Well “good morning America how are ya?”(City of New Orleans by Steve Goodman)

Tubularsock has been hangin’ in the bunker in awe and amazement once again over how the shit that is spewed from the United States Government’s propaganda machine works so well. Even though it is straight-up lies and then those lies are smeared with bat shit. People in this country eat it right up. And EVEN the Europeans are at the table.

Well it only goes to show that vested interests dine at the same trough.

The entire propaganda ploy is really simple: Create and control the narrative FIRST.

That means that once you implement your fiendish plan you control the emotional thought patterns of the people.

You then continue to repeat the false narrative often regardless of what REAL truth comes out.

It is all a ploy but it works. And it has been used repetitively.

Need examples?


9/11 …………… On the day the three buildings at the World Trade Center collapsed into they own footprint and in truck-able sized steel pieces the controlled narrative was being propagated.

And that narrative. Osama bin Laden did it!

Tubularsock hadn’t even finished his first cup of coffee before he was told that Osama bin Laden did it and that was repeated every minute of every day for years.

And why did Osama bin Laden do it?

He didn’t like our freedom.

Now remember that information was put out there so fast that the smoke hadn’t even cleared New York yet.

Not only that but ALL the news outlets knew EVERYTHING about Osama bin Laden even the address of the cave he was planning all this from in Afghanistan!

Now who was feeding the news media this information? Oh, come on …… just guess.

Remember ………… No one could have possibly THOUGHT that someone would fly planes into buildings said Condo-Rice and Little-bush-shit. So then how could they ALL know who did it and where he was and why he did it AND put it out to the media so rapidly?

And to this day if you would like to clear a space for yourself on a city bus or have room to drink alone at a cocktail party or to find alone time in a full cafe all you have to do is start to question the 9/11 narrative. The bull shit produced by the U.S. government has worked THAT well!


AND TO SEAL THE DEAL: To this day the majority of Americans still believe that Saddam Insane had something to do with the attack on 9/11!

EVEN after both Little-bush-shit and torture-cheney have come out and said that they had never said what they said about Saddam’s involvement. EVEN when you can see them say it on video and also see them say they didn’t say what they said on video.

Bottom line: The one out first with the narrative, even though it’s a lie, is the narrative that sticks in the minds of the masses! PERIOD!

Assad used chemical weapons on his own people ……………

That narrative was pushed by the American Government in the media and Assad was condemned and assailed as a heartless murderer.

Well, he didn’t do that!

tube fix

It was discovered by international investigation that it was the U.S. supported terrorists that used chemical weapons on people. NOT the Assad Government.

It was because of that information that Obama had to drop the bombing of Syria idea.

But Obummer knew that ALL THE TIME.

Yet, just this week Tubularsock was reading a current article that referenced Assad’s use of chemical weapons ……….. remember the FIRST narrative sticks!

Which bring us to what Tubularsock  wanted to talk about …………  The flight of MH17 and it’s demise over Ukraine.

Now to many Tubularsock readers you already know this because you keep up with the BSN (bull-shit-narrative). For you, you can use your extra time by not reading further and polishing your Molotov cocktails. Or for many of you polishing off any kind of cocktails for that matter!

Now that the room is cleared …………..

Propaganda is much like a horse race. You want your horse out of the gate FIRST because that is the narrative that will be remembered.


And what came out first? Russia was responsible, PERIOD!

No proof, no investigation, no nothing EXCEPT ……… Russia was responsible, PERIOD!

That is the first hint that the narrative is false and of course …….. it is!

And then the corollary narrative ……… the Pro-Russian rebels were responsible which is equally false.

A simple trick Tubularsock always uses when these incidents occur is logic.

Why would Russia blow up an international flight of civilians over another country? What would be their advantage in doing that?

To what advantage would the Pro-Russian rebels have in blowing up an international flight of civilians?

To win friends and influence people? Come now!

So it is obvious that there is NO advantage for either of them to do this …….. nada!

So that leaves the American-puppet government of Ukraine.

And from the facts so far on the ground it appears that MH17 was shot down by the American-puppet government of Ukraine’s air-force. Not by a ground missile.

tube 1+1

And the reason Tubularsock feels this information may be the correct answer is also based on logic.

And the logic goes like this ……….

The Russians have released satellite imagery showing that MH17 was in the same airspace with two Ukraine jet fighters just before the “incident”. There also were no sign of ground missile activity. But the Russian imagery is not as technologically as clear as the imagery that the spy satellite that the United States had flying over the same area would be IF THE U.S. RELEASED THAT IMAGERY.

Which means that OBUMMER KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED and rest assured that if it “proved” that Russia was really responsible it would have been out of the gate weeks ago.

That for Tubularsock PROVES that the American narrative is a pack of shit!

Also recall that a few days after MH17 going down the U.S. released satellite imagery showing Russian missiles being fired across their border into Ukraine to help the Pro-Russian rebels. And ranting about that “unlawful” activity.

Which only shows Tubularsock that the satellite imagery the U.S. has of the downing of MH17 does not support the American narrative!


Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

  1. Tube, what you say is TRUE! But!…and this is a big BUT, I am the one responsible for blowing up the twin towers, buildings 6, 7, 8 AND 9 and I was going for 10(you didn’t know about the other buildings that got destroyed, did ya?) but I ran out of Molotov cocktails to throw after hitting the pentagon. Dirty WackaBush, DickKissMyAss I’llBuyAHeart Cheney and CondasleezabushwhoreRice knew about what I was planning on doing BEFORE I did it because I was under surveillance the entire time by the NSA but they gave me the go-ahead because of their agenda which some of us now know. Now, I tried putting on a tinfoil hat to counter the spy satellites but they penetrated my tin foil hat and so now they know that I accidentally brought down MH17 with another Molotov cocktail that I was attempting to throw at the Ukrainian ‘rebel’ forces. Ain’t no use in me denying it, but the thing is see, it fits in AGAIN with the agenda of the ObamaCrazed Administration.

    Not to mention that I was once a CIA operative and helped train ISIS aka ISIL aka an off-shoot of al-Qaeda and this time, I tried covering myself with duct tape, but the goddamn NSA caught me out and so because it STILL fits in with the ObamaCrazed Administration’s agenda, what I am attempting in Iraq, I’m being allowed to get away with it because after all, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is the puppet that ain’t getting it done in Iraq and regime change is once again, necessary.

    So, as always, you are right on target because the U.S. deliberately points to a scapegoat and the stupid brain dead Americans jump on board and voila! They’ve got a license to kill with impunity and man do they know how to shit stir up some killing or what?!!!

    Seriously Tube, another excellent, most excellent post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • tubularsock says:

      Well what do you know …………

      It is no surprise to Tubularsock that you, Shelby have reached 007 status.

      Everything about you has given it away from the way you drink your champaign (stirred not shaken) to your impeccable dressing style to your business phone number 1-800-SEXPURR! James Bond has nothing on YOU!

      And Tubularsock figures that your relationship with “M” is likely to be as antagonistic as Bond’s relationship with “M”.

      The writing is on the wall! Your rogue poetry could easily be used as graffiti against the machine. To bring the ruling classes to their knees!

      Yes, it is all too clear.

      (Please note: this response has been encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. If you are able to read this highly-top-secret, for-your-eyes-only information then you are part of the inner circle. For further information check your decoder-ring.)

      Liked by 1 person

      • I gotta tellya, your comment was so outrageously ‘on time’, it knocked me right off my13″ stiletto heels! You go with yo bad self!!

        Two thumbs waaaay up to YOU!


      • tubularsock says:


        “And I’m still in the Murda Business . . .

        Cup of Ace, cup of Goose, cup of Cris . . .
        Champagne spillin’, you should taste that . . .

        I’m so fancy
        You already know
        I’m in the fast lane
        From L.A. to Tokyo . . . “ Iggy Azalea

        Need Tubularsock say more?


  2. 1EarthUnited says:

    Nice exposé! It’s good to see that MSM mind control doesn’t affect everyone, especially on as astute as tubularsock! It seems many do not believe the narrative and even question it, but most don’t know what to do about the whole mess. It looks like we’re on our own, go alternative news or grassroots.


    Jim we do accept the mission! 😉


    • tubularsock says:

      Hey 1Earth, thanks for your comment and the link. Excellent. Tubularsock was amazed that another was in the President’s office with pictures and that Tubularsock was not at that meeting. Tubularsock will be sure to correct that in the future! Tubularsock thanks you for your compliment of Tubularsock being “astute” but really Tubularsock is pretty simple minded. Tubularsock discovered some time ago at the public library that there are more than one book on EVERY subject! From there Tubularsock extrapolated that that may apply to viewpoints as well ……. the rest is history.

      I love your web site and Tubularsock finds your work very helpful information for his work. Tubularsock appreciates your commitment to the truth. So thank you. And I’m glad you accepted the mission, this information will self-destruct in five seconds ……. good luck!


      • 1EarthUnited says:

        Tubularsock is certainly wiser than the average Washington sock-puppet! Thanks for the compliment, I appreciate your sense of humor and awesome satire aka “reporting the truth”.
        Keep up the great work, consider us missionaries for peace. 🙂


  3. Tubularsock, Another great post, thank you! But you know that logic shit can kill you. Because there’s never much reinforcement out there for logic. Not if it contradicts jesus or the wall street journal, to say nothing of fox news.

    Can’t think who said ‘there’s no armor like ignorance against logic’, but too many Americans are so well-protected from it I’m surprised they can still breathe. And like I always say, if ignorance is such bliss … why in hell aren’t more people happy? – Linda

    Liked by 1 person

    • tubularsock says:

      Good points Linda! Thanks for taking the time to comment and lay down some wisdom. Tubularsock may have an answer for the lack of happiness from so much “ignorance-bliss”. It appears to Tubularsock that those types of people are not aware that they are IGNORANT because Fox News, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSM, NPR, and Sarah Palin haven’t told them that. Thus, as long as WalMart and McDonalds are open and they have a full shopping cart and fries their is bliss. But shopping is always short lived and that bliss doesn’t move to happiness. It only moves to TV and the buying channel. Lost in this cycle there is no time for happiness only bargain-bliss. And you know how short lived THAT happens to be!

      A little known fact is that Tubularsock has been texting Jesus and he is “fucking-pissed-off” (his words) about those christians using his words to promote their shit. Tubularsock encouraged JC to start his own blog but his fucking father is too old fashioned and won’t allow it! And JC is a daddy’s boy because he remembers last time GOD had him put on the cross for some bull-shit agenda!
      Oh well, Tubularsock will keep working on him. Amen.

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  4. What really gets me is that the lies the US government and corporate media aren’t even very imaginative. They are quite repetitive in a way – in essence a slightly different variation on the same story.

    I’m convinced the people who swallow this shit have all undergone some kind of mass hypnosis not to notice this. It must be some kind of bird whistle thing. The bell rings and they all start to salivate just like Pavlov’s dog.

    What mystifies me is why the conditioning didn’t take in the rest of us. I assume we have some kind of innate resistance – but I can’t work out if it’s genetic or acquired, perhaps some kind of infection?

    Liked by 2 people

    • tubularsock says:

      DrB, thank you for your insights. You raise some interesting challenges to consider. You are absolutely correct that the U.S. government and corporate media has lost any attempt to be creative and edgy in their quest to inform the falsehoods they have created . Tubularsock believes that the reason this has happened is because of the propensity of Television Reruns. Over the years people have been inundated with the same shit repeated too often for even the brain dead. This has now spread to the speech writers and policy makers and the lack of “imaginative” thinking has been lost to the annals of time.

      There is no doubt in Tubularsock’s mind that mass hypnosis has been attempted by the power structure in the name of Pavlov but within the U.S. there are too few active minds to really use hypnosis. It truly is a mystery. You do realize there is a conflict in the Obummer Administration over using a Russian-dog-trick to fool people at this current moment. Russia is on the outs as you know.

      As for why the “rest of us” have escaped the attempts by the Pavlov-Pushers to control our thoughts Tubularsock strongly feels that it is the lack of “our” use of GMO infused soybean products. Of course, it’s just a theory.


    • wolfess says:

      ” … They are quite repetitive in a way – in essence a slightly different variation on the same story.” Isn’t this basically what they do in hypnosis — repeat the same mantra over and over — we are being hypnotized into trusting our ‘captors’. It’s only a matter of time before ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ will have to be changed to ‘DC Syndrome’! 🙂


  5. wolfess says:

    And now for … the rest of the story … [drum roll please] Robert Parry has an article on Information Clearinghouse [http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article39375.htm] that argues the fighter jets that shot down MH17 were actually after Putin — he returned the same day from a trip to South America, and the markings on both planes are at least reasonably similar. This plot is getting so thick it’s making me crave split pea soup!!! 🙂


    • tubularsock says:

      Thanks wolfess (Tubularsock loves drums)! Tubularsock always finds Parry to be “in the know” whenever he writes (which is often, as you know). Tubularsock ran across early reports of this possibility but this article fills in the blanks. Enjoy your soup.


  6. H3nry J3kyll says:

    Jury deliberation is not gonna be long at all on this one Tube. I think you’re case is airtight counselor.
    Love the Rove graphic btw.


    • tubularsock says:

      Thank you H3nry ….. Tubularsock just hopes the checks in the mail for winning the case!

      Tubularsock has always loved the simple brilliance of Dan Piraro’s work as shown in Bizarro. He hit Rove right on the mark.

      Thanks for your comment and will see you on the flip side …….


  7. Dearing says:

    “Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble!” says the wise ole turkey. “Sip ‘n toke!” says the chilled ole bloke.


    • tubularsock says:

      Dearing! Tubularsock is glad to see that you are in fine shape in your Rocky Mountain High! Enough to become a poet in your own time ……. who would have known?

      “’Sip ‘n toke!” says the chilled ole bloke.'”
      While he kicked back for his float
      In the hot tub that he chose to soak.

      A Wild Turkey in his glass
      Then the thought with such a flash
      It could get better and so it has
      With a puff or two of Afghani Hash!

      Peace bro, Tube


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