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Posted: November 2, 2015 in Bull Shit, bull shit as an art form, Delusional, DREAMS, MATRIX, NASA, NSA
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Tube Matrix heading

Well Tubularsock was just tired today after all the killing and bombing going on to save EVERYBODY!

The old fear of WW3 again which is so comforting. It is like bringing back childhood again when at any second “they” instructed Tubularsock to dive under his school desk if the Russians dropped the ATOMIC BOMB.

And then they showed us all what would happen via an old noisy projector projecting onto a rolled down screen. The projector even sounded like a B-52 or whatever and the fear fantasy film was scary to many.

No, not to Tubularsock. When Tubularsock saw the film Tubularsock asked the teacher what would the desk do for us if THAT happened. Tubularsock was reprimanded for the question.

So, the very next time the ATOMIC BOMB drill happened again Tubularsock stood up and climb onto the huge window ledge facing the street.

Yep, that got Tubularsock sent to the principal’s office where the principal couldn’t answer Tubularsock’s question either. However, his chairs were comfortable.

Oh sure, Tubularsock’s parents were VERY UPSET.

And Tubularsock’s peers thought Tubularsock was crazier than bat shit but after all, the institution was known as Grey Avenue School ……. the color of the thought pattern of Tubularsock’s home town!

So that is why this is going to be MONDAY SCIENCE!

This photo was taken by NSA and was hacked out of NSA’s files by the hacking group, Hackers United Against Themselves (HUAT). (Sure, you can find this difficult to believe but hey ……. this is fucking SCIENCE so what do you know!)

The question many will ask is why was this photo in the NSA files and not in the NASA files. Really? You even would ask a question like that?

Earth from moon Tube


  1. Michael Fuhrig says:

    You’ve finally done it with this photo. You’ve gone over the edge. Or perhaps you’ve gone over the second edge from the one you’ve already gone over.

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  2. swo8 says:


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  3. Lou says:

    I knew we were living in a hologram.

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  4. Lara/Trace says:

    You crack me up (and I hope you’re not right)

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  5. donzo442 says:

    ‘Duck and cover’! Bert the civil defense turtle was our bestest friend ever. Teacher said so.

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  6. Not too many people know this, but seeing as how I am all in the know, I know. The NSA now stands for National Space Administration. You see, the spies decided to branch out and cover more territory by taking over NASA’s duties. NASA is now defunct. The folks that worked there are in the process of receiving their pink slips. Keep a lid on this, but, this is just the beginning. Stay tuned!

    LOL! Another great post Tubularsock! I told you that you was on a roll! Oh and Michael’s comment is right on time. I just had to laugh at that one!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Shelby, thanks for giving Tubularsock the inside dope on the NSA switch-up. You always have what’s going down ……….

      Now don’t take sides with Michael! Tubularsock hasn’t become unhinged but his lock is a little loose!

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    • The switch to the National Space Administration is necessary because what if life is discovered somewhere else in the Solar System? They might be plotting for us to invade right now. I bet those NSA spies read Saturn 5 in high school like I did. Probably keeps them awake at night …

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      • tubularsock says:

        SD, Tubularsock knew, because you study all things deep, that you’d have the inside track on an outside world. Yes, of course! The old enemy from outside our own universe problem. YES! YES! YES!

        If there is ANYTHING we earthlings know how to do well is to alienate aliens attentively before they get here! And even more so once they arrive. Every time we scramble jets to investigate UFO’s we attempt to SHOOT THEM DOWN but in a peaceful understanding way … om shanti. Within Saturn 5 there must be answers ………

        Thank you for taking time to comment, SD.
        Tubularsock attempts to trip in space as often as possible.

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  7. The sex education films were always better than the duck and cover films. I also liked the one about disposing of your Kleenex properly when you have a cold.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Oh god! The sex ed films were the funniest of all. And duck and cover was always difficult in the back seat of a car! Never saw the Kleenex one but the mention of it made Tubularsock laugh.

      No wonder our world is so fucked up!

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      • There were ‘sex ed’ films? Daaaayum! I so fucking missed out!

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      • tubularsock says:

        Don’t worry Shelby. You didn’t miss anything! It’s not what you are thinking. It was kind of like your father (the state) explaining to you how to fuck “properly” without explaining how to fuck.

        And due to the embarrassment principle, boys were instructed with boys and girls with girls and trans-gender, oh they hadn’t been invented yet. They were there but they weren’t able to say they were there.

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  8. sojourner says:

    Absolute killer! Love it!

    We heard about these “drop and cover” drills all the way back then, “in the good old days.” But in beautiful downtown Columbus (Come-blow-us), Ohio, the school system, when I was a tiny sojourner, deemed fit to not take part in these drills.

    Perhaps, the school board, a this time in ancient history, knew this would be a waste of time? But I doubt that this was the case, since they were dumb asses back then as well. My guess is, they just didn’t give a shit about what happened to us little peckerheads on parade! We was expendable and had no good inglish! In fact, my guess is, we youngsters most likely would have not been able to find an administrator or teacher, if an attack was imminent back then; we would have just seen their cars, with them in them, zooming out of the parking lot.

    We always said, if a nuke was coming, we should just bend over as far as we could and kiss our asses goodbye! I still believe this is the way to go. I mean, why fight it, if the inevitable should happen? Calgion, take me away, is my attitude!

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    • tubularsock says:

      You know sojourner, Tubularsock has never really liked Ohio but for no apparent reason until now. From your description they sound like Gray Avenue School. So you cleared that up for Tubularsock.

      Tubularsock too figured it was impossible to really protect yourself against that much devastation but Tubularsock just had different reasons. Tubularsock figured if one survived you’d end up having to clean up the radioactive mess and then die anyway so why not go out on the first wave!

      Thanks for your comment.

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  9. Johnny Ojanpera says:

    This made me think about the critical matter of desk quality. I am certain there was a Cold War Era committee investigating this for our safety in the event of a bomb. You may have seen things differently if there had been a solid desk to duck under. I bet.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Johnny that is a brilliant observation and conclusion! Tubularsock does remember now that Mrs. Olsen’s desk was large and solid oak and Principal Tombstone’s desk was huge and well oiled solid oak.

      And the Civil Defense Coordinator for our area had a bomb shelter in his backyard!

      It is all coming together now ………. sojourner is correct, “. . . they just didn’t give a shit about what happened to us little peckerheads on parade!”

      Thanks Johnny, Tubularsock is now even further enlightened!

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  10. Genie says:

    That’s a snazzy coat you’ve got on, I hope it’s faux leather; can’t go wearing dead animals and talk about WWIII! No, carnage is carnage and the animals count as carnage.

    Seems to me as though WWIII is already happening, it’s just hasn’t been ‘officially’ announced yet.

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    • Genie says:

      Geez, with WWIII being here already, I’m having typo errors, sure hope this is not the ‘new normal’!
      I meant to say: it just hasn’t been ‘officially’ announced yet.

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      • tubularsock says:

        Not to worry Genie, the animals are safe with Tubularsock. For Tubularsock, typo’s and spelling issues have always been normal? Oh well, maybe it is all catching up with Tubularsock’s trend setting ways.

        Interesting that you noticed old WW3. It’s been over when WW4 started about 1963. Not to surprise you but we are well into WW17!

        But maybe you just have an old clock or something.

        Thanks for the comment.

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  11. Tubularsock, Damn, knew I was late this time, but didn’t realize I was so many wars behind. Is there like a calendar or something somewhere so I can maybe keep up? My only excuse for this embarrassing lapse in discernment is … living in Ohio. If you call it living. And if my school did duck and cover, I missed it. Think I missed one of the polio vaccine sugar cubes too. Oh well. Thanks for your heroic efforts to diminish my vast ignorance! – Linda


    • tubularsock says:

      Linda, not to worry. There is no late when the future is only the past revisited with a different clock. Tubularsock attempted to duck and cover to miss those sugar cubes but ended up having three because Tubularsock loves sugar cubes!

      Thanks for reading and commenting on Tubularsock. Oh, yeah Tubularsock just remembered, Ohio does suck! Cheers.

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