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Now that the dust has cleared ……….

Bull shit. There wasn’t any dust. One of the parties won over another party for control of Congress but the assholes that still go to Congress to recess themselves from doing anything like make decisions about ahh, what in the fuck do they make decisions about anyway? Oh yeah, Thanksgiving and Christmas recess.

But rest assured they’ll be back in force sometime after the first of the new year ……..

They pontificate a lot …….. actually it’s their way of farting. Seriously, Tubularsock is just pointing this out to you so the next time you see Mitch or Harry, John, Rand and Diane open up their mouths to the nightly news cameras think FART. It will make much more sense to you.

It’s their contribution to natural gas. And because it’s on TV you don’t have to smell it!

Ass compare

Now the real fun has already began. The XL pipeline. A long time ago Tubularsock prophesied that Obummer would pass that damn pipe into existence and here it comes.

Oh sure he could veto it but they will tie the bill in with, oh I don’t know, the money needed to save the Middle East and oh gosh his back will be up against the wall.

Like sure it will be.

And we’ll hear the agony of the pen scratching his signature across the bill and the seven feet left to complete that ecological disaster will be completed.

And that will be the last you’ll hear of it until the first 15 million barrels leak into the waterways of America. And we’ll hear from Congress and a new President how just NO ONE could have thought that this tragedy could have ever happened from a pipe!

You know the drill. Then we will hear how the government will put “the full force” of our National Governmental Disaster Preparedness into action.

Then the complete failure of that idea …………

And then Congress will take it upon themselves to call a committee, oops ……… multiple committees on what went wrong and how we can prevent it happening again until the next time!

You know one of the biggest, saddest things for Tubularsock on September 11, 2001 is that ……. if only a full session of Congress would had been in session and the Shanksville Plane United flight 93 had crashed into the Capitol Building rather than a field in Pennsylvania.

To this day Tubularsock resents the false-flag planners for fucking that up!

Oh well. Tubularsock has been disappointed before.

All we have to get excited about now is 2016 when Hillary and Jeb go toe to toe for the big prize. Hey, it will go to Hillary. That’s the deal already made. You’ll see.

But there will be a dark horse candidate in that race and Tubularsock has the inside information but can’t release it at this time ………..


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  1. Tubularsock, Thanks for this fine post, but I can’t believe it — there’s a dark horse candidate so secret that even YOU can’t tell us? Oh, this is mean — the suspense might kill me! Where can I possibly go for news even before the news before it happens? Wait, is that what I meant to ask? I’m not sure! – Linda


    • tubularsock says:

      Linda. Thank you for your comment. You are going to find it very difficult to find a source of news before it happens before it happens before it happens. Tubularsock “. . . first hand coverage, second hand news” is really the only place with the extensive news coverage worldwide which can provide this type of coverage.

      Really Linda, stop and think about this. Who else can be everywhere at the same time but simultaneously be no place at all? Even Einstein had trouble with this as we spoke and shared a beer last evening. Even the Time-Space-Continuum doesn’t apply under these circumstances.

      Tubularsock had to leave Al babbling about E=mc2 after Tubularsock suggested that E=mc3 worked better because Tubularsock preferred the number 3.

      “Hell, get real Al ……. we’re talking theoretical physics here, dude! And the theory of 3 is where I stand!” as the conversation continued Al got lost in his cups and Tubularsock wandered the streets. So much for science.

      Rest assured that Tubularsock will provide further information on the “dark horse candidate” as time goes on …….. in fact Linda you’ll be the first to know!

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  2. My money’s on Jeb.


    • tubularsock says:

      DrB. you are very perceptive. We all must look where Carl Rove is right now and follow him closely. You are correct if the vote can be manipulated as it was in 2000 for Dim-Wit.

      But these are new times and the Clintons are very good at slight-of-hand themselves.

      Either way ……. same outcome for us commoners.


  3. Jeff Nguyen says:

    I was just thinking today about the phrase “across the aisle” as it’s used by pundits to give the illusion there is more than one party in the U.S. When both sides of the “aisle” are down with the pipeline there is no “aisle” to speak of. As for the dark horse candidate…is that Palin/Cruz 2016 I hear galloping in the distance?

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    • tubularsock says:

      OMG Palin/Cruz 2016 now that is what Tubularsock would love to see. That is one great idea. Tubularsock could worked with that pair. Can’t wait.
      As for the “aisle” Tubularsock believes that you are so correct. It is like the aisle is a pipe line and they are all inside together. Camaraderie and all that. Maybe that is where the term “greasy” politician came from. Thanks Jeff.


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