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Now just hold on a minute! Tubularsock’s White Privilege is being stepped on and there is just no call for it!

Ok. Ripping down Confederate Generals statuary and tossing them into to the dust bin of history is OK with Tubularsock.

But melting down ALL those fucking American Generals and all that statuary with the lowly solider sacrificing to get the fucking imperialist flag to the top of the hill as a symbol of “winning” must be destroyed as well.

Just promoting that shit should be a fraudulent offense with substantial prison time.

And while Tubularsock is at it, lets remove and destroy all that statuary that show all those abolitionists promoting freedom from slavery!

And all those bronze lifeless slaves reaching dramatically for freedom frozen in time does not improve the facts on the ground!

So get busy right now. There is something scary about a society that will spend its money on bronzing the past and not changing it in real time. It is looking and idealizing in the WRONG direction!

Which of course leads us directly to Aunt Jemima.

Aunt Jemima isn’t the old school Aunt Jemima with the “do rag” on her head and a skillet in her hand any more. They (the corporate interests) upgraded Jemima all the way back in 1989! Her label image looks more like Doris Day, a solid white lady!

Get up to date!

Now there is no question that there is a racial stereotype built into Aunt Jemima that carries the idea that Black woman are caretakers and great cooks and great storytellers.

Wow. We all know that those stereotypes are JUST NOT TRUE! Right?

Especially if you spend any time around Black women. They yell at their children, they sit like fat queens on their welfare couches sucking in the government dole, and they argue with their deadbeat husbands constantly. Right? Hmmm.

That may be just a different stereotype which when it comes to any subject, the view always comes from the viewer. And is ALWAYS loaded with the viewer’s beliefs and prejudices. Not very solid in facts as it comes from the eye of the beholder now is it.

But there are some facts that do exist around Aunt Jemima which are fascinating. Some of those facts may have been overlooked. And those facts go like this.

In 1889, Aunt Jemima became a pancake mix spokeswoman for the Peal Milling Company but that Aunt Jemima was based on a minstrel show performance where a white male actor would, dressed as a woman in black face to perform the Aunt Jemima character.

Though popular in Minstrel Shows which at time were horrendously racist this Aunt Jemima rendition didn’t really work as a pancake mix promotional technique.

However after Peal Milling sold to R.T. Davis Milling Company, the new company hired a “real-life former slave” named Nancy Green who for the next 33 years would work as “Aunt Jemima” and would conduct pancake seminars at fairs and travel to towns across America to spread the word about the pancake mix.

Lets ponder that for just a minute. A former BLACK slave was hired for 33 years to act out a part to sell pancake mix.

Employment for 33 years. And a BLACK woman in the 1890’s!

From another point of view, talk about the power of women and feminist freedom rather than “slavery” and this story becomes pretty much a success story.

It is all in the way one wants to views it.

After Quaker Oats bought R.T. Davis Milling Company, which by this time had changed its name to Aunt Jemima Mills Co., there was no real life person “playing” Aunt Jemima for the next decade except for a short time.

Between 1933 to 1935, Anna Robinson played the character for Quaker Oats until she was replaced by Anna Short Harrington.

Anna Short Harrington came from being a sharecropper with her husband and raising five children to being hired by Quaker Oats Co. as the new Aunt Jemima around 1935.

“Chauffeured or flown by jet around the country, Harrington served Aunt Jemima–brand pancake mix at store openings and other public events, living a lifestyle that eluded most blacks and whites. By the time of her death, the former sharecropper owned two homes and lived in an area occupied by the black elite of Syracuse.” (South Carolina Encyclopedia)

Again, a former BLACK sharecropper HIRED for nearly 20 years to act out a part to sell pancake mix.

Employment nearly 20 years. And a BLACK woman in the 1930’s!

It is all in the way you look at Aunt Jemima.

Racial stereotype, or employment opportunity.

In 1989, Quaker Oats updated Aunt Jemima’s look from the “do rag” head gear to a more modern “Doris Day” look.

Using Harrington’s youngest daughter Olivia Hunter as the “new-modern-look” of Aunt Jemima.

And now there is a call to boycott Aunt Jemima products because of the Black Lives Matter movement

position that ahhhh ………. well pretty much a silly waste of energy and direction.


Maybe AUNT WHITE BETTY’S pancake mix would be a better name anyway. Even if it would end black female employment!

Guess it is all in the way you look at it!


Tube heading racism

Well Tubularsock isn’t going to even ask the “liberal-progressive-educated” question about why the The Ku Klux Klan is now One Hundred and Fifty Years Old in this country and is still treated like a White-Boy-Social-Club and why an ARMED group of White-Good-Ol’-Boys can take over a U.S. Government building and have the White-Boy-Sheriff-Department and the White-Boy-FBI stand down and wait for emotions to calm down so no one gets hurt.

But is willing to jump out of a police car and shoot down a 12 year old Black child with a BB-gun without even a warning of “drop your gun” before the shots from the cop gun ends his life.

Save all the bull-shit-educated-academic-cocktail-concern.


Is that clear enough for you fuckers?

Tubularsock wants to get some shit straight right up front.

Does it seem odd to you that if Tubularsock uses the term NIGGER, the response is outrage from not only the black community but from the liberal-progressive-white community as well but the continued cop killing of black people seems to be “normal”?

The maimed-stream-press is all over this ARMED group of White-Good-Ol’-Boys but they seem to leave out some facts.

If somebody from the press would have looked at why these ranchers were taken to trial  in the first place for setting fire to the land they would have discovered that they were attempting to conceal the illegal slaughter of deer on Bureau of Land Management property! Not to protect their land by starting backfires to protect their ranch land from a fire started by lighting.

This was exposed at trial by the elder Hammond’s grandson who was given matches to start the fire with others and was told to “keep his mouth shut”.

The grandson reported later to a sheriff’s deputy that he had been abused multiple times by his family and was fearful of his family’s retribution.

Ah, good ol’ white boy family love!

But it is worse than all that.

You know that if any other racial group had taken over Federal Property all hell would have broken loose. But these stupid white-fucks do it and not only the local cops but the FEDS all take a backseat and have all of a sudden taken the approach of attempting to understand their pain.


In our Orwellian world a terrorist only comes in black, brown, yellow, red, and green (for the extraterrestrials) But NEVER in white!

Timothy McVeigh was just a disturbed white boy who blew up the Oklahoma City Federal  Building.

Dylann Roof was just a disturbed white boy that the cops took to McDonald’s for a burger after he committed the Charleston church shooting.

BUT Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik who carried out the San Bernardino “attack” ARE TERRORISTS!

Well, because they weren’t WHITE.

get it?

But like always Tubularsock has an easy solution to ending this Oregon Crisis. And not a shot would be fired by anyone.


Here is the solution: Tubularsock would hire 200 Black well armed “Brothers”, put them on buses and drive them to Oregon in SUPPORT of these White-Crackers.

Just how fast would this entire incident melt away?