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Now, as Tubularsock writes this it is nearing midnight in Moscow. And it’s near noon in Oakland, CA which makes drinking Vodka permissible in both time zones according to Tubularsock’s rules. Of course morning Vodka does have its place too.

Tubularsock has never, to date, disliked a Russian. All the Russians that Tubularsock has met over the years have all been likable. Now, granted Tubularsock is working with a limited sample but it’s the only sample Tubularsock has.

Now Vlad, who Tubularsock has never met, is an oligarch unlike Obummer who is a puppet of oligarchs. Both are working from SELF interest and both have a lot invested in their “trade” of power and money.

ObamaPutin Bogeyman

But Tubularsock doesn’t really have any experience in being an oligarch nor a puppet of the oligarchs in the direct sense. But Tubularsock does have direct experience with being a person.

So lets look at the Russian/U.S. American dis-harmony which has been propagated Tubularsock’s entire life. It is all BULL SHIT!

Tubularsock bets you 50-bucks-American that Tubularsock could bring one hundred Russians and one hundred U.S. Americans together and work out any differences we all have. Don’t think so? Tubularsock doesn’t see your 50 bucks on the table!

Tubularsock bets you also that Tubularsock could “talk-down” a Black man with a knife without shooting him ……. it’s not an art form, it’s an intention!


The Washington “bubble” and the Moscow “bubble” work the same way EXCEPT the United States has double-crossed the Russians more than the Russians have double-crossed the United States ………. hands down!

But how could THAT be any surprise?

The United States has double-crossed our African-American Population as well as our Native American Population our entire history …….. so what’s new?

Shameful as it is ……. the truth hurts!

Oh how Tubularsock digresses.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, the United States made a DEAL with the Russian Federation that the United States would NOT SUPPORT NATO in attempting to build military forces in countries that bordered Russia.

Tubularsock has always been amazed that the Russians fell for this. All they had to do is to look at EVERY treaty the United States made with the Native Americans to see the LIE THAT IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

And SLAVERY and JIM CROW……….. where in one’s fucking logic could ANYONE trust a mind set like that? FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY?????? Horse shit!

But the Russians did.

But rather than the United States living up to it’s “integrity”, it worked to “Contain-Russia”!

But in truth, who should be contained?

The United States has a military budget of a zillion dollars and military intrusions to match. The Russians don’t! The Chinese don’t!

The United States has attacked more countries in the world today than China and Russia combined! In truth, Russian and China look like pacifist in comparison.


If the United States can make “economic treaties” and become “trading partners” with both Russia and China, why exactly can’t we stop this aggression toward one another?

Well the easy answer ………. war profiteering! All of them make big bucks in war sales!

Hey, haven’t you heard ……… the business of business is business.

But on top of that the game of natural resources and who controls them is paramount, or “we the people” are made to believe so.

The US military is the biggest purchaser of oil in the world.

“Energy consumed per active duty military and civilian personnel is 35 percent higher than the U.S. energy consumption per capita, which is amongst the highest in the world. While consuming that amount of energy, DoD (Department of Defense) emitted 73 million metric tons of CO2, corresponding to over 4 percent of the total emissions in USA.” (The Daily Energy Report, 2009)

The DoD uses 360,000 barrels of oil each day. There are only 35 countries in the world that consume more oil than the DoD.

So what we have here is the need to consume oil at that high rate in order to maintain our continuous wars for oil control so we can maintain our supply of oil which we depend on to supply our oil in which to fight our oil wars.


So wouldn’t it be easier to just cut the military?


  1. Cutting the military will NEVER happen. What needs to happen is that this planet just up and runs completely OUT of oil. That would solve SO much. Can you imagine what would happen if that fossil fuel just vanished. Puff! Gone? We think we’ve got a trash problem now? Can you just imagine the car graveyards?

    But now, don’t forget, ‘nuclear energy’ to power up the electric cars. Wouldn’t they just rev up the ole nuclear power plants that are leaking radiation as I type this and watch the show begin. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Mushroom clouds all over the goddamn place! End of planet. Spent fuel rods everywhere! Folks sprouting extra arms, legs, feet, eyes. Even though folks are walking around with 3 arms and 4 legs now; that’s of course due to inbreeding. I should know. I’m from ‘Inbred Central, USA’.

    As long as the grunts continue to sign on the dotted line and man the missiles and their drone stations, it’s all good because we’ve got Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day to honor our hero warriors who are just fighting for dumbocracy, just-itch and freetobedumb!

    Excellent post Tubularsock! As always!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Yep. You’ve got that right Shelby and it looks like it may be sooner than later. And as crazy as we are nuclear energy will be the direction we’d go because the sun is free. And you can’t gouge people when it’s free! Thanks Shelby and be careful of the three headed babies.

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  2. Lara/Trace says:

    great minds think like you – I have a post coming up on military

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  3. sojourner says:

    So wouldn’t it be easier just to cut the US government, period; cut off the head and not just the arms and legs?

    You wrote,

    “When the Soviet Union collapsed the United States made a DEAL with the Russian Federation that the United States would NOT SUPPORT NATO in attempting to build military forces in countries that boarded Russia.”

    I have read a few times, as I’m sure you have as well, that America’s association with Bin laden began in Afghanistan (or maybe before), when the US used Osama to help bring down the USSR. One US official, I don’t remember which asshole it was, stated, “We wanted to give Russia their own Vietnam.”

    Yes, let’s blame Vietnam on China and Russia, and then get even, just like we are blaming Russia, now, for the Ukraine and Syria.

    Excellent post, Tube! Excellent. As Donzo442 stated, “Nailed it!”

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  4. sojourner says:

    Reblogged this on An Outsider's Sojourn II.

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  5. swo8 says:

    Brilliant, Tubularsock, if we get rid of the US military then we’ll have a major positive contribution to the greening of the world, not to mention the peace that would ensue.

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  6. I’m still waiting for the Peace Dividend we were promised when the Soviet Union collapsed.

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  7. Michael Fuhrig says:

    WE actually did get a “peace dividend” after the Soviet Union collapsed. We use Russian rockets in our space program.

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