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Tube fold back heading


Breaking News …….. CornWhelm, GB

A Tube-Circle was reported early this morning according to the Greater-lessor CornWhelm Independent Gazette.

A known source that was not authorized to discuss this field phenomena stated on site of this remarkable Tube-Circle, “That is TERRIFYING!!!! TERRIFYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.

The local people were in awe of this new development in the Crop-Circle experience.

“I’ze seen not’en lik this before”, James Cornwell who lives in South CornWhelm stated, “Th’m Crop-Circle is ok’d but THIS has gone too fer.”

Tee shirts and Kettle-Corn venders were taking advantage of the up-tic in living rubber-neckers that caused traffic-havoc on Dirt Road 7.

This is a breaking story. And Tubularsock News and Notary Services will repair it as it breaks.

Over-looking official reports …… President Obummer said, “The North Koreans hackless community is responsible for this Tube-Circle. Using their one computer they directed a laser beam from space and burned this Tube-Circle into existence.”

Many members of Congress have formed a bipartisan committee to meet  to discuss forming a committee on Tube-Circles. Even though there has only been one.

Several members of Congress were amazed to find that Great Britain was not part of the United States and that they had no jurisdiction in that area.

Immediately Congress formed a bipartisan committee to meet to discuss forming a committee on “humanitarianly” bombing Great Britain into submission.

If you are holding your breath for more of this breaking news …….. you are going to die!

Tube camera of tuve circle

Screen Shot 2012-07-21 at 11.55.56 PM

  1. donzo442 says:

    Ummm, what is Kettle-Corn? I’ve actually seen ‘Kettle-Corn’ vendors a way out here in redneck Arizona. Conspiracy? Even more conspiratorial than suspicious Tube-Circles? There’s malevolence afoot me thinks…


  2. I feel real bad about my role in this ’cause I’m the one responsible for North Korea having that one computer. When mine blew up, I sold it on eBay and somebody named Kim Jong-un bought it. Now at the time, I thought nothing of it until Sony released that movie and then I started to put the pieces together. Dar ain’t no way n hail dat Nawth Koreeahh iz responsyble fer dat dar hackun. Days deed nawt due eet! Nawt wif wit day had tuh werk wif!

    Dat was muh tweun couzen tawkin n she nose wit I no!

    LOL!! This one was funny Tube but I am glad to see that you made it out of the swath alive and well. It kin get purtee uglee dawn dare!

    Tube circles! My stars! What will you think of next? LMAO!!!

    Happy New Year’s eve, btw!

    Liked by 1 person

    • tubularsock says:

      Funny you bring this up Shelby. Tubularsock was just in Korea recently helping this chubby little Korean guy with a big head install the one computer and Tubularsock was surprised to see “property of Shelby” engraved on its back. Didn’t really put it all together until now. You know, you saying you were involved and Tubularsock’s discovery of your name on the back of the computer, Tubularsock just put One and One together …….. HA!

      And as they say in Korea 새해 복 많이 받으세요! But just not this time of year because they are on the lunar calendar. But have one anyway.


  3. Tubularsock, Oh hell. We really needed one more thing to worry about, I guess. A TRULY suspicious person might wonder if you had a hand in this one. But everyone knows god prefers spirals, or helices if we’re being technical — and why haven’t we changed that prissy plural to ‘helixes’ anyway? (. Sorry, I’m digressing, no way to round out the year.)

    It’s comforting to know you’re now … ‘fixing’ broken news for us. Even before it happens sometimes. On behalf of humanity, I say a hearty thank you! – Linda


    • tubularsock says:

      Linda, Tubularsock was just as shocked as you were with this Tube-Circle business. No, Tubularsock had NO HAND in this at all! Perhaps a head, BUT NO HAND! But there is nothing to worry about about this Tube-circle phenomenon. From Tubularsock’s research he has found that it is a natural event and has to do with the relationship between the moon cycles and the magnetic pull of the tides. See ….. that’s science! So it’s got to be right.

      And Tubularsock accepts your thanks as the representative of all humanity for his supreme efforts to fix broken news even before it happens. It’s the least Tubularsock can do for a humanity on the brink of falling off the edge of a flat earth. See ….. that’s science! So it’s got to be right.

      Have a Happy New Year …….

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  4. Shades of the Onion. The video clip is from 2008, but as far as I can see nothing has changed much:


  5. sojourner says:

    Too funny! But stop talkin’ like ma dead cuzzin, Egbert!


    • Sojourner, Ifn heez daauud, et don’t mater nun, cawse wit hee don’t no wont hert heeeum! LMAO!!!
      Translation: If he is dead, it don’t matter none, ’cause what he don’t know won’t hurt him!! That’s fer all the folks what ain’t from hillbilly territory!


    • tubularsock says:

      Oh shit, Egbert’s dead? So that’s why that voice in Tubularsock head is so spooky. Great conversations however, he says hi.


      • sojourner says:

        Shelby reminded me that if Egbert is dead, then it shouldn’t matter if we mock him.

        Wow, I just realized that Egbert seems even more real to me than he did when he didn’t exist. I can see colors….


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