Tube ruin headingTERRORIST DATING

Tubularsock was sitting in his top floor corner office in his underground bunker overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA (see: The Bunker Tour) pondering another Saturday night. The fact that they come once a week just show how often one has to think about Saturday night.

Now that old adage, “Home Alone On A Saturday Night” comes to mind. Well, why for so many is that a bad thing? But it appears to be for many and that leads them to seek out company of some type. You know ….. A DATE!

And if you can find A DATE what are your options for a “good time”?

Well for some it still is bowling …… yes, Tubularsock is repulsed by that idea too!

Dinner ………. ahh, really? Tubularsock can’t think of eating across from somebody that he doesn’t know. Tubularsock can do THAT at any diner and not have to pick up the tab!

A Movie? OH GOD NO! Not another fucking movie. Most movies are well ahhhh ….. shit! Good vs. Evil, Love Conquers All, Lost Love, Death, well you know …… shit!

Dancing ……… well with the music at 2300 decibels you don’t have to talk!

Tubularsock knows that you have done all of the above and more.

So WHY NOT get modern and be on the cutting edge for a change?

And that is where Tubularsock’s NEW TERRORIST DATING DATE comes in.

Tube first date




  1. Jay says:

    THere should be an app for that.

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  2. Lara/Trace says:

    I have plenty of ideas Tubular. One idea lives in Waco, TX. You’d like her.

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  3. Tubularsock, I’m so behind … To me, your title first brought to mind something like carbon dating. Well, of course it would still be carbon dating, unless we find some silicon-based life forms to dance with. Or whatever. I do like the idea of cutting-edge terrorists. But maybe not for Saturday nights … emergency rooms are jammed up enough at such times.

    As a slight non sequitor, is bullshit truly an art form? I seem to have missed that too. – Linda.

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    • tubularsock says:

      “Carbon dating, silicon-based life forms, or whatever” does make the head spin.

      It is a good point about the availability of the emergency rooms but that really is a plus for a terrorist even if we are on a date. You know maximum bedlam and all that. It is usually jammed-up with all the terrorist-cops killings so we would have competition.

      Now Linda, with all this terrorist subversion going on here it is not the time to discuss whether bullshit is an “art” or a “craft”! Tubularsock will save that discussion for another day.

      Thank you for your comment, Linda.

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  4. swo8 says:

    Sounds like a blast, Tubularsock. It makes for a short date.

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