Posted: August 13, 2014 in Bull Shit, Flight MH17, freedom of the press, Josh Earnest, The Matrix, Ukraine

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  1. At least your report of this press conference makes more sense then the one in The New York Times:

    I’m having a little trouble deciphering paragraphs 8 and 9:

    “The latest twist came just hours after Benjamin J. Rhodes, deputy national security adviser, told reporters on Martha’s Vineyard, where President Obama is vacationing, that the president was likely to receive recommendations about how to mount a rescue operation in the next several days. He said those recommendations could have included the use of American ground troops.

    But Mr. Rhodes made those comments as the secret team of Marines and Special Operations forces were already on Mount Sinjar, in the middle of a 24-hour trip to talk to the displaced people and pesh merga fighters.”

    Looks to me like the US has just sent ground troops into Iraq. But the NYT is doing its best not to come right out and say it.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well Tubenews always attempts to make sense in that senseless kind of a way. To Tubularsock’s way of thinking, have American troops ever left Iraq? The number of private contracted mercenaries that stayed behind filled in, right? So changing the name of what we call “our worriers” is the only thing that happened!

      But more importantly the American trained ISIS are doing a good job at destabilization which goes to show you that “we are winning!”

      Not to mention the profit being generated by munition sales by France, Great Britain, and good ol’ freedom loving America!


  2. wolfess says:

    Remember that wonderful word from a few years ago … ‘DISinformation’ — THIS is exactly what our elected terrorists have been doing for eons. It would be a ‘sin’ to lie (especially if they know it’s a lie and they do it anyway) but if they look at it as a simple mistake of disinformation then it isn’t a lie and they haven’t sinned! Now, disinformation should never be confused with MISinformation b/c that is the ‘cousin’ of a lie — it isn’t as bad as a lie — kinda like murder as opposed to manslaughter; with misinformation you ran over the truth instead murdering the truth with a drone. But committing an act of disinformation means that you ran over the truth with a bicycle — the truth is still out there laying in a gutter somewhere — instead of being dead, the truth is simply wandering around in a daze wondering where it is. And some enterprising young reporter — like tubularsock — will find that truth sooner or later and help it get back where it belongs! Yaaay for enterprising reporters … uh tube — don’t buy a Mercedes, or any car that has a computer in it!

    Pwr 2 the ENTERPRISING REPORTER peons!


    • tubularsock says:

      Well thank you so much wolfess for your concern about my automobile purchases. I will heed your warning. Tubularsock may be safe just by default because he isn’t famous enough to write for Rolling Stone even though he gathers no moss.

      But your concern is touching.

      Your analysis may be correct but Tubularsock is not sure if the power structure really cares about “sin” except to promote it to the masses as a fear tactic.

      Tubularsock does agree that truth knocked to the gutter by disinformation may be caused by running over truth with a bicycle. Yet truth in the gutter can be observed more readily FROM a bicycle which Tubularsock more often rides than drives.

      Rest assured, Tubularsock’s bicycle does not have a computer!

      Tubularsock thanks you for your informative comment and wish your sister a happy birthday for me ………. the great thing about getting older is that it handles itself all one has to do to obtain it is to stay alive.


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