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In the world of “facts” Tubularsock likes to apply basic science. Only because science = temporary-truth because in using the Scientific Method the theory is presented and it is open to other scientists to duplicate the theory using the same methods to duplicate the results. If that happens the best that can be done is that the theory becomes a working theory and remains that because it at anytime may be disproved with new information. At that point the working theory becomes a “new” theory until it has been “proven” by duplicate recreation. This process IS what science happens to BE. And to be “true-science” the process is continuous and there can NEVER be an end point!


However, A FACT as defined by Merriam-Webster is “a piece of information presented as having objective reality” .

An “Alternate Fact” is just a really cool way of lying and sounding like you are telling the truth because you used the word “fact”.

BUT an “Alternut Fact” is just a cool way of out facting a fact with an objective reality that is not on the same plane as a “regular” truth and is more truthful than truth due to the truth being generated by a direct line moving at a constant velocity with respect to a fixed point or an objective reality! See, simple Science!

Which brings Tubularsock to the following Alternut Fact and if one wishes to PROVE something beyond a shadow of a doubt ……….. take a picture!






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Well Tubularsock was just tired today after all the killing and bombing going on to save EVERYBODY!

The old fear of WW3 again which is so comforting. It is like bringing back childhood again when at any second “they” instructed Tubularsock to dive under his school desk if the Russians dropped the ATOMIC BOMB.

And then they showed us all what would happen via an old noisy projector projecting onto a rolled down screen. The projector even sounded like a B-52 or whatever and the fear fantasy film was scary to many.

No, not to Tubularsock. When Tubularsock saw the film Tubularsock asked the teacher what would the desk do for us if THAT happened. Tubularsock was reprimanded for the question.

So, the very next time the ATOMIC BOMB drill happened again Tubularsock stood up and climb onto the huge window ledge facing the street.

Yep, that got Tubularsock sent to the principal’s office where the principal couldn’t answer Tubularsock’s question either. However, his chairs were comfortable.

Oh sure, Tubularsock’s parents were VERY UPSET.

And Tubularsock’s peers thought Tubularsock was crazier than bat shit but after all, the institution was known as Grey Avenue School ……. the color of the thought pattern of Tubularsock’s home town!

So that is why this is going to be MONDAY SCIENCE!

This photo was taken by NSA and was hacked out of NSA’s files by the hacking group, Hackers United Against Themselves (HUAT). (Sure, you can find this difficult to believe but hey ……. this is fucking SCIENCE so what do you know!)

The question many will ask is why was this photo in the NSA files and not in the NASA files. Really? You even would ask a question like that?

Earth from moon Tube