Tubularsock heading slant

It is obvious that Tubularsock covers topics from A to Z so sure he can focus on BEES”?

Tubularsock can spot a honey of a story from afar and realizes that there are the hives and the hives-not.

In this case it appears that the General-Bees and the Drone-Bees are on the same Plan Bee!   

And both being Killer-Bees, Tubularsock deducted that if their plan was accomplished the world may not bee much different.

Hence, Tubularsock took his trusty little camera and went to document this pending event because without documentation citizens only believe what they are beeing told by the messed-media-government-stream (MMGS).

BUT …….. if the citizen is shown documentation ad nauseum  then the citizen will believe exactly what the government wants them to believe anyway because FACTS just complicate thinking! (As 9/11 demonstrates so clearly.)

You see, the Killer Bees have teamed up against the Washington power grid to help stop Washington from taking over the world.

Yes! Tubularsock has pictures. Why else would Tubularsock carry a camera EVERYWHERE?

Tube Plan Bee

And yes PLAN BEE will have collateral-damage but collateral-damage is only people and if the people really cared so much for their families they wouldn’t have put them in harm’s way! 

But look, the Bees care.

The Bees believe in a just cause and in truth the Bees are willing to kill you and your family in order to bring you peace.

The Bees are willing to destroy your town in order to save it!

And as long as the Bees get the honey ……. well, fuck you!

And the real stinger in all of this is ……. “Even Bee Power corrupts and absolute Bee Power corrupts absolutely”.


You see bees will attack other bees and take over their hive and of course Killer-Bees are very aggressive. They are the Dick Cheney Bees of Beedom.

But bees don’t turn on their own hive like we do.

You see, to our power structure there is little difference from using Killer Bee’s force on Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Nigeria and using Killer Bee’s force on Ferguson, Flint, and Detroit. And as time moves on we’ll see where that is leading ……. and it sure isn’t for the betterment of our society! So Bee careful out there and always remember …….. the louder the buzz the higher the bull shit.

Tube Sig.red

  1. donzo442 says:

    Bee-lightful! And on another hand, MSG = media-service-government?

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  2. sojourner says:

    When I was in school, I always had to be satisfied with bees, since I couldn’t get As! I wasn’t the teacher’s pet bee!

    Bee-lieve it or knot!

    Your point (stinger) here, is well taken, however. We do have a propensity for turning on our own hive, don’t we? And like bees, most of us are too busy doing our jobs and serving the queen to realize we have turned on each other. We’re too stupid, too busy buzzing around busily, to know we have been stung, and hard!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Good point, sojourner! Tubularsock believes that that is why aimless work was created to keep one tired and on the treadmill with promises of getting the shit that will show others that you “ARE SOMEBODY”. And the society has bought it literally and figuratively. The result is the treadmill life of going fast and getting nowhere. And gosh, you don’t need to think!

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      • sojourner says:

        From my early teens, I rejected the ‘life’ my parents lived, the rat race my parents lived. I determined never to live that kind of ‘life’, no matter the cost to me in the end.

        There was a line from an old seventies’ hit, “I’m not going to spend the rest of my life quietly fading away.” This became my mantra. I am alone today, because I didn’t live ‘the normal life’, but if I had it to do all over again, with few exceptions, I would still seek life the same way I had this time around.

        You are absolutely correct, everything most people take as representing a ‘normal life’ is simply part of a vast mind control system, including marriage and all that comes with it.

        We were not made to live this way, none of us, men or women.

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      • tubularsock says:

        As Lame Deer the Lakota shaman pointed out: “Only human beings have come to a point where they no longer know why they exist.”

        Thanks sojourner for the comments.

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  3. swo8 says:

    Let me know when you get to the C’s. You go on the quest for the Colossus in Rhodos.

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  4. I like the phallic imagery.

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  5. Tubularsock, So … you’d rather bee right than bee president? I’m not sure you could tolerate such overwhelming levels of bullshit anyway. And I’d hate to watch you become one of the killer bees!
    Thanks for another brilliant post — and bee most careful yourself, as folks do seem able to swallow most everything except truth. – Linda

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    • tubularsock says:

      Linda, Tubularsock will never sell out to the hives and will always stand firm for the hives-not. Vote yes for Tubularsock For President 2016.

      Don’t let that queen-bee take that office, beelieve Tubularsock, she’s ah Beeitch!

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  6. wolfess says:

    Gee Tube, this is one bee-utiful article even though it quite succinctly makes the point that we rabble are too busy committing psychological harry carey to be bothered with plan bee! 🙂

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    • tubularsock says:

      Yes, it is true that the hive-nots are beesy committing psychological “harry carey”. It is way more true than you may have intended, wolfess. OR then again maybe you did intend it.

      Harry Carey was an American sportscaster on radio and television and you know how wrapped up with sports the “rabble” (hive-nots) can get psychologically. So you are correct, as usual.

      However, on the other hand, psychological hara-kiri conducted by the hive-nots would not be possible beecause that is only reserved for the samurai (killer bees) and not the hive-nots (“rabble”).

      No matter, bottom line, “we rabble” are going to get stung in the butt with Plan Bee.

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