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Amazing Tube heading


The time has come ………. the end of Guantanamo TODAY.

As you may have heard Obummer is in Cuba.

“‘What we did for 50 years did not serve our interests or the interests of the Cuban people,” Mr. Obama said. “We continue to have serious differences, including on democracy and human rights,” he said, noting that if Cuba made changes on those fronts it would help persuade Congress to lift the embargo.” (NY TIMES 3/21/16)

Now the Americans wanted to have a public question and answer session which as the Times put it “. . . led to a few tense moments.”

Mr. Castro was asked about the existence of political prisoners in Cuba and he indicated that there were none! He then went on to say, “Give me a list of political prisoners and I will release them”.

Damn! Tubularsock dialed Raul right up and gave him the list of the prisoners still locked up in cages at Guantanamo!

They should be free by morning!


And Congress doesn’t have to do anything because Tubularsock’s list will be handled by Raul!


See how simple foreign policy is when you let Tubularsock handle it!


  1. swo8 says:

    What a man!

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  2. donzo442 says:

    Free free set them free! Just one (three?) more reason (reasons?) why the next president of the ameriKKKa should be…
    wait for it…
    just a bit longer…
    Tubularsock 2016!

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  3. Lou says:

    Such hypocrisy that one must wonder how the Obomber remains straight faced when uttering such lines. Get out of Cuba USA, it does not belong to you!

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  4. sojourner says:

    “We continue to have serious differences, including on democracy and human rights,”

    Obama, the Fucking liar! Obama, the Fucking hypocrite!

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    • tubularsock says:

      sojourner, “Obama, the Fucking liar! Obama, the Fucking hypocrite!” Have you ever thought about writing for Hallmark Cards? That would make a great Obama Day card!

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      • sojourner says:

        Really? I always wanted to write greeting cards. But I settled for music.

        For instance: “Happy Fucking Birthday! Now wake the hell up!”

        Wha da ya think? Pretty good, huh?

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  5. Abracadabra says:

    Considering that The Cuba is opening and reforming… while there is Casto there is hope that it will not be fuked up, robbed and economicaly enslaved like former Soviet, Balkan and many Central and South American countries.
    And here is the evidence why:

    I really stand up and clapped when i first saw this video! lol ) Viva Castro! Viva Raul! Viva Cuba!

    So if some stupid undereducated cubinian ppl masses will not try to sell their wonderful coutry for a daily portion of BigMak and Coke with some illusory promises and slogans of Washington’s and London Gringos – the Cuba might become prosperous pretty soon.

    Cuba just needs some time to develop and reformat itself – approx. 7-10 years.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Abracadabra, that was very funny. Much like a bad dance date. Thanks. Tubularsock agrees with you. Cuba really does have potential right now but once that BigMak-Coke monster gets a foot in the door ………………


      • Abracadabra says:

        Interesting moment, that around 0:23 Obummer tried again to touch Raul and Castro again reacted like “Keep your rakes with yourself!” )

        Cuba was pretty fine untill the destruction of USSR. After Soviet destruction Cuba appeared alone in completely hostile geo-surroundings with continuing inhumane embargo which totaly lasted more that 50 years. It was basicaly completely isolated in economical activity (including food trade) and Russia as well as many other former Soviet coutries were too broke, robbered and economically ruined after 1991 so were unable to help or even offer something for mutual trade activity as before. This is the reson why Cuba and its ppl were suffering a lot approx. from 1995-1998 years till 2014.

        Nevertheless even in those circumstances Cuba and Castro did a huge (one of the biggest) contributions in Apartheid overthrow in South Africa in 1994 and also helped Africa a lot in medical matter in generally.

        In 2009-2014 Russia started to return to Cuba to help The Cuba with reformation according to new geo-polital and economic order in world.
        In same 2014 year Russia forgave and wrote off a debt of 31$ bln.. 31 fucking billions! of dollars to Cuba. Not a IMF\JP\GS\WB\etc kind of behaviour yeah? Now Russia and Brasil also started slowly to invest in Cuba (it is actually impossible to do fast without harm). I’m pretty sure that during next approx. 7 years soviet project of Cubinian Nuclear power plant will be unfreezed and Russia will finish the building of the modern Nuclear Power Plant there to secure Cubinian energy supply.

        And after these and some other events US “sudenly” decided to stop their unhumane groudnless sanctions after more than 50 years (from which a least last 15-20 years cubinians were seriously suffering) and now b\c of this Fashington establishment is expecting a friendly wellcome in Cuba- what a arrogant nasty hypocritic idiots!

        That is why i’m talking that Cuba needs some 7-10 years to finish the refomation and basic development to start all their poplation feel fine again. They have a lot of things already very good such as great medical care and education. Only infrastructure, industrial and agricultural sectors and trade connections should be developed again.
        And i suppose that with help of BRICS countries, Castro and and God all that will be relatively soon done.

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      • tubularsock says:

        Yes Tubularsock spotted that rebuff. Very funny —— keep your fucking hands off me!
        It almost looked like an attempted “date-rape”!

        Tubularsock agrees with your short history here. Tubularsock’s fear is that with the tentacles of American imperialism “attempting-passive-invasion” of Cuba now, it will open them up to the CIA and a “Cuban-Spring”.

        Tubularsock would recommend ………. watch you back Cuba!

        Thanks, Abracadabra. You are an interesting person.


      • Abracadabra says:

        Thanks for kind words.
        About the “Cuban-Spring” unfortunately such probability exist. Moreover there was already few tries with some esp. created for that cuban mobile soCIAl-network alike twatter.
        This is why Cuban KGB now working pretty tough to keep sheeples under control – sure that is not the best method, but unfortunately they have no other options for now. If they lost control during next 7-10 years, then with help of stupid naive sheeple Cuba will be brutaly raped very hard and for very long time. It is trial and challenge times for The Cuba.

        Aslo Murican Establsihment trying now to create some “Brazilian-Spring” in Brasil – bigger population means bigger amount of sheeples what allow easier ways to manipulate the socieity and provoke unrest.
        Actually general vector of attack is pointed against all BRICS countries and their potential parteners and separately against Europe from not long ago. But there is a serious difference among those vectors, b\c if BRICS are direct threat and enemy, the Europe the same time is just meal\prey in circustances when there is nothing else less easy to digest\rob.

        Btw, i read that Shelby wants to move out from US. Why don’t she consider Cuba for relocation?
        Yes, life there now is not very simple..but the same time it is pretty light-hearted\unconcerned\carefree.
        And for US-educated lawyer as Shelby it is going to be much easier than for a local population – she really can accommodate there just fine.
        But what is MORE important – she will be able self-actualized\self-realized\self-fulfi there through the civil activity by helping Cuban society to realise the truth about the west and by legal activities in Cuban interaction with US (including trade activity, corporate law and so on).
        Civil activity in enlightenment of Cuban society about the West and Murica is very important b\c\ Cubans lived isolated from the west and b\c\ of these they are VERY NAIVE, narrow-minded and ingnorant about the “good” “firendly” West with their corporate, finance, banking etc dogs.
        I know that, b\c we after destruction of the Soviet Union were the same naive and though about frindly sincere moral West and that was used against us in the most brutal raping way.

        And i think that is Shelby will get in touch with Cuban government – then they will even help her in such activity and will provide her full assistance.

        I’m not jokening – i’m talking about such option pretty seriously. I know that she in seraching the oppurtunities for a new home.

        p.s. Another awkward moment with Obomber -He has been refused to kiss the hand of tango dancer during recent visit to Argentina (at 0:06). What a luck with this G(a\u)y!. lol

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      • tubularsock says:

        Most interesting Abracadabra. Latin America has always been under the thumb of the U.S. and this fear that the neo-cons have of any left leaning government has been a major mental sickness in the halls of government. So there will be no surprise from Tubularsock if this entire “spring” thing starts up via the CIA in all the BRICS countries.

        Shelby was talking Canada if Tubularsock remembers correctly but why not Cuba. They both start with the letter “C”!

        Thanks for you comment and background thoughts. Obama, in that situation, is in a tough spot if you don’t know the cultural rules and the do’s and don’t s. Which Tubularsock doesn’t know either.

        This may or may not have been a rebuff. But Raul was a clear rebuff. Very Clear!


      • Abracadabra says:

        Eh… I would assume that Cuba in long term (~10 years) might be more interesting and more perspective esp. considering the exact case we are talking about.

        The point is that shrinking and disorder of current financial and economic model of the world, based on US fiat fraudulent dollar and derivatives domination as well as shrinking(and even some reverse) of globalization processes(thx God), will definitely affect all countries connected and infiltrated by this financial and economic system.
        This means, that we can expect decrease in level\stadarts of life in all ,so-called, West axis countries(that means – US, most part of EU, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ and so on).
        Sure the most hard hits will be in US, which is complicated by many other very serious internal troubles…. and maybe EU if US before the breakdown will try to digest EU as a meal\pray to secure few additional years of State Department.

        The same time, in Canada reduction of the level\stadart of life and wealth also will be present, but not to such huge degree as in US. And in Canada will be no such a mess in all sence of this word. The main distinction of Canada from USA, which defines better resistance of Canada to world’s volatility and mess (inc. financial one) is that Canada have relativly small population.

        Thus in such future circumstances, increasing of population will mean the more deacreasing level\standart of life and wealth in Canada and more mess…and what is also important that Canadians will observe steady stable increase of migration LONG before “tons of shit will hit the financial, social, civil and other fans” in US.

        So i dare to suppose, that at culmination moment of the future economical mess in the world and overall mess in US, Canadians will be already pretty pissed off by migration and new arrivers and as result we could see appearance xenophobia and even americanophobia.

        (Situation might be pretty similiar\alike general appearance and in development to what we see now in Europe with islamophobia and kebabophobia.)

        And this could be even not final destination….

        As french historian Francois Guizot famously remarked, “When nations have existed for a long and glorious time, they cannot break with their past, whatever they do…they remain fundamentally in character and destiny such as their history has formed them. Even powerful revolutions cannot abolish national traditions…therefore it is most important, not only for the sake of intellectual curiosity, but also for the good management of international relations, to know and understand these traditions”

        What does it means? Lets not forget the roots of Canadian nation..actually they are prety much the same as US one, so deep instincts and cultural eh…”traditions” about which talked Francois Guizot, could again come to the surface and start to dominate the social and civil trend.
        This means that in such circimstances of protective bahviour in Canada we could see not only xenophobia, but even resurecting the racism to obviously observable level in society.

        All stated above is just assumptions and i hope that i’m wrong in my analysis, but still i wouldn’t completely rule out the probability of such scenario.

        Because of these reasons i think that Cuba might be more perspective in long term.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Abracadabra, Tubularsock agrees with your thoughts here. The reaction to “outside peoples” has always been a challenge for the “established” American population. Even when the “established” American population has had more in common with the new comers than the so called “Traditional American Values” .

      Americans are easily controlled by the fear of change and with the pie becoming smaller for the “masses” all hell is going to break out in time. The fact that there is plenty to go around and that 80% of the crap the America population “think” they need could be done away with without much loss just is not understood.

      As for Cuba in ten years …….. the social and economic pressures that Cuba will have to contend with will pretty much destroy any true reform Tubularsock fears. Within three years the demands of the Cuban people will cause a collapse of any revolutionary reform and they’ll demand coke, cars, and twitter. The downfall of any civilization!

      Thanks for your comments, Abracadabra.


      • Abracadabra says:

        I don’t blame Canadians… at least now… I just stated the possible way of future events development.
        Infact, right now i’m more concerned about Europe, b\c if things there will continue to develop the way, they are going now, then pretty soon we for sure can expect the resurection some form of europenian nazism \ fascism and ,even, will be able to see cute little brother of Holocaust (ancient historical tradition afterall … lol) along with junior – Kebabocaust. Actaully, all those events in Europe partially were designed and orginized exactly for these purposes.

        About Cuba i didn’t mean that it will be more developed than Canada just in 10 years.
        I meant only that Cuba might be more perspective than Canada in long term (~10 years) in exact case – i.e. particularly in Shelby case.
        I would even say, that for typical american Cuba might be not so suitable, but she is totaly another case to “typical” american and additionaly ,as i mention before, she abs. really can get in touch with governm. there, what will greatly help her to accommodate onsite.

        And i agree with Tubularsock’s fears – they are pretty well-grounded, however the hope still exist b\c of two main points:
        1 – Cuban KGB really still working pretty tough and keeps sheeple if not with iron fist then at least with pretty strong hand under control;
        2 – Russia just returned to the region …with friends like China and Brasil… and real presence of Russia in Cuba already pretty serious and might become even more if they will restore the millitary base. And it will not leave Cuba at the nearest future not only b\c help and contribution to Cuba’s development and stability during next 5-7 years, but also b\c it will not forgive the US mess in russian doorstep- Ukraine. The same time China seriously present in Nicaragua right now, so communication and coordination between both them in the region goes almost in real time.

        Thus the solid hope for Cuba still exist so far.

        P.S. And i fully agree that things like twatter are real downfall of any civilization ..probably even on genetic level, considering stange coincidence in etymology matter of this figure of speech with Down Syndrome as medical nosology )). No jokes, i really consider that twitter damadge mind and ability to think almost the same as some heavy drugs.


  6. Tubularsock, Well duh … of course it’s a simple solution … now. This is your gift, this ability to see a clear and simple approach to what most of us find complex and all but impossible to straighten out!
    What a great role model! And muchas gracias for cutting that Guantanamo Gordian knot for us. – Linda

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