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Tube heding 2013 FP

Do you know what I just love about Tubularsock? His redundancy. Yep, Tubularsock has that rare ability to repeat the same shit about the same issues Ad nauseam. And he is not even ashamed of it! In fact, if the truth be known …….. Tubularsock views it as an art form.

Well, “they” have propped up Dick Cheney AGAIN. Well, after all it is Halloween Season (boo!).

It’s like DEAD MAN WALKING ……… ain’t that a bitch!

Dick somehow has found time to pay another ghoul to write another book and is hocking it again on all the TV channels. Which once again proves that ol’ adage, TV is for the brain dead.

Yep. As you know Tubularsock gave up his TV over 40 years ago. The bottom line was simple: Tube would rather DO IT than watch it. Whether it’s basketball, football, porn, or chess. So friends of Tube email him and then he checks it out on the web and even having it filtered through the world-wide-web it still takes Herculean-strength to withstand the bull-shit!

So Dick was on the Bill O’Reilly Show (how surprising) and he actually states aloud after some verbal diarrhea and wondering that what the United States gained as a result of the war in Iraq was that Iraq now does not have weapons of mass destruction.

Over a trillion dollars later and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians dead and maimed and thousands of American soldiers dead and maimed and untold numbers of men, women and children tortured by American sickos and Dick Cheney is still able to sit on American Television and say that what we have gained is what Tubularsock KNEW before we shocked and awed them! FUCK THAT SHIT!

At the least. And Tubularsock means AT THE LEAST Dick Cheney should be hoisted up by his god damned testicles and gutted on public TV as a show of how disgusting all Americans should be about this abhorrent malcontent!

Extreme, you say?  Not anymore than a women being flogged for driving in Saudi Arabia.

Tubularsock’s mother always said, “Be careful with those who you associate with, those influences rub off!”

I listened to mom!

Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

  1. Does he molest little children, too? I used to work with sex offenders. This is how they used to talk – until we hooked them up to the polygraph.


  2. Tubularsock – Redundancy is a good thing, essential for effective communication. And for education too. So thanks for keeping up the good work!

    Now … this is embarrassing for a person with delusions of literacy, but I’m at a loss for words. Which is happening way too often for comfort these days. Yet if there are words to describe behavior that is light-years beyond ordinary chutzpah, shamelessness and depravity, I don’t seem to know them. Steven King says any word you look up in a thesaurus is the wrong word, so I won’t even try that. Any suggestions? – Linda


    • tubularsock says:

      Linda, I know exactly what you mean. After you ask for Tubularsock’s assistance in finding that elusive word Tubularsock opened up his BIG box of words that he keeps under his desk for just these occasions. Lifting each word out of the BIG box and taking each out of it’s very own protective wrapping not ONE of these words from the BIG box were helpful. I would attempt to rush to the thesaurus for help but after what Steven King has stated who knows what kind of evil could be conjured up. So now I’m scared. If and when you locate that special word please let Tubularsock know. I still have some room left in the BIG box of words.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment ……. until we meet again, fair winds.


  3. Why isn’t ‘Sick Dick’ a detainee? Answer: There is no one in the Obama Administration who does NOT have blood on their hands. How can they try and convict a known ‘war criminal’ when they themselves are known ‘war criminals’?


  4. Bill Kueppers says:

    Tube, Given the FP Magazine’s cover, depicting the committee you’re on, I’m so struck by the company you keep. You’re right up with the Very Big Bad Guys! Wow!


    • tubularsock says:

      Thanks Bill, Tubularsock is pleased that you are impressed. When Tubularsock hangs with his posse all hell can break loose! It is interesting who isn’t in that line up on that cover. Clinton,Bush(all of them),Cheney,Obummer just to start. But Tubularsock’s posse can all rap as well, bro, “fuck the man, all goes blam, blow America, if you can”. Now all we need is the music!

      Thanks for your comment. If you’d like Tubularsock could get YOU on that cover as well.


  5. Cheney says there’s no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq now? There are no unicorns, either. Amazing what killing a few hundred thousand or so people can accomplish.


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