. He was not deceived HE KNEW!

So Tubularsock figures that the make up of the St. Louis County Grand Jury must have been a group of very fine citizens of different races that are fixated at their 5 year old selves and this has shown how persuasive a fixated 12 year old can be on younger fixations.

The big question for Tubularsock is, why do they call it the Justice Department? Tubularsock is going to have to go to the dictionary and look up JUSTICE. There must be a new definition.

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  1. The only function of law and the police is to protect the private property of rich people. The only justice open to poor people is mob justice. If poor people are consistently denied access to justice in the legal system, they will resort to mob justice. The ruling elite knows it’s coming, which is why they have militarized the police.

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    • tubularsock says:

      That is the exact reason why Tubularsock has shifted his investment portfolio and cornered the market on pitchforks! Buy low sell high. That’s the Tubularsock way. And of course Tubularsock has a marketing strategy! Branding! Check it out: chic-peasant pitchforks “for all those rebellious occasions” TRY ONE TODAY — ONE SIZE FITS ALL!

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      • Ah Tubularsock … pitchforks — now we’re talking! Personally, I prefer them well broken-in, with some picturesque bits of straw and manure still clinging to the tines, but that’s probably just me. Still, I like to think of them perhaps wounding some fat cat’s dignity as well as his or her person. Hypothetically, of course. So far. – Linda


      • tubularsock says:

        Tubularsock has asked his Design Department to work out the “previously used” broken-in look of the chic-peasant pitchfork.
        As for using them in reality (this is expressed in the small print) they are not able to break through a limo’s windows. All limitation are of those of the costumer and Tubularsock aka “The Company” is not responsible for breakage. Good luck and if you can’t make a point with a pitchfork ……. you are out of tines!

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  2. Maybe Witness #40 is clairvoyant, able to see things at a vast distance? (Which sounds like Sarah Palin seeing Russia clear across the bloody Bering Strait, now I think of it … so maybe Sarah’s also psychic rather than psychotic? Mmm, no, I REALLY doubt that — crazy is always a safer bet, sadly enough. Thanks for another great post, and … possibly it’s about time to rename it “the Injustice Department. – Linda


    • tubularsock says:

      Clairvoyant? Not that she couldn’t be and is crazy only to those who can’t see. Sure, Tubularsock can go for that. But Sarah, wow you have crossed over!
      Sarah is “tuned in” to what works for big bucks for the least amount of doing OR thinking. She is her own built-in circus.

      Now Tubularsock is psychic with a twist of psychotic which Tubularsock has perfected. Tubularsock is a professional!
      Thanks for your comment, Linda

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  3. I do believe that the ‘writing is on the wall’. Of course, the protests against the police are not in the news because of the funeral of one of the cops and are they making a show of it or what? They’re making a show of it. They’re milking that cow and then some. But the thing is, see? Many of the protesters are young people who got nothing and so they’ve got nothing to lose. Many have no job, they can’t afford college and many have either had to move back home with their parents or they were never able to move out in the first place.

    All that is going down is fueling the flames of ‘pitchfork rebellion’. So, if I were you, Tube, I’d get my production of pitchforks, going non-stop! I’m ordering several boxes. Make a note of that, if you please!

    Excellent post Tube, most excellent!

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  4. tubularsock says:

    Several boxes, to be specific, have been shipped today a 8:38 pm to you Shelby. Delivery will be in two to five working days from the 8:38 departure time. Thank you for doing business with
    Chic- Peasant Pitchforks, and Notary Services, Ltd.


  5. sojourner says:

    I’m going to link this to something I’m posting tomorrow.

    Unbelievable, and yet, not! This system/order continues to live right down to my lowest of low expectations for it! It never fails me. Isn’t it faithful?



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