Posted: January 17, 2016 in Psychology, psychomania, Reading, Reality
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  1. Whatever is real to you, is the reality of your imagination. It may not be my reality, but it is yours or it may just be that in reality, you are imagining things. But shall we continue to read, anyway? LOL!

    I like this one! And oh ya! I loooooove to read! I just finished a book last night. All 645 pages, read in only a few hours. Wanna be smart? Read a book!

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  2. tubularsock says:

    It’s all made up anyway so why not read about it too.

    Be careful, Shelby if you know too much the NSA will want to pickle that brain of yours and then that would require Tubularsock to spin into action like fucking James Bond and kick some butt!


  3. Daintytime says:

    Yay for exploring the depths of your imagination. You are not alone!

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  4. donzo442 says:

    In “reality”, we are not alone…

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  5. sojourner says:

    What’s reading? What’s reality?

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    • tubularsock says:

      sojourner, interesting questions. Does reading exist? We do — the process — of reading but can reality be found within the reading process? Ideas, visions, thoughts, imaginings ……. can be obtained while reading but each person can read the same page, the same words and have entirely different ideas, visions, thoughts, imaginings.

      And can our ideas, visions, thoughts, imaginings bring about – – reality?

      So sojourner, as you asked
      and as Tubularsock did the process of reading
      and read
      there came the ONLY conclusion.

      Tubularsock is off to his gypsy-psychic to get a READING!


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