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Tubularsock has always wondered how it would be to live in a country which had an educated and informed electorate but Tubularsock has come to the conclusion that the possibility of that will NEVER come to pass ….. EVER.

Not in the United States of America …… that is a given.

In former-times the learned had to read from parchment texts by candlelight and write with a pointed feather. In even earlier times they “wrote” on the walls of caves. And “In the beginning” they “wrote” on stone tablets using a chisel and hammer but in truth you’d have to be stoned to believe “those” stories.

Our society has the ability to be informed IN DETAIL and in REAL TIME to information 24/7. And information is just pouring out of every electronic orifice we have in our pockets, on our desks, in our cars, on our laps BUT the populous knows less now than they ever have in the history of our nation.

Why is that? No really ……… we can Twitter and Blather, we can Facebook and Flickr, we can Pinit and Postit, we can Linkedin and Pinterest and if all else fails we can Google Plus. You’d think we’d know something, right? WRONG!

Now, not that EVERYTHING is pointless in our “information age” it is all backwards and you have to know how to read it. Here is a clue. By the time “Madison Avenue” has come up with the proper catchall phrase or jingle for an experience it is too late. So even the term “information age” isn’t informational but the opposite, just like “democracy” isn’t, or “precision targeting” isn’t, or “humanitarian war” isn’t!

And take note, the catchall phrase or jingle LEADS the experience. THAT is what “Madison Avenue” was created to do and is still doing but not under that archaic title.

Now it’s called psych-ops. See how that works?

Thought control has been in operation for so long that it now appears to not exist. Even the government, religious and academic institutions BELIEVE their own crap! And leaders lead from their own concoctions of their own crap ………… the witches brew has taken root!

So just sit back, eat another organic pretzel. Have another cup of chai tea and ruminate on the true meaning of this:

About five days ago the New York Daily News reported that they had talked with the “esteemed forensic linguist Professor Rob Leonard, who gives expert testimony about language and writing in murder trials” and had him analyze THE RECENT TWEETS OF KIM KARDASHIAN to determine if it was she who had written them.

Yes, you see Kim posted a “nude selfie” (no, that isn’t the newsy part) and there was a flurry of criticism of her which led her tweeting a series of “humorous” tweets bashing Bette Midler, Chloe Grace Moretz, and Piers Morgan.

Now, Tubularsock hopes you are following this …….

Many didn’t believe that Kim was “behind” those tweets and she responded, “Wait I can’t believe people thought Kanye or Khole hacked my Twitter. I swear I’m funny too!!!”

Well Tubularsock does have to mention here for clarification that, Kim IS “funny too” and that’s an understatement. Just in case you had become lost in this drama not to have notice it yourself.

UBE kim and Kayne

twitter-Tube-TWITTER (l to r)

The good Professor pointed out after extensive review of all the Tweets that the term “hey” is often used by Kanye but NOT by Kim, the hashtags were all in lowercase letters but Kim usually uses ALL CAPS or Caps The First Letter Of Every Word while Kanye uses ALL CAPS, no caps, or just the first word capped. And finally “Twitter” is always spelled “twitter” by Kim but always capitalized by Kanye.

So the verdict is …….. the envelope please ………. Kanye hacked Kim’s TWITTER and made the “funny” bashing comments!

So this is what the “information age” has become and WE ARE ALL collateral damage!








  1. swo8 says:

    As you say, Tubularsock, “garbage in, garbage out” Do we give a rats tail about these people?

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  2. Hariod Brawn says:

    At bloody last! A post from you about Kim Kardashian.

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  3. Lara/Trace says:

    My head is splitting. My heart hurts. Maybe you need to post reliable news sources on your sidebar. I’m begging you, Tubular.

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  4. Tubularsock, How did I miss all this? I feel so … behind the curve. Or maybe just over the edge?
    Thanks for all this invaluable info, demonstrating yet again that more is less, and less is also more. Like I too often say, if ignorance is such bliss, why in hell aren’t more people happy?
    But now, on to the truly vital question of our time. Would you confirm or deny the appalling yet persistent rumor that, when you become our next president, you will immediately appoint la Kardashian as Secretary of State? Or it might be ambassador to Monaco, I’ve heard both possibilities. Don’t keep us in suspense! – Linda

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    • tubularsock says:

      Linda, don’t fret. In our time there is just so much to keep tabs on but in your case Tubularsock will consider “just over the edge” in your case.

      And yes, less is more unless we are dealing with glasses of wine.
      Your point is well taken about the bliss/happiness formula.

      Now. Down to business …….. Let Tubularsock be most direct about your question about this rumor. As you know the position of Secretary of State is an extremely important position and the person chosen for that position must be vetted by the Tubularsock Vetting Committee. That Committee has just started the process and the decisions will be made public in the transparent
      Tubularsock Administration as soon as that transparency becomes clear.

      It is true that in the history of the Secretary of State position former Secretaries of State were more often than not BIG ASSES which may be the reason that Kim’s name has been battered around.

      Let Tubularsock be transparently clear. A decision has not, at this time, been made.

      And as for the position of Ambassador to Monaco, that position as well as all Ambassadorial positions have traditionally gone to a “qualified” individual who has donated huge sums of money to the President’s electoral process. So until all the “chips” are on the table, sort of speak, that decision just hasn’t been added up as of yet.

      Thank you.

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      • Thanks for making things perfectly clear! But … based on the size campaign donations I can contribute … I might get to be the under-assistant sub-consul in Moosejaw Saskathewan? If we’re still relating to Canada by then. Thanks for making things perfectly clear, even to me! And I can still hope for the best from your transparent administration! I hope.
        But … if I’m getting this right … based on what I can give to your campaign … I could expect something like being under-assistant sub-consul in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, if we’re not at war with Canada by then? I’ll stock up on polar-weight thermals.

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      • Oops. WordPress (or my own ignorance) has no trouble zapping things I mean to write. But if I want to delete … it comes out warts and all. Sorry!

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      • tubularsock says:

        Linda, Tubularsock is positive that you representing American National Interests in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan is a pro-active idea. To date Tubularsock was unaware of the necessity of Saskatchewan representation but now that you have brought it to Tubularsock’s attention we’ll start building a new state of the art, seven trillion dollar embassy.

        Do you prefer a four person or a twenty-four person hot tube?

        Thanks for your contribution to the Tubularsock PAC for 2016 dedicated to getting Canadians out of Canada!

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      • Oh yay, a second (??) career! I always felt I was well-suited for the diplomatic field! And … I’m more or less one-sixteenth Cherokee, so I’ll be the perfect liaison with the First Nations … better make it a 24-man tub! And maybe we’ll need a sweat lodge too? I’ll have to check that. Thanks!
        And sure, Canada looks like a great spot for all us soon-to-be climate refugees … too cool!

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      • tubularsock says:

        Wow, Linda! An almost full blooded Cherokee will be helpful with negotiations with the First Nations when President Tubularsock returns North America to the rightful owners!

        But the real concern is your comment and wish for a 24-MAN hot tub. Ahh, Tubularsock does not want any scandals within his administration.

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      • Sorry, I knew I should change that to “24-person tub” but got carried away with the idea of negotiating with all native tribes, not wishing to slight anyone! No improprieties intended … my only thought was the cost and maintenance for such a lavish installation.
        But thank you for thinking I might still have sufficient energy even to contemplate scandals on such a generous scale!

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  5. donzo442 says:

    Ummm, what’s a “Kim?” Ummm, what’s a “Kanye?” Ummm, are “they” responsible for the Belgium bombings? How about we set Alex Jones on the scent. We’d get some ‘answers’ then by golly.
    Or not.

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  6. Lou says:

    Oh brother. You better be careful Tuby, as Kim’s butt might be used to silence you for good. Splash,squirt,whoosh, and no more tuby! You never know when Kim’s butt is going to show up and sit on you, just like the Spanish Inquisition.

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    • tubularsock says:

      NOT THE SPANISH INQUISITION! Nobody expect a Spanish Inquisition!
      “Amongst our weaponry are such diverse elements as fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency . . . Our two/three/four weapons are…”

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  7. sojourner says:

    Yes, it is rather strange that, with all the technology available, we are a much less informed people than farmers in the original thirteen.

    It is also amazing that, with all the COMPULSORY (Forced) ‘education’ being shoved down our throats, we are a less educated people than those same farmers. We have PhDs who can’t do basic math without a calculator, for Christ sake! And some of them, I would venture a guess, can’t wipe their own arses!

    There are some historians of the nineteenth century who believe very ancient man was actually more civilized and advanced than we megalomaniacs of today. Of course, the ancients being more civilized than us is a no brainer. Who isn’t more civilized than the good old boy ‘Merikan?

    As far as the Hollywood fat-ass and her moron boyfriend, FUCK ‘EM! And I bet her ass smells bad!

    No wait, let me put this another way, I hate the no-talent, worthless piece of shit!

    Sorry, I have been sick for a week with what might just be pneumonia. Haven’t slept. Feel like shit!

    Oh, and by the way, excellent post, Tube!

    I’ll reblog in the next few days. Not doing much for a while!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Tubularsock agrees sojourner. Much of the time within Tubularsock’s “forced” educational experience was either spent standing with Tubularsock’s hand over his heart pledging allegiance to America or hiding under the desk covering the head from the atomic bomb that those Commies were going to send over to destroy “freedom loving America”!

      As a result Tubularsock had to learn how to read and write by himself but Tubularsock is also VERY GOOD at “Duck & Cover”! Quack.

      Tubularsock also picked up a slight bit of hostility toward K&K. Maybe it is because you are not feeling all that well …….. Tubularsock will ask Kim to tweet you a get well soon message.

      Thanks sojourner ……. hope you feel better soon.

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      • sojourner says:

        Thanks, Tube!

        I may have to be taken out back and be put down, with extreme prejudice;-)

        On the subject of ‘education’ in ‘Merika’, check this gem out:

        Oh, and thanks, but no thanks, to the tweet from K. I’m already sick enough as it is;-)

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      • tubularsock says:

        Most interesting article sojourner, thanks. Tubularsock has an “educational plan” that will be elaborated upon later when the mood hits Tubularsock.

        But now, sure leave it to Tubularsock to have to explain to Kim your rejection!

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  8. And I’m still not even entirely sure what a Kardashian or a Kayne IS or why these critters keep crossing my line of site even when I’ve got my happy purple shades on my face that are supposed to protect me from blinding idiocy.
    I still play around on FB because of my family and it never fails to crack me up – in that snarky, cynical way – that whenever I post an article of substance it sits on my page without so much as a chirp. But, if I throw out a ridiculous bacon, coffee or cutesy-pukey animal meme, that shit will get 50,000 likes a several hundred shares. Fortunately, my Twittle-twat account is filled with anarchists so I miss the K-K drama on the rare times I remember to check the account. I’m so behind the times, I know…I’m probably not even fit to vote or drive, eh?

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well MBW there isn’t much solace in voting or driving except maybe if you’re drinking!

      Tubularsock has stayed off of FB because of the fear of being FOUND by either “old friends” or family!

      That is why Tubularsock stays in his bunker!

      It is odd how “cutesy-pukey animal meme” generate so much traction. Tubularsock thinks it is due to the fact that people don’t want to think but want to communicate somehow to feel part of the pack.

      In truth, being “behind the times” is so much ahead of the pack!

      Thanks for you comment. Tube.

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  9. sojourner says:

    Reblogged this on An Outsider's Sojourn II.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Thanks sojourner for the reblog! Hope you get back to speed soon. Being sick is so sickening! And mental illness isn’t all that good either! Tubularsock spends his time there a great deal of time. It’s so mental!

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      • sojourner says:

        No problem, Tube! Excellent post!

        Mental illness: I can relate, it goes well with the vast amounts of phlegm trying to kill me right now;-) It has been a close friend since LBJ took over the reigns!

        But it always feels good when it stops for a while, doesn’t it?

        I’m going to go lie down now and listen to me wheeze!

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      • tubularsock says:

        Yeah ……… Tubularsock has always liked the wheeze, especial their first album but once their first chest-drummer left Tubularsock lost interest but that early period they were like really “sick”!

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