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The “fiscal cliff”?

I love these made up terms. “Fiscal Cliff” is just a bull shit phrase. There is not a “fiscal cliff”! It is all make believe. It’s kind of like the tooth fairy on steroids.

Every once in awhile a group of industrial nations get together and decide to “forgive” some African nations’ debt because the nation can’t pay it off. So everyone signs a piece of paper usually with several pens and much fanfare. The result? A clean slate.

Now it’s true that the end result is that the industrial nations sell off the natural resources of the country to “private enterprise” and walk away with everything and the people remain poor but they were poor already so nothing changes for them. BUT the rip off is only because of greed NOT NECESSITY.  No one ever thinks about sharing the spoils with the people.

You see ……… it’s all made up. Debt doesn’t exist, money doesn’t exist, VALUE is made up in an arbitrary system.  It’s not real! Nor is this “fiscal cliff” real.

Who do we all “owe” this money to? Bankers? Other governments? Friends of a friend that your brother’s bookie knows? Who?

All of this is based on agreement not on anything physical. So why don’t we default? That would surely change the structure. Who would come after us? Oh gosh, Moody’s would devalue our rating? Give Tubularsock a fucking break.

Now think! If you took a French postage stamp in the U.S. and put it on your envelope to send your letter to France it would be returned. And the same goes if you reverse this process from France. Why? Agreement. A French stamp can come from France to the U.S. and be delivered and a U.S. stamp can go to France and be delivered. It’s the same distance, it’s the same envelope, it’s the same delivery. BUT it is not within the agreement!

Agreement. Simple.

You see the stamp or the money or the debt or the value of anything is all based on AGREEMENT. And the agreement is arbitrary. So even the agreement doesn’t exist.

It’s a moving target.

So let’s agree to excuse all debt and start new.

Wow. Now that was easy.

You’re scared aren’t you. What would happen to “my wealth”? You say.

Gosh. I really hate to break this to you BUT YOU DON”T HAVE ANY!

No, THEY told you you did but you don’t.

Think. Yesterday your house was worth $555 thousand but today it’s worth $200 thousand. What changed? Your house is the same. It has the same windows and doors.

The property it’s on is still the same. But your “wealth” has diminished. And this all happened while you were watching the Big Game on TV.

What happened?

The agreement changed. Why? BECAUSE IT’S ARBITRARY!

Same goes for the “value” of your money, your “retirement”, your “social security”.

You were lead to believe it was there for you. IT ISN’T!

So what can you do?


  1. watch more football
  2. burn your house down
  3. start buying guns and artillery in large amounts for your neighborhood
  4. learn survivalist skills at you local senior center
  5. take a bomb making class at you’re local google app store
  6. meditate then go out and kill
  7. smoke a little Afghan hash (I only include this idea so when you do any of this above the press can link it to marijuana use. All evil stems from marijuana use according to the press.)
  8. Just start blowing shit up!

Now don’t you just feel better?

But really, what can one do?

Well there is only one way to bring down a system.

NO! Voting is for wimps!

Guerrilla warfare. It’s the only way. The Vietcong won against the French and the Americans in Viet Nam. Al Qaeda won in Iraq and Afghanistan against the U.S. and NATO.

In both cases the Imperialist forces were technologically more advanced but they retreated.

Well, the American worker can bring down the corporate infrastructure the same way.

The worker as guerrilla ……… limitless!

Just be creative and good luck.

Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

Now Tubularsock is happy! The election is over and now the “people” can go back to sleep. In fact for Obama-people, he really doesn’t need you anymore. After 2008 he dropped his base because he didn’t need them. And some of them still came out to help him not to need them again. Does stupidity grow on trees?

But hey, great news. No really ………. Tubularsock is being optimistic here ……….

Let’s move forward!

It is comforting to know that the Tuesday morning kill meetings will still be ongoing without interruption. Donuts anyone?

And from those meetings the continuation of drones killing women and children without interruption will still be ongoing.

Thank god Wall Street will continue to gamble without restrictions.

And Health Care will still be controlled by the Insurance Industry.

The Pharmaceutical Industry will still be able to charge unlimited amounts of money without restrictions.

And BP will receive new off shore drilling leases.

And transparency will remain opaque.

Continued war without end.

The continuation of that Drug War.

And they will still be saving us all from marijuana.

Boy, this FORWARD thinking is so refreshing. Kind of keeps one riveted with joy.

And gosh, with those kind of policies in place Tubularsock is just overwhelmed with expectation for the future. Isn’t looking forward fun.

And with that ol’ step-an-fetch-it-style that O-bomb-ah has exhibited Tubularsock recommends you keep your eye on Social Security because the Black Wonder is going to gut it within the next four years. Don’t think so? COUNT ON IT FOLKS.

Now I know you think you voted and your vote counted this time. No! You still don’t get what is happening?

Obama is President only because the “owners” want to eliminate Social Security. 

Just like a Democrat couldn’t become “friends” with China as Nixon did because it would look like they were being “soft” on communism a Republican couldn’t dismantle Social Security for fear of a violent backlash from the citizens.

So. Enter Obama. 

So many of your think the “good-guy” won. You will see that as the tooth fairy isn’t real nor is THIS “good-guy”.


Now don’t think that Tubularsock wanted Romney for a second. Tubularsock has exactly the same feeling about Romney as former Gov. Jessie Ventura. And that is, “I don’t want a President that wears “magic underwear!”

But Tubularsock’s real concern is what is televangelist Pat Robertson going to do now. For years The Christian Broadcasting Network and Pat’s 700 Club has stated that Mormonism is a CULT.

Then Pat endorsed Mitt and a “miracle” happened. No seriously, a MIRACLE”!

Overnight the CBN and the 700 Club web site was scrubbed of any mention of Mormonism being a CULT!

But now, when they continue to prepare the world for the “Second Coming” will Mormons get to go too?

One thing for sure ……….. O-bomb-ah will not be going! According to Pat, Obama may be a MUSLIM or rather “. . . was trained in a madrassa, one of those Muslim schools, but nevertheless that is his inclination”.

Like Tubularsock always says in these situations ………… PRAISE BE TO ALLAH!

But Robertson earlier this year revealed that, “I think He (God) showed me the next president, but I’m not supposed to talk about that. So I’ll leave you in the dark — probably just as well — I think I’ll know who it will be.”


Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM