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Now Tubularsock was just sitting here, “. . . on the dock of the bay, wasting time” when it occurred to Tubularsock how we are all driven by controlled perception. You know, we each see what we want to see or we don’t see what we don’t want to see. We all know that or we don’t. Depending on what you are willing to see! And of course what we don’t know does not exist to us. And what we do know is relative.

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So, most of the time we don’t know shit. But we all act like we do. Confused yet?

Now on top of our “own” views, our perception is continually bombarded with loaded and controlled perceptions that “SOMEBODY” wants us to believe.

Now the easiest example because its the example Tubularsock wants to use is the news media.

Tube on tube

We all know this or we don’t depending just how well our perception awareness has been “adjusted” and by whom.

Now, sitting here, “. . . on the dock of the bay, wasting time” is extremely helpful because it can expand one’s space and time, not to mention the intake of “negative ions” from the water which create positive vibes. Or not, depending on your perceptional intake.

For Tubularsock negative ions’ positive vibes have opened up what Tubularsock wants to delve into today: The Controlled Terrorist Narrative directed by the maimed-stream-media.

Now really, you didn’t believe negative ions would make Tubularsock positive now did you? Fuck all that! But if YOU awaken from Tubularsock’s exposure to negative ions’ positive vibes ……. well that’s something!

Yes! See, when it comes to TERRORISM as expressed by the MSM, the voice of the governments, there is only ONE terrorism. And that is the terrorism that is done by the Moslems.

Now it’s not that Moslems don’t do terror but Jewish Extremists account for more terror acts within the United States than Moslem Extremists. Now that is something you might not have known. Well, according to the FBI.

Have you ever heard of the Jewish Defense League, the Jewish Armed Resistance, the Jewish Action Movement? All are Jewish Extremest groups within the United States and all according to the FBI have conducted terrorist activities within the U.S.

Now before you panic, adding both Moslem and Jewish Terrorists activities (usually bombings) together represents less than 10% of terrorist activities within the U.S.xplow copy

Feel better? Well, don’t, Latino groups constitute 42% of terrorist activities within the U.S. according to the FBI and Extreme left-wing groups make up 24%

So there is plenty of terrorist activities but few are done by Moslems.

AND YET it has been set up in the public’s mind Terrorism = Moslem.

Interesting, yes? Surprising, No.

What happens here is that Moslem Terrorist Activities are over-played by the MSM when they occur while other terrorist activities just aren’t covered.

Remember……. just because it’s called a “free” press only means that they are “free” to  lie by omission. Or more often just repeat the lie the governments’ dictates to them. They do this …….. often. And because the citizens believe the “free” part pertains to the non-governments-control of the governments-controled MSM, all’s good ……. NOT!

Bottom line …….. the more you follow the MSM the less you know. And in truth for Americans there is so little that they do know that the loss is extreme.

Ok, except for deflated footballs ………..

So without further ado, Tubularsock is just sitting here, “. . . on the dock of the bay, wasting time”.

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  1. donzo442 says:

    Looks like nothing’s gonna change
    Everything still remains the same
    I can’t do what ten people tell me to do
    So I guess I’ll remain the same…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sojourner says:

    “Controlled Terrorist Narrative directed by the mained-stream-media.”

    Shouldn’t this be MAIMED-Stream-media?

    Talking heads with teleprompters, they’re everywhere!

    Spot on!


    “So, most of the time we don’t know shit. But we all act like we do. Confused yet?”

    No! I know I don’t know shit, and all of the time!


    • tubularsock says:

      sojourner, thanks for your eagle-spelling-eye, Tubularsock appreciates all the help he can get!
      And it is noteworthy that you know your shit ……..

      I have always liked the BBC’s approach …… “and tonight’s news reader is …” Then at least to know that it is just a talking head.


  3. Well, I may talk shit all the time, but it’s simply because I know shit! So, the shit that I do think I know means that I must talk shit just to clear the air of shit! No shit, Sherlock!

    I like this one Tube, of course.


    • tubularsock says:

      Boy Shelby ……. that is one hell of a lot of shit that you know and you talk your shit so well that the shit sounds like you know the shit you are talking about which is one major shit load of shit! No shit, Dr.Watson!


  4. Hear hear! A fine post, if I know shit about shit. – Linda


  5. I used to have an ion generator to improve my mood by generating negative ions. It just made the wall really dirty. Apparently it electrocharged dust particles to make them stick permanently to the wall. It was just like electroplating.


  6. wolfess says:

    Tubularsock said: “What happens here is that Moslem Terrorist Activities are over-played by the MSM when they occur while other terrorist activities just aren’t covered.”
    Now just lately the MSM couldn’t stop talking about SNNNNOWWWWMAGEDDON so being in a negative frame of mind I figure Moslems and snow are both terrorists. And then there’s those damned politicians who just can’t stop doing those ‘snow jobs’ so along with Moslems and snow our elected employees are also terrorists! Now, THAT’S one shitload of terrorism in these here untied snakes of uh-merikkka …

    Pwr 2 the READING peons!


    • tubularsock says:

      Oh wolfess, Tubularsock can “feel” where you are coming from as we say in California! The “terroristic snow” is by far the most dangerous to Tubularsock because it’s “white” so how can we tell the enemy?

      Thank you for your comment and keep mushing ahead.


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