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You know how it goes with ALL political discourse. A promise made isn’t a promise because you have to understand the double-speak that is used in ALL political dialogue. Hillary NEVER said she didn’t support TPP she said she didn’t support TPP *** AS WRITTEN *** which means that she will pass TPP as soon as she takes office! (That’s if Obummer and Congress doesn’t sell out the American public sooner!)


This is only brought up by Tubularsock because it is ……. same as it ever was ……..! And when “labor” starts to bemoan this obvious development Tubularsock just wants to be able to say …… Tubularsock Told You So, Dumb Fucks!

But hey, you can always move to Bangladesh if you want a fucking job. So look at the bright side.

But if it was only jobs …….. who cares? But the environmental devastation and the free ride of the corporate order all will fuck things up but hey The Clinton Foundation will make out well so ………

Tubularsock has put in an order recently through Amazon with Space God, Inc. for a huge asteroid to hit Washington, D.C. during a full session of Congress. It was a pretty god deal because postage and handling was FREE!




  1. swo8 says:

    Power is an intoxicating thing. They say anything to get that power.

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  2. sojourner says:

    Can I watch? Can I? Please! Pretty Please!

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  3. Tubularsock, Awesome! I never knew you could order those, much less target them so precisely. So, should I skip buying shit for Halloween or what? Okay, I could just check the congressional calendar, but maybe there’s no time — you know our noble representatives work overtime this time of year. Wait. I’m thinking of santa’s elves, who bear less than no resemblance to our senators and congress people! What was I thinking? Anyway, thanks for such a caring gift to the world! – Linda

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  4. tubularsock says:

    Oh Linda! Yes it is so difficult to tell the difference between Halloween and Hhristmas mostly because they both start with the same letter. That aside you’ll have plenty of time to hand out razor-blade-filled-apple-treats to the children before the custom-ordered-asteroid “hits” its delivery date.

    Tubularsock can feel that you, Linda, “sees” the caring of the “inner” Tubularsock.

    And all kidding aside have a very happy Hhristmas this year!

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  5. wolfess says:

    “Tubularsock has put in an order recently through Amazon with Space God, Inc. for a huge asteroid to hit Washington, D.C. during a full session of Congress.”
    Now why didn’t I think of that?!?? I’ve been casting spells that Putin would send the first missile straight to Capital (yes, I spelled it right, b/c that place is all about money) Hill; ooh-ooh I just had a thought … Hill is the short form for Hillary, and she does like her some capital/money — that makes her not only the perfect whoring Hill, but also the right ‘Hill’ for the asteroid to hit!!!!!

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  6. sojourner says:

    Tube wrote:

    “What? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, sojourner! “Bless us everyone????” Check your med’s!”

    Nope, on the right side of the bed, and the meds are all accounted for and working! The grapefruit sized tumor moved, that’s all. Every time this tumor shifts, so does my attitude. If I beat my head against the wall just right, the tumor will move back to the right position, where it belongs, and my response will be in accord with that movement.

    And then, instead of “Bless us everyone”, it will be more like, “FUCK THAT!”

    Don’t worry, Tube! Didn’t mean to freak you out!

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    • tubularsock says:

      THANK THE GODS! Tubularsock feels so much better, sojourner. Thanks for the clarification. It all has to do with “tumor-movement”? Well, the FUCK THAT seems like the stronger position so dial it back and Tubularsock will send you the sheet-rock and mud and tape to repair the wall.

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      • sojourner says:

        It’s good to know someone has my back, especially someone in high places like you, Tube!

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      • tubularsock says:

        sojourner, Tubularsock is up front about having your back! Now we work on your mind. Stare into the whirling wheel …… you feel sleepy. You feel really sleepy.

        “Dr. Sock will see you now, Mr. sojourner, Do you have your insurance forms?”

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  7. sojourner says:

    “Dr. Sock will see you now, Mr. sojourner, Do you have your insurance forms?”

    Me: “Doc Sock, will I be able to play piano with this condition?”

    Doc Sock: “Sure!”

    Me: “That’s funny, I was never able to play piano before!”

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    • tubularsock says:

      Dr. Sock will “take note of that in 4/4 time”, Mr. sojourner.

      “Maybe we could pitch the clef and be done with it, Mr. sojourner.”
      “C” says sojourner.

      “Oh!” says Dr Sock. “So we are doing a Spanish song.”

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      • sojourner says:

        Sounds Melodious and Harmonious to me, Dock Sock! But then again, I ain’t got no Rhythm! But I do got plenty of double negatives!

        On a Counterpoint however, the next song should be sung by Dorian or his sister, Lydian, or perhaps, even Locrian or Tess- itura should sing it!

        What’s that? Coming, Honey!

        Sorry, Doc, I gotta go! My wife, Melisma, is calling! If I don’t go now, Melisma will shoot me with Pachelbel’s Canon!


      • tubularsock says:

        sojourner do be careful, Pachelbel’s Canon could be harmful!

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  8. sojourner says:

    “sojourner do be careful, Pachelbel’s Canon could be harmful!”

    That’s why one always hears it at a wedding; it’s a “for whom the bell tolls” tune!

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