“it is indisputable that the United States engaged in the practice of torture”AND THE HIGHEST OFFICIALS OF THE UNITED STATES WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT!

The Constitution Project which is a legal research and advocacy group released their 11-member bipartisan panel’s 577 page report about the actions of the Bush Administration’s torture program.

Now if you want all the details go to and you’ll blow your mind. Like it’s not new information, it has just cleared out the bull shit!

Tubularsock is not going to outline for you what you should read for yourself. You remember when Obummer took office he wanted to “look forward” rather than do anything about the illegal war crimes of George, Dick, Condi, Paul, and Donnie to name a few. By doing this Obummer himself committed a war crime. (remember …….. torturing is an established war crime)

You see, no matter how much John Yoo and Jay Bybee twisted the legal reasoning in order to deliver  the “OK” for torture, it just doesn’t hold up to legal standards either with domestic law or international law ………. PERIOD!

Now don’t get mislead here. Under international treaties and Constitutional law they all agree that TORTURE IS ILLEGAL!

The fact that you call it by another name say, “enhanced interrogation techniques” does not change the fact that it is torture!

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That is the way it should be. There was a time in the United States of America where we stood for something. Americans believed that torture was immoral and was not to be tolerated on our watch.

Well, how old fashionably quaint. We are the modern America and torture is IN and acceptable by the majority of the American public. SO BE IT!

But really, Americans don’t want to look hypocritical so here is Tubularsock’s plan to bring the world along with the New-American-Order program ………. Torture-The-American-Way.

1. The United States apologies to Japan for putting to death those Japanese that were convicted of conducting torture during WW2 and pay reparations to their families for their loss. We admit that they were correct and we were wrong!

2. The United States apologies to Germany for the Nuremberg Trial holding Hitler’s underlings accountable for the torture and killing of 6 million+ Jews, Gipsies, and Gays. After all, it was only collateral damage. And the German SS were just following orders just like the U.S. military at Abu Ghraib, Bagram Air Base and Guantanamo. We admit that Hitler and his boys were justified in their actions and thank them for showing us the way. 

3. The Unites States apologies to Vietnam for portraying bamboo shoved under fingernails as something that was bad to do. The CIA and military admit that the Vietcong were correct in showing us the way. In fact the U.S. military are such strong believers in the Vietcong approach that they set up an entire “School” of The Americas (aka Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation) to teach Latin American dictators how to torture.

4. And there is always Korea but why go on. Let’s, as a people, just admit that we were collectively WRONG, say we’re sorry and as Obummer so correctively said, “Let’s look forward, not backward”.

                                                                     NOW DON’T YOU JUST FEEL BETTER?  



rats copy

No, we as a nation care little for human rights or even human dignity. Maybe that is why we as a nation have the largest prison population of non-violent drug crimes in the world.

But in truth, the largest population in the U.S. are the people on the “legal” drugs the pharmaceutical industry dispenses to doctors to keep the population asleep.

Ahh ……… perchance to dream,


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  1. Dearing says:

    isn’t it so sad and obvious – the shit we do , boomerangs – so we are screwing ourselves in spades. Unfortunately, numb America doesn’t make the connection. Fascism rules every aspect of life here and it has only just begun and yes our prison system is a bleak reminder of how universal justice works. We are destroying ourselves with our behavior as a nation and are too stupid to see it.

    Witness the downfall of the dollar, the disfunctional health care system, the propaganda machine and on and on. Our karmic torture will come later, also in spades. Is it too late to change or is it too hopeless? TWT (time will tell ).


    • tubularsock says:

      Dearing, thank you once again for your keen insights. It is odd that we keep creating our own demise and then wondering why it is not working out well for us. But I think the key is “us”.

      Who does make out well? As long as we can keep producing young insecure and ignorant soldiers and keep them believing in that elusive “becoming-a-man” syndrome
      we’ll have enough cannon fodder for years to come. And the wealthy class will use those fools for America’s folly.

      That adage, “those who don’t learn from their history are destine to repeat it” seems to apply here. But in truth only a stupid person would want to repeat our foreign policy history unless ………. it is working for THEM!

      And that then comes down to “THEM” and “us”.
      And that goes back to “who DOES make out well”?

      So if it is not “us” ………….
      Then it must be “THEM” …………

      And “THEM” have all the power as long as “us” remain asleep. And the only way to dream is to be asleep ……. That IS the American Dream! And by god, we as a people are doing a hell of a good job of that!


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