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Now Tubularsock is happy! The election is over and now the “people” can go back to sleep. In fact for Obama-people, he really doesn’t need you anymore. After 2008 he dropped his base because he didn’t need them. And some of them still came out to help him not to need them again. Does stupidity grow on trees?

But hey, great news. No really ………. Tubularsock is being optimistic here ……….

Let’s move forward!

It is comforting to know that the Tuesday morning kill meetings will still be ongoing without interruption. Donuts anyone?

And from those meetings the continuation of drones killing women and children without interruption will still be ongoing.

Thank god Wall Street will continue to gamble without restrictions.

And Health Care will still be controlled by the Insurance Industry.

The Pharmaceutical Industry will still be able to charge unlimited amounts of money without restrictions.

And BP will receive new off shore drilling leases.

And transparency will remain opaque.

Continued war without end.

The continuation of that Drug War.

And they will still be saving us all from marijuana.

Boy, this FORWARD thinking is so refreshing. Kind of keeps one riveted with joy.

And gosh, with those kind of policies in place Tubularsock is just overwhelmed with expectation for the future. Isn’t looking forward fun.

And with that ol’ step-an-fetch-it-style that O-bomb-ah has exhibited Tubularsock recommends you keep your eye on Social Security because the Black Wonder is going to gut it within the next four years. Don’t think so? COUNT ON IT FOLKS.

Now I know you think you voted and your vote counted this time. No! You still don’t get what is happening?

Obama is President only because the “owners” want to eliminate Social Security. 

Just like a Democrat couldn’t become “friends” with China as Nixon did because it would look like they were being “soft” on communism a Republican couldn’t dismantle Social Security for fear of a violent backlash from the citizens.

So. Enter Obama. 

So many of your think the “good-guy” won. You will see that as the tooth fairy isn’t real nor is THIS “good-guy”.


Now don’t think that Tubularsock wanted Romney for a second. Tubularsock has exactly the same feeling about Romney as former Gov. Jessie Ventura. And that is, “I don’t want a President that wears “magic underwear!”

But Tubularsock’s real concern is what is televangelist Pat Robertson going to do now. For years The Christian Broadcasting Network and Pat’s 700 Club has stated that Mormonism is a CULT.

Then Pat endorsed Mitt and a “miracle” happened. No seriously, a MIRACLE”!

Overnight the CBN and the 700 Club web site was scrubbed of any mention of Mormonism being a CULT!

But now, when they continue to prepare the world for the “Second Coming” will Mormons get to go too?

One thing for sure ……….. O-bomb-ah will not be going! According to Pat, Obama may be a MUSLIM or rather “. . . was trained in a madrassa, one of those Muslim schools, but nevertheless that is his inclination”.

Like Tubularsock always says in these situations ………… PRAISE BE TO ALLAH!

But Robertson earlier this year revealed that, “I think He (God) showed me the next president, but I’m not supposed to talk about that. So I’ll leave you in the dark — probably just as well — I think I’ll know who it will be.”


Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

You know, there has been an email question that Tubularsock has received several times now and that question is this, “Why is Tubularsock so mute about the debates and the election of 2012?”

Well, let Tubularsock clear this up for those of you that are wondering.

Some time ago the elections have been compromised to such a degree that they are totally meaningless. The system is rigged and already bought and the “people’s vote” is a facade.

You know in your heart that this is true but you are afraid that you are correct.
Tubularsock knows exactly how you feel …………. hopeless.

Oh I can hear it now …….. but America is a democracy, blah, blah, blah …….. and the people are the government. Horse Shit!

If anyone is under that illusion you really are pathetic.

Do you really think that Obama or Romney are any different from George Bush and Clinton or that fucking Alzheimerized Reagan? Give Tubularsock a fucking break. They are all in the same club and you ain’t in it and you will never be in it.

I saw a tee-shirt today that a black woman had on that was a collage of black faces and the caption that read “The heroes of hope.” Obama’s face was in the middle of it all.

How pathetic. This black woman is as stupid as a stone. Malcome X, King, Gregory, Baldwin (oops! Black folk can’t handle gay folk, fucking christian hypocrisy) are “hero’s of hope” BUT uptown Constitutional lawyer Barack not so much. I’ll take Malcome X as my black hope model. At least Malcolm X saw it like it is! He even foresaw Barack Obama!

“If I have a cup of coffee that is too strong for me because it is too black, I weaken it by pouring cream into it. I integrate it with cream. If I keep pouring enough cream in the coffee, pretty soon the entire flavor of the coffee is changed; the very nature of the coffee is changed. If enough cream is poured in, eventually you don’t even know that I had coffee in this cup.”    ……………………  Malcolm X
Obama is the white man’s KNEEGRO!

Where is the surprise in that for Christ sake! Have black men been emasculated to the point that they have to emulate white men?
The white left progressives were lost in their 1960’s thinking with all that shit about “the first black President” showing historical progress. Not so. You can’t prop up just any black man to become President. You got to find a white-black-man to become President.

And thus our very own KNEEGRO President that followed in the footsteps of our white-fraternity-boy President.

And Romney? Do you even think that that white-cracker-cock-sucking-Mormon-fuck would really let Obama into the country club? Give me a break. You can’t really believe that a black man of substance would become President. Name a white man of substance that has done so. (Can’t) But it is no surprise that Obama would sell out to the power interests in order to drive around in a shiny car! Isn’t that what black people do in Americka?
A Black Man of integrity would not do that and in turn would never be allowed to become President.
We as a nation have to realize that the established “rites of passage” are rigged. Don’t think so?

Try this:
Did you know that the “debates” are scripted and agreed upon beforehand?
You can’t be surprised ………. in fact you know this already.
The RNC and the DNC are both corporations. Both supporting a product.

The CPD (Commission on Presidential Debates) is a corporation too. And they masquerade as “nonpartisan” but that only means that their product promotion only includes Democrats and Republicans. Isn’t that all there is in an election?
The networks that put on the “debates” are corporations. Supporting a product.
That is why there is only the voice of the two parties …….. do you know what the Green Party has to say about the issues? The Justice Party? Libertarian Party? The Peace & Freedom Party? Even the Socialist Party?
No. But isn’t a “democracy” BASED UPON all positions?
Guess not. Maybe that is why Jill Stein, the Green Party nominee for President, and her Vice Presidential running mate, Cheri Honkala were arrested outside the second debate in Hempstead, NY. They were not allowed in because they didn’t have the proper credentials. But remember when Ralph Nader was not allowed into the 2008 debates because even though he was invited and had a ticket to enter the orders went out to prevent him from entering to even hear the debate. Hmmm. So much for the proper credential argument!
But the Green Party is on 85% of the ballots in the United States and that doesn’t warrant a place at the debate table.
Now why would the leader of the free world and the magic underwear guy not want to stand toe to toe with Jill? What kind of questions would they be afraid they would have to answer?  Or better yet, what kind of REAL questions would be posed?
Well, go to  and see for yourself. And because you are in an exploratory mood you might as well check Rocky Anderson too or why not Peace and Freedom or how about the Socialist Party These are all recognized parties with ideas on how this country should be run but none of them get to debate the issues with the Democrats or the Republicans. Why is that?
That is only an easy sign for you that we don’t have a democracy here. But in your heart you already know this!
You already know that your vote won’t count. It is rigged. Every voting cycle there is talk by both parties for improving the voting machines but it never happens. Both parties are always so concerned about voting fraud but nothing is ever done to correct it.
Every state in the United States rest on the decision of a handful of “swing” states but there is never anything done about it.
Why? Because the election has already been won ……… period!
All we have to do as citizens is wait for the announcement in that grand ol’ Stalinist tradition and be happy that the nation has been saved or that the nation has been destroyed. Doesn’t really matter. The same power structure is directing it.
You know it is true in your heart but you are afraid to accept it because then, what?…………..
So what do the power structure want for us ………….
…………. the private sector can and “should” create jobs.
…………. Medicare is an “entitlement”
…………. climate change decisions are to be derailed
…………. NAFTA is a great thing
…………. Social Security has to be gutted
…………. Wall Street speculators deserve to be bailed out but fuck the families of  foreclosures
…………..Palestinians should be occupied, dispossessed and ignored
…………  drone murder
…………. torture is ok
…………  Iran is bad
………… .Africa should be destabilized
………… the President can kidnap and kill American citizens
………… oil and GMO’s and “clean coal” get a free ride
………… the war on drugs has to be continued
………… Iraq, Afghanistan forever
And this is just the top of the iceberg ………….. Democrats and Republicans agree on all of the above ………. wow, lets have a debate!
The amount of shit that oozes from Mitt’s and Barack’s mouths would fill a septic tank as  large as a Wall Street bankers basement!
There is no debate in this country. There is no “other” side. But there is a difference between the Democrats and Republicans and it goes like this:
The Democrats will fuck you in the ass and tell you that they are doing it for the poor and the unions and the teachers and the middle class.
The Republicans will fuck you in the ass and tell you that they are doing it so it will trickle down to you from them.
The result ……… you get fucked in the ass and they all get in their limos and go off to the National Press Club for a roast where they all play “boys-will-be-boys”, even the girls.

But really what we have here is slow death as a country with Obama or rapid death as a country with Romney.

You know? Tubularsock likes to think a little before he acts. Unless he just comes off the cuff. So this information is from the The Times Of Indian …. July 28th 2012.

“UN states fail to reach global arms trade treaty”

Now, don’t be surprised! This DOES NOT SAY:

      UN states have reached a world peace treaty ……….

Now, why do the UN states not even think ‘bout world peace?

Well, that is pretty easy to figure out ……….. isn’t it?

In fact, it is really a comedy of pathetic bull shit!

Vicoria Nuland, a u.s. lackey, has the “balls” to repeat these words in public ………..

Any arms trade treaty “ . . . should require states to develop their own national regulations and controls and strengthen the RULE OF LAW regarding arms sale”.

Tubularsock can’t figure out who in the fuck Nuland thinks she is kidding?


Now disregard that the Obama Administration doesn’t want to work this out before an election because it may give fodder to Mitt and the boys.

He’s sure not afraid of getting his fat black ass in trouble with those sniveling left progressive who are too afraid to dump their vote and not show up and support him for fear of having Mitt in the white house ……….

Barack or Mitt same corporate shit! Don’t Vote, ReeVolt! (Tubularsock says: Justice Party all the way, Fuck Barack and Mitt.)

But get real …………. “. . . strengthen the RULE OF LAW regarding arms sale”.


The U.S. is the largest, by far, arms dealer in the world. Think about this for one minute!

THE LARGEST! Is there any wonder why we have war ALL THE TIME?

Now, no one really believes that the U.S has stalled the process to “. . . strengthen the RULE OF LAW” for Christ sake.

The CIA is currently funding, supplying, and directing al Qaeda in Syria just like the CIA funded, supplied, and directed bin Laden’s al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Gosh, how could anything go possibly wrong with that?

Thank the gods for the knowledge that if it was not for the incredible respect for the sense-of-the-absurd, Tubularsock would go nuts.

Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM