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  1. heila2013 says:

    Same mindsets? Please explain.

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    • donzo442 says:

      Easy as one, two, three – war is the health of empire.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Heila, what we have here in the United States is the politics of illusion. Many who don’t read, write or think believe that the “Elected” political leaders are somehow different from each other in thought.

      And in minors ways that may be true but in the overarching theme of American Imperialism they ALL believe that WAR IS THE ANSWER.

      That is why you see Nixon, Johnson, Reagan, Bill Clinton, The Bushes, Obomber running the same scam and that scam is ……. the U.S. is the terrorists of the world and “OUR” business interests must prevail BUT THEY KEEP REPEATING that we are bringing democracy to the world.

      And that means if women and children have to be droned EVERYDAY to keep “OUR” business interests in the black we’ll waste innocent red blood to do it.

      So this bull shit of The First WOMAN President is the same bull shit as the First BLACK President …….. ALL SHOW BUT NO GO! Because the policy doesn’t change just because the carnival provides cotton-candy.

      So Hillary will wipe out your family just like the rest of them …..

      That is the meaning!

      Thanks for asking Heila and Tubularsock hopes thing are on the upswing for you. Cheers.

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  2. sojourner says:

    Same inbred lineage, or close!

    Although, in GW’s case, it really was Dick Cheney’s administration, wasn’t it? GW was just kept around to come off like the arrogant and ignorant asshole he is! Not to say that Killary is any better!

    I don’t understand what needs to be explained here, Tube? I believe you have summed it up, nicely:

    Bush + Clinton = war, death and destruction!

    However, to be more accurate, the coffins should have been from the countries where these two stooge-of-the-elite criminals have raped, pillaged and mass murdered innocent men, women and children.

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    • tubularsock says:

      “Bush + Clinton = war, death and destruction!”
      Yep, that does cover it and as for the coffins they aren’t as colorful in the rest of the world and Tubularsock is always for Art before Politics.
      Thanks sojourner for your input.

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  3. swo8 says:

    I fear you are right, Tubularsock.

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  4. Right to the point, Tube! Republicans and Democrats both believe in U.S. imperialism and endless war. The one thinks only White men should be in charge of this, while the other wants People of Color and women to have their chance to have their foot on the neck of the rest of the world, and that is what makes them “liberal.”

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  5. Just as the flag-draped coffins show, we’re all dead anyway. That is why I have no problem taking a chance in my leaky boat to get me the hell out of here!! I can go down with this Titanic or I can take a chance in my own leaky boat! I’ll take my chances with bailing. That’s my ‘bailout plan’!

    I am tired of this endless cycle of warmongers and war and death, while innocent children go hungry and don’t even have decent water to drink and if they had it, it’s been turned off. But we’ve got the money to keep the war machine revved up. To hell with this shithole!

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  6. sojourner says:

    Row, row, row your leak-boat hostiley down the stream,

    Hostiley, hostiley hostiley, hostiley life is but a dream ………… Bon Voyage Shelby!

    Tube, I had no idea you were such a virtuoso! Sheet genius!

    Shelby, your “The Leaky Boat Brigade!” reminds me of my college years. There was a diner across the street from campus where a few of us would always hang out, especially when we cut classes. We were in this diner so often that the waitresses had a reserved seat for us, which was down a set of steps, by the kitchen and bathrooms. The waitresses referred to us as “The Back-Booth Brigade!” The joke in the school of music was, if someone was looking for us, “They’re out to lunch!”

    Thus the reason I never made any money in music, not that my lack of talent hadn’t helped!

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