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Tubularsock is kind of like an elephant in the respect that he doesn’t forget. As the maimed-stream-news cycle continues …….. now it’s the refugee crisis which they are all animated about but never can figure out WHY this is happening. You know the destabilization of the Middle East by the U.S. and NATO.

It is like the refugee crisis happened in some kind of a vacuum. Only because one would have to put 2 and 2 together which has always been the maimed-stream-new’s problem. You know, that would take journalism to pull off. 

Anyway, Tubularsock has been reading what is happening in the Ukraine and it is truly fascinating.

You see, change is in the air and the discussion is like this (the nutshell version):

If you recall when we left off the U.S. overthrew the Ukraine and put  prime minister Arseni “Jaz” Yatsenyuk into power designated by Victoria Nuland as the man the Americans supported. And Nuland stated in a documented tape, “Fuck the EU” to the resistance to this choice by the EU.

But now the U.S. neocons (which Nuland and her husband are part) want to dump Premier Yatsenyuk (because of corruption) and replace him with the former Georgian Prime Minister Mikhail Saakashvili for new Premier of the Ukraine.

The fun part is that Saakashvili is wanted by an international arrest warrant for abuse of office during his term in Georgia. Saakashvili misappropriated Georgian taxpayers’ money. (New York Times)

Mikhail Saakashvili had emigrated to the US in 2013 and worked closely with the US Neocons. He is one of the key interlocutors of Republican John McCain, who is fighting for a hard line of the United States against Russia. (German Economic News)

Viktoria Siumar (Popular Front Party Deputy, Yatsenyuk’s party) who had previously worked for the US broadcaster Voice of America was named alongside the

US born Minister of Finance Natalia Jaresko and Saakashvili as Yatsenyuk’s possible successors.

Interesting side note: “Natalia Jaresko had previously worked in the US State Department and as an investment banker. In divorce proceedings her husband raised serious allegations against Jaresko, accusing them of corruption and misappropriation of taxpayers ‘money. Jaresko is the EU and the IMF main contact person in the distribution of European and American taxpayers’ money in Ukraine. Official annual reports on the whereabouts of these instructed by the EU and the federal government billions are not known.” (German Economic News)

So bottom line …… does anyone really think that CORRUPTION is any kind of reason for dumping Yatsenyuk? Corruption looks more like a qualification rather than a deterrent.

So what gives?

Well here is what Tubularsock sees that is happening and it is up to you to keep your eye on the ball with Tubularsock because Tubularsock only has four eyes plus his “third” eye and it’s the “third” eye which has focused on THIS BASIC FACT:

Yatsenyuk is against privatization of state property!

Or at least that is what he has said but Saakashvili (the new neocons darling) has also accused him of delaying reforms and being in the hands of the oligarchs especially Igor Kolomoysksi giving him favors in the privatization of the Ukrainian aviation industry.

Of course Yatsenjuk says that’s bull shit! (Це ЛАЙНО БИКА! in Ukrainian.)

According to Yatsenyuk it will be impossible to fight corruption without changing the country’s system of government in the Ukraine.

“The system of government in Ukraine has in fact remained the same as it was under the Soviet Union”, according to Yatsenyuk.

Currently, at least according to polls, 72% of Ukrainians think the government is going “in the wrong direction”. Two-thirds of Ukrainians have an “unfavorable” view of President Petro Poroshenko while 85% disapproved of Yatsenyuk.(Christian Science Monitor)

But really, what do the Ukrainian People know?

If you want the next down-field-play in the Ukrainian Drama ask the neocons they seem to run the inside track.

President Petro Poroshenko (L) and Mikhail Saakashvili

President Petro Poroshenko (L) and Mikhail Saakashvili

Oh, did Tubularsock forget to mention that Saakashvili is a devotee of Reagan and Thatcher?

And that during the Bush Administration Georgia under Saakashvili’s leadership “. . . did all it could to become a staunch U.S. ally: It is the largest non-NATO member of the international security force in Afghanistan and, according to a report by the Open Society Foundation, participated in the CIA’s “extraordinary renditions” program detaining alleged enemy combatants in the war on terror.”(BuzzFeedNews 10/28/13)

Hey, could it get better than that for a neocon?


  1. Wick Burner says:

    So, hang on… A leader of a sovereign nation is ousted, then the replacement is mooted to be ousted, and then to be replaced with the former leader of a *different* sovereign nation??!?!?!

    I wanna see the birth certificate…

    And, “Corruption looks more like a qualification rather than a deterrent.” – how sadly true that one little sentence is.

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  2. donzo442 says:

    Suck-ass-feely says, “those Ukraine girls really knock me out. They leave the West behind…”
    Corruption is the single qualifying factor when being considered by neo-congs.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Leave it to ol’ Suck-ass-feely. He knows what he’s talking about!
      Corruption is a founding principle of the neocons after-all.
      Thanks Don for your comment and give Tubularsock’s regards to Suck-ass.


  3. Lara/Trace says:

    On AlJeezera they showed Russia is sending arms to Syria (and probably Ukraine) – is this about oil again?

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    • tubularsock says:

      Lara/Trace, it’s about natural gas mostly this time but oil is always a close second. The Russians this time are also sending troops to
      “help”. Much like the U.S.’s “advisors” that are present in Syria and the Ukraine.

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  4. swo8 says:

    Who is this Victoria Nuland to put Yatsenyuk into power in the Ukraine then she’s changed her mind and now Nuland wands Saakashill? Is Nuland of Ukrainian descent? What right has some foreign entity like this “Nuland chic” to meddle in the business of foreign territories?

    Look, I heard your “boy” Jeb say that his big brother kept America safe. George is the one who started all this mess in the middle east, hence this other mess with all the migrants and refugees. Now if we could have a regime change here in Canada, we will stop boombing those poor people and bring our troops home.
    I have another bone to pick with you guys – I hear there is talk of putting a picture of Thatcher on one of you bills (currency). Are you guys nuts? How about Marilyn Monroe? (or does anyone remember her?

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    • tubularsock says:

      Leslie, Victoria is Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs from the U.S. State Department! That makes her an IMPORTANT person or so she thinks because her title is a half mile long! She was born in Baker, Louisiana which is just a few miles from the Ukraine!

      “Right?” to meddle? Leslie she is Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs from the U.S. State Department! That is all the RIGHTS she needs! At the moment it’s either Victoria or Drones ….. thats the way American foreign policy works. “Might Makes Right”, haven’t you heard?

      Leslie let’s not get down right nasty ….”your ‘boy’ jeb”! There is a cleaner way to say that. Tubularsock doesn’t want any dirty talk like that ….. that fucker isn’t Tubularsock’s “boy”! (but Tubularsock does know what you mean)

      You have got to remember that Jeb has his head up George’s ass so he sees thing differently than the way they were/are. That should explain that.

      Tubularsock hadn’t heard about the Thatcher thing ……. Tubularsock does have to say that that is a funny concept however. As for Marilyn she was only political due to who she slept with. Tubularsock would rather see Daffy Duck really …. at least he fits the American persona!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Lselie.

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  5. sojourner says:

    “Jaresko is the EU and the IMF main contact person in the distribution of European and American taxpayers’ money in Ukraine. Official annual reports on the whereabouts of these instructed by the EU and the federal government billions are not known.”

    Wow! Sounds a lot like the Pentagon! What is it, 2.3 trillion that has never been accounted for since before 9/11?

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  6. Tubularsock, I know this shit is disgusting and infuriating, unspeakable in fact. Which brings up my problem — I am running out of swear words. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with the classics, but I’m wearing them out, there’s so damn much to rage at these days! Will I have to learn Ukrainian? I welcome any and all suggestions for building my repertoire of invectives. Thanks for yet another great post! – Linda

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  7. sojourner says:

    “Are you a Doctor?’

    Yes, I QUACK folks up!

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  8. Don’t forget the BTC (Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan) pipeline. The only way to make Baku oil safe for US oil companies was to install a corrupt pro-US puppet in Georgia. With the Georgian government in pro-Russian hands, it would have remained a state owned industry run for the benefit of the Georgian people.

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  9. Michael Fuhrig says:

    So here’s the deal in a nutshell. Saakavilli (or whatever the Hell his name is) assumes power in the Ukraine; a Republican who admired Reagan is elected president in 2016; and we all live happily ever after. Long live Reagan!! And maybe we can even bring back the Star Wars defense system.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Don’t you worry Mike, that star wars defense shield hasn’t gone anyplace …. Poland’s hot to trot along with torturing sites for America!
      Some how though this Republican wet dream you speak of does appear to have that “happy ever after” theme but so did “hope and change” which has produced neither. Thanks for your analysis but Tubularsock will pass.


  10. sojourner says:

    Linda, I hear you.

    As I tried to think of nasty, little descriptors for these assholes (lame and overused, I realized that I’m not nearly as much a foul mouth as I had thought.

    I’m so ashamed!!!

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    • Sojourner, See? That’s what I mean! But it’s not us — these heartless !@#$%^&* so-and-sos are just exponentially worse than we have words to describe. The shame is all theirs — but of course they never feel a drop of it. If they did, they could never do what they seem more than willing to do to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Just because they can? Now that is evil.

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  11. sojourner says:

    “The shame is all theirs — but of course they never feel a drop of it. If they did, they could never do what they seem more than willing to do to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Just because they can? Now that is evil.”

    Excellent, Linda! Spot on the money!

    I always use this to describe scum like this: “Why does a dog lick himself? Because he can!”

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