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Funny how this works. Not 12, not 14,  were indicted for manipulating social media to promote social division by mimicking grassroots political activity. All in favor of Trump?

So 13? Remember 9/11? Symbolically in your mind the sequence 911 = emergency.

And 13 symbolically means unlucky or “be careful”.

Oh please ………….. give Tubularsock a break here. Do “they” think this is going to work? That it is the evil Putin behind it all?


You have Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton running about the country LYING every third word for the entire election cycle.

You have Donald Trump grabbing pussy and flaunting his fat old orange body about like he was some savior or something.

You have Hillary Clinton cheating and manipulating the DNC with her cronies in tow.

You have the Democraps and the Replblican’ts spending billions of dollars to project total BULL SHIT onto the American citizen.


Lets stop right here and look at the number of PR firms that are employed by the CLOSED TWO PARTY SYSTEM. And what is the purpose of a PR firm?

A PR firm’s job is to lie, cheat, scam and manipulate by any means possible to make a product (candidate) look exceptionally good. In fact, THE BEST!

Using social media, news feeds, human interest stories the full spectrum. Tubularsock is talking about millions upon millions of dollars. Thousands of employees implementing and saturating positions and beliefs and ideas in order to make their product (candidate) look like the BEST candidate since sliced bread you’d ever seen.


And it was all done on social media?

Now so far there isn’t any hard cold evidence that has been presented to the public only words, and innuendo.

And just maybe we may be going after all this in an incorrect manner. Rather than looking at the scammers just maybe we should be looking at the scammed.

At what point ARE YOU responsible for common sense?

At what point ARE YOU responsible for making decisions by investigating information BEFORE you believe it?

At what point ARE YOU responsible for critical thinking?

Usually, most people tend to BELIEVE what they want to believe even when all the factual information is to the contrary. It is just easier.

Oh Hillary is a woman, that must be good!

Oh Donald is rich, that must be good!

Oh Bernie is a socialist, that must be bad!

Oh Jill sat at the same dinner table as Putin, that must mean something!

The entire thought pattern of the nation is continually manipulated at ever level whether it is standard jingoism and rally around the fucking flag to using the “best” tooth paste to show off your shit-eating-grin!

YOU are managed day in and day out!


Tubularsock is not being an alarmist here but you’d better wake the fuck up because there is ONLY TWO SIDES.

Those who control you,

And you.

And unfortunately you have acquiesced to slavery as freedom!


Well go watch the game and have another beer. That will show them!





















President Tweet’s poll figures throughout his first year in office have been historically low when it comes to approval figures. Much of the time in the 30% range.

But for Tubularsock, polls are not that trustworthy to really give a true picture of anything. If the 2016 election proved anything else it would be that polls don’t prove shit!

But Tubularsock has noticed recently that President Tweet’s “true-followers” have in some circles slowly ……… veeeerrrrryyyy slowly are starting to see that the only people that are seeing a “Great America” are the rich suckers that are pocketing the dough!

Such the surprise!

But some are waking up. And if that tax-robber-baron-plan passes and these “true-followers” wake up to see how a Trump-Tax-Reform will leave them in only a “Grate America” with less then they have now …….. well how depressing to wake up after the robbery has occurred.

Such the surprise!


But as usual, Tubularsock has an inside track to live polling that may not be scientific but has proven more often correct than not.

It is called listening.

As Tubularsock moves about in his stealth-007-way, Tubularsock keeps track of the opinion flow of a variety of people from a variety of political perspectives. Sounds clandestine doesn’t it. Well the NSA has nothing on Tubularsock ……… Tubularsock listens too!

And Tubularsock has discovered a distinct shift in some Trump supporters. Enough in Tubularsock’s data base to see a cracking at the seams.

Of course, we shall see …… perhaps an awakening is coming.

Now of course this will only bring on the next WAR because there is nothing like a good old war to rally the citizens around a disgusting president.

This time rather than just 3000 innocent deaths Tubularsock is banking on the idea of a solid FALSE FLAG extravaganza of 30,000 innocent deaths, say like the wiping out of a NFL football stadium! Hell, Trump is already at war with them anyway!

And don’t worry, word has it that bin Laden is cell phoning this surprise attack from the grave. What the Navy Seal 6 Team didn’t realize was that bin Laden could swim. Who’d have “thunk”?






Part two story

part three story




part four story

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Ahhh, Oh John. Excuses’ me John!

Once again, Tubularsock is getting confused. You mean to tell Tubularsock, John ….. that a country just can’t go into another country with a preemptive strike?

Damn! Tubularsock was just warming up to that entire concept and now it’s called “an incredible act of aggression”?

Wow, maybe Tubularsock was correct in his “Old-Think”. When an-attack-on-a-sovereign-nation was considered WRONG!

Oh well. These are modern times ……… it is just so difficult to keep up with all the definitions.

“Fearing that Europe’s borders were being rewritten by force, world leaders rushed to find a diplomatic solution to reverse what had already happened on the ground: Russia captured the Black Sea peninsula (Crimea) on Saturday without firing a shot.” (AP)

Maybe that’s the problem ……… “without firing a shot” …….. 

When we hit Baghdad we “shocked and awed them” and the Russian took Crimea without firing a shot …….. what the fuck is wrong with the Russians! There is a certain protocol when one preemptive strikes. Damn Russians!

And Obomber talked with Putin for 90 minutes and told him of his “DEEP CONCERN” over, “Russia’s clear violation of Ukrainian sovereignty.”

And the best part is Obomber’s warning that Russia’s “. . . continued violation of international law will lead to greater political and economic isolation.”

Ahhh, international law?

Oh, we are respecting international law again?

Bring the drones home?

Wow, things are improving after-all.

And what is this bull shit that the Associated Press story intimated? “Fearing that Europe’s borders were being rewritten by force” now what in the fuck is that about …….

Some kind of AP dream world? Borders HAVE ALWAYS been drawn by fat-old-white-men who have no knowledge about what they are cutting and slicing up except their self or nationalist interests! WTF? Just look at Africa or Asia for your examples.

OH PLEASE, Tubularsock is sorry to break this to you but BORDERS ARE ARBITARILY made up, PERIOD!

So the U.S. is jumping up and down about Russian activity in the Ukraine and the way Russia is stifling democracy but who has caused all this unrest?

Well, come to find out that western NGO’s with the backing of the U.S. Government are involved in what they call regime change in the Ukraine. You know, bringing “democracy” to the people along with American capitalism and American influence.

So who is causing Ukrainian unrest? The United States ……… such the surprise. 

And guess who is offering up economic assistance “of a major sort” to Ukraine? Well John Kerry says ……… the United States. Now aren’t we grand!

Kerry was all over Sunday interview programing. Enough that Tubularsock would have been looking for ANY football game to watch if he had a TV. And Tubularsock hates fucking football!

Kerry was on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” NBC’s “Meet the Press” and ABC’s “This Week.”

Yes, all maimed stream press outlets to be sure ……..

But Tubularsock finds hope in all this. It gives all those dumb fucks in the think tanks new room to regurgitate all that Cold War shit they know so well. 

You know, bolster the missile defense systems, potential U.S. budget cuts to Army units based in Germany also could be slowed, to prevent a catastrophic erosion of stability and democracy from creeping across Europe and the White House may have to abandon the policy shift to Asia — its attempt to boost America’s military, diplomatic and economic presence there — to refocus on Russia’s threat.

The Russians move to protect THEIR interests and all of a sudden this means “a catastrophic erosion of stability and democracy creeping across Europe” who is kidding who? 

Yet, Tubularsock isn’t scared ……… I’m going to go out and buy Pussy Riot’s new album. That way I’ll be ready for the Russian take-over!

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Tube heding 2013 FP

Do you know what I just love about Tubularsock? His redundancy. Yep, Tubularsock has that rare ability to repeat the same shit about the same issues Ad nauseam. And he is not even ashamed of it! In fact, if the truth be known …….. Tubularsock views it as an art form.

Well, “they” have propped up Dick Cheney AGAIN. Well, after all it is Halloween Season (boo!).

It’s like DEAD MAN WALKING ……… ain’t that a bitch!

Dick somehow has found time to pay another ghoul to write another book and is hocking it again on all the TV channels. Which once again proves that ol’ adage, TV is for the brain dead.

Yep. As you know Tubularsock gave up his TV over 40 years ago. The bottom line was simple: Tube would rather DO IT than watch it. Whether it’s basketball, football, porn, or chess. So friends of Tube email him and then he checks it out on the web and even having it filtered through the world-wide-web it still takes Herculean-strength to withstand the bull-shit!

So Dick was on the Bill O’Reilly Show (how surprising) and he actually states aloud after some verbal diarrhea and wondering that what the United States gained as a result of the war in Iraq was that Iraq now does not have weapons of mass destruction.

Over a trillion dollars later and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians dead and maimed and thousands of American soldiers dead and maimed and untold numbers of men, women and children tortured by American sickos and Dick Cheney is still able to sit on American Television and say that what we have gained is what Tubularsock KNEW before we shocked and awed them! FUCK THAT SHIT!

At the least. And Tubularsock means AT THE LEAST Dick Cheney should be hoisted up by his god damned testicles and gutted on public TV as a show of how disgusting all Americans should be about this abhorrent malcontent!

Extreme, you say?  Not anymore than a women being flogged for driving in Saudi Arabia.

Tubularsock’s mother always said, “Be careful with those who you associate with, those influences rub off!”

I listened to mom!

Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

Here’s the question:

What is the difference between a 24 year old kid planning an attack on a movie theater in Colorado and killing a group of people he doesn’t even know and President Barack Obama and his boys sitting around ever Tuesday planning who they are going to kill in Afghanistan, Yemen, or Pakistan?

A) nothing.

B) nothing.

C) nothing!

So ……………

Why all the “heartfelt” concern?

If you dig through the bull shit long enough ……… you’ll find the bull.

People that find war as an answer are unhappy people.

The dead in Colorado are simply “collateral damage”. Nothing more, nothing less.

Now, let’s go watch some football, America!


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