Tube flag burningROCK ON STANDING!

This morning Tubularsock arose with this on his mind. It is something so obvious that you’d think at first, “why is it so profound?”

When we came to these shores, and Tubularsock is using “the we” in the pejorative sense here, we came as “an advanced” civilization and looked upon the indigenous peoples as “lessor than”. Something to destroy, control, “educate” and to “save” in God’s name.

And, by jove, with all the destruction our civilization has brought forth onto the indigenous peoples WE still haven’t even learned their basic teaching. WE, the more advanced, the more sophisticated, the more educated missed a fundamental principle to life itself.

How has this transpired?

Well, Tubularsock doesn’t have all day to hash this over really. And you already know. After all, many of you have allowed the education system once again to fill your small children’s minds with that fucking Thanksgiving bullshit AGAIN!

So exactly what about, “WE came and brutally slaughtered “the Indians” and took there shit”, is so difficult to explain to our kids before we gather around with our dysfunctional families in our dysfunctional society and hack up a dead turkey carcass on our dining room table? Seems like a pretty easy thing to do but WE DON’T.

Now the other day Tubularsock happened to see an interview where President Step-en-Fetch-It responded to this young journalist’s questions about WHAT is the “President” doing about the Standing Rock Sioux pipeline protest. And this gutless wonder we call a president says he’s “monitoring the situation”.


Now exactly what is there to be “monitoring”? And at what point did the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers come up with an oil pipeline that would run through ancient burial grounds of the Sioux and run along and UNDER major water sources?

Which brings us back to where we started. At what point did WE as a civilization FORGET that you don’t foul your water supply?



  1. Lara/Trace says:

    Ah geez, you make it so simple, who could not “Get” this. Megwetch!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Ahh, yes LT ….. Tubularsock has found that the dumb will follow the blind and the blind will follow the the political class and the political class ALWAYS follows the bling and small shiny objects are always in demand and are the downfall of mankind!

      Manhattan anyone?

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  2. Norman Pilon says:

    I don’t know who ‘we’ were that invaded and destroyed ‘them,’ but I’m pretty sure that most of ‘we’ who are around today were not the ‘we’ who then invaded and destroyed ‘them,’ whoever ‘them’ may have then been or may even now be.

    But don’t let me get between you and whomever you imagine you were before you were ever born — not you Tubes, but all those who ‘imagine’ they were around ‘in that time long ago’ and are still hanging around even today.

    On the other hand, clean water, the environment more generally, and respecting the reality of any presently existing community seems to be a rather basic, decent, and easy thing to do, not to say morally obligatory, unless you are part of the billionaire class, or part of the billionaire ass licking professional-managerial class with your superior management skills, in which case clean water, the environment, and ordinary people are merely either means or obstacles along the way to your next billion dollars. In that case it’s easy to understand that oil and its carcinogenic toxins in water aren’t really a problem: that shit and water don’t mix, see, with the shit having a propensity to float, so that when you want water, just push a straw down through the oily and toxic layers to the suck whatever you need from there. See, science! See, superior management skills! That’s what makes ‘us’ better than ‘you’ and infinitely more entitled.

    Disclaimer: personally, I’m very much with the Standing Rock demonstrators.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well good morning to you too, Norman!

      Far be it for Tubularsock to attempt to get involved in the “we” and “them” of the past, present, future of this plane at this time. It’s all gone West by wagon train anyway . . . .

      The bottom line is that your straw principle has been perfected by Nestlé! THEY stick it through the muck and pump out the “natural water”, put it in a bottle, put on the attractive label, “Nestle Pure Life Water”, and sell it to us!

      Another billion dollar deal! And of course …. we are thankful.

      Just a note: you can add food coloring if you want that natural petroleum look. Man, they think of everything!

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  3. sojourner says:

    I agree with Norm!

    We need to watch how we use “we” to make our points on these issues.I despise the crimes against humanity that the Spaniards and English, in particular, perpetrated against the indigenous peoples of North, Central and South America. And I despise the governments that these European colonialists established; the ones that continue to perpetrate crimes against the indigenous peoples today. And I’m sorry that it took me so long to understand all of this.

    But as Norm points out here, it is always those in power who plan and carry out these atrocities against humanity, and so they are, first and foremost, the “we” the rest of us need to be centered on. We (no quotes) aid these psychopaths at the top by blaming “we” instead of them. We need to be doing something, besides blaming each other, day in and day out, to get rid of these inbred elite-swine, and start to mend (TOGETHER) all the harm that these creatures have created.

    I don’t know about my father’s side of the family, but my mother’s grandparents were poor German emigrants who came here in 1879. So are they the “we” you are speaking of? They had their own issues with trying to survive, in this “land of the free”, where, even though it was stolen from the indigenous peoples, strangers were, and still are, not welcome here. Except for the indigenous peoples, we are all emigrants here.

    Actually, there should be no such thing as an emigrant anywhere, since the world belongs to each and every one of us!

    However, now that I have come to know the disgusting awful truth, if I do nothing to help end this evil, then I am most certainly part of the “We”! And many common Americans have known and taken part in these crimes against humanity, and so they are part of the “we”. So if these are who you are referring to, then maybe an explanation would help?

    I want to be part of the solution to this evil, but I don’t believe I ever would have joined in and supported the “we” and their crimes against humanity!

    Division and being at war with our selves plays right into the inbred, insane hands of the elite-creatures, who created and now rule this hell on earth! We need to direct our attention, anger and warfare against them, not each other!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Tubularsock agrees with you and Norm on the “we” thing. However Tubularsock does marvel at the amount of words that have been generated dealing with those “we’s”. So to make this so much easier for Tubularsock, Tubularsock is just going to blame your “mother’s grandparents” and be done with it! Damn Germans!

      Now. Tubularsock feels so much better. I’m going to have a glass of water!

      Let us all live peacefully together OR I’ll kill you!

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      • sojourner says:

        I hear you, Tube! I didn’t like my mother’s father, so go ahead and blame his parents!

        It’s hard to make a point like this in a few words. And I certainly don’t want to upset or hurt those I care about (you know who you are). I just see us, whether intentional or not, driving even more wedges between us than the elite have already erected, and the majority of the time it is by accident.

        I know you are ultimately blaming those in power, Tube! I should have stated that first!

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      • tubularsock says:

        The problem with blaming those in power is that we only get to see their puppets and their puppets put on the show and we (meaning your “mother’s grandparents” …. you know THE GERMANS!) are taught to believe that they have a say. And then blame the “others” not like them if the election goes to the “others”.

        While all the while it’s a charade.

        If that could be gotten across and the “we”, “others”, and “them” really figured it out …… things WOULD CHANGE!

        Thanks sojourner.

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  4. Tubularsock, Oh shit, now you’ve done it — made yourself a target in the unending pronoun wars! As a word-person, I do understand the value, and the difficulties, of language. But damn, sometimes I wonder if it might help to just ban pronouns completely. Thus creating a brisk black-market underground linguistic economy? Arrgh! Things are only simple, it seems, when you explain them! Andd then “we” immediately start re-complicating them.
    How do we free ourselves from so pervasive and insidious a power structure, especially since it has so many ways to keep us tied into things, how do we change this destructive system, without destroying even more in the process? No wonder I can’t sleep.
    I also wonder if parasites ever worry about killing off their hosts. I half-believe somebody (not me) thinks those in charge can just move on when this planet is sucked dry. If so, I do not wish them luck or bon voyage. – Linda

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    • tubularsock says:

      Tubularsock thinks it’s just a little negative the way you address pro-nouns, Linda. Tubularsock really hasn’t thought too much about it except when it comes to ME.

      Which usually leads to fuck THEM.

      But you have come up with the potential of the black-market for pronouns which does interest Tubularsock.

      You know the back alley behind the library scene:

      “Pssst, Hey little child, care to buy a pronoun?”

      As the trench coat opens to see a full arraignment of …… it and they and them and she and those all with small rectangular price tags hanging from each.

      “Oh No, mommy told me never buy pronouns from strangers!”

      “Well, fine then. Care to buy a pronoun from ME?”

      “Oh in upper case too. Sure, now that WE know each other!”

      “Well being Black Friday and Cyber Monday THEY’LL be two for the price of one. And thank you for supporting the underground linguistic economy.”

      The child runs back down the alley singing, “Words, words, words, I’M so sick of words! . . . Is that all those blighters can do . . . . .” a la My Fair Lady!

      Well just how far can Tubularsock go?……… Thank God he’s passed right by a comment on the parasites!

      “We” can all sleep better!

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    • sojourner says:

      That’s me, Linda, I am the grammar gestapo!

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  5. European civilization only believes in clean drinking water for rich people. In the case of the rest of us, they regularly foul our water with industrial contaminants, fluoride and cow shit.

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    • Like the Hindu caste system almost, or Calvinism — what we have we “deserve” from our past lives … or it’s the mark of divine favor or disfavor. Folks are seldom more creative than when justifying their actions and status. Self-serving, it almost seems.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Damn COWS! There is always a root cause.

      Tubularsock knows those cows …… they stand there and just look at you and chew their cud and they chew and chew and look at you.

      Hell, YOU know they are up to no good!

      And the minute you turn your back they shit in the water! Damn COWS! There is always a root cause.

      And, your point is well taken DrB.

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  6. swo8 says:

    All kidding aside, you touched on profound situation. It is disgraceful what is going on.

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  7. sojourner says:

    The reason I find noun/pronoun usage so important, goes back to my one and only former wife, who just happened to teach college English and was an editor of books as well. And she was always correcting me with misuse of pronouns.

    It wasn’t my fault, I tell ya!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Yeah, yeah ……. with former wives it’s never one’s fault cause it takes two!

      But Tubularsock believes that by your fifth wife one should look first toward the common denominator. Cause it just might be your fault! (not in your case however, sojourner because “THEM” did it!)

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      • sojourner says:

        THEY did too!

        5th wife, Tube? If you aren’t messing with me here, I am so, so sorry! My heart aches for you, Tube!

        “Oh the humanity!” Are you Liz Taylor’s brother?

        If this is true, Tube, you need to find a new hobby! I mean why not just commit a crime and go to prison five times!

        Once was more than enough for me, and not because of Mrs Sojourner. One time through the gauntlet was more than enough! Marriage makes STATISM look like heaven on earth.

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      • tubularsock says:

        sojourner, sit back, relax ……. it was an example only. Tubularsock did collect stamps once but not wives.

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  8. sojourner says:

    “sojourner, sit back, relax ……. it was an example only. Tubularsock did collect stamps once but not wives.”

    Wow, I was about to start having nightmares, Tube! I feel much better now, and in every way, I am getting better!

    My grandfather collected stamps, in order to stop himself from choking my grandmother.

    But that’s a story for another day!

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    • Sojourner, Would that also work with mothers? Stamps don’t really grab me, but it might be worth a try. I don’t BELIEVE in violence, but … some days …

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      • sojourner says:

        Linda, you make me act like duck, I quack up! I know, it was lame!

        I loved my parents, and I do miss them, but I don’t miss everything about them!

        Yes, stamps are, in my estimation, rather tedious, almost as tedious as blogging:-) But stamps are also time consuming, so the more your dear sweet mother is consumed with her stamps, the less time she has to bug you!

        No violence, Bad Linda! Just say no!

        But I am sympathetic!

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  9. sojourner says:


    Linda, it should have been an upside down duck!

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