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Tube flag burning

Obama The Chicken Shit!

Just like Orange People are already embarrassed by being identified with the First Orange President because of his personification of assholedom so must Black People be equally embarrassed by having to be identified with Ol’ Step-en-Fetch-It-Obumass and his blackboy ways, yes ‘em.

The guy is just disgusting or rather FUCKING DISGUSTING!

Now don’t you worry, sure Tubularsock is going to bring in the shit-for-brains WhiteBoy Club into this political tirade. But we have had such a history filled with these motherfuckers that they seem to fall into the ….. that’s the way it is …..syndrome.

Another White in power doesn’t register the same shock as THE FIRST ORANGE or THE FIRST BLACK President. Those phrases have traction and create reaction.

They are all cut from the same sewer-sludge but COLOR MATTERS in our post-color world.

Now you may wonder what has brought all this vitriol blathering on from a normally calm and collected Tubularsock. Well, let Tubularsock explain.

Obummer has JUST come out against the Standing Rock Pipeline going under Lake Oahe and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will not issuing a permit required to continue the pipeline. (YET)

Now that all sounds like Obummer has really made some type of moral stand. But that is not the case. Barrack Obama IS the “black snake”! Well in truth more like a “black worm” because he hasn’t the guts to raise to snake level!

The phrase “to kill the black snake” is a reference to a Lakota prophecy that says there will be a great black snake that will run through the land and bring destruction to the people and to the Earth.

And that is exactly what Obummer has assisted in making happen!

It doesn’t take you long if you do a little reading to find that the reason that the Army Corps of Engineers rejected the pipeline to cross the Missouri River north of the city of Bismarck, North Dakota was because of THE POTENTIAL THREAT TO BISMARCK’S WATER SUPPLY. The documents show this clearly. Need Tubularsock remind you that the City of Bismarck is overwhelmingly WHITE? Just Sayen’!

A week or so ago as Tubularsock mentioned in a former post Tubularsock heard Obaworm express that he was monitoring the Standing Rock Protest and he was going let the private security and cops shoot and beat the protestors to see how it would play out. And once he saw that the protestors weren’t going to fold he declared that no permit was to be given.

Months ago Obaworm could have declared this in defense of WATER. But no, he now makes his stand weeks before the new Orange President will take office and then he’ll reverse all of this and Obaworm believes that his legacy of bowing to every white corporate dick up his brain-hole is something worth preserving. IT and HE is just shameful and a very sad commentary. He is one of the most chicken shit presidents in American history …….. and you know that we have had some big time assholes as President in our historical past.

The fight against big oil and water rights is not over and because Energy Transfer Partners has $3.7 billion at stake and the fact that Energy Transfer Partners has refused to honor restrictions in the past when ordered to do so means that much more will have to be done to stop them.

And just to be clear about vested interests, the Orange President has several million dollars invested in this project. Just perhaps the Lakota may find that there is a chapter two of the prophecy where the fucking Orange Snake seals the deal!



Tube flag burningROCK ON STANDING!

This morning Tubularsock arose with this on his mind. It is something so obvious that you’d think at first, “why is it so profound?”

When we came to these shores, and Tubularsock is using “the we” in the pejorative sense here, we came as “an advanced” civilization and looked upon the indigenous peoples as “lessor than”. Something to destroy, control, “educate” and to “save” in God’s name.

And, by jove, with all the destruction our civilization has brought forth onto the indigenous peoples WE still haven’t even learned their basic teaching. WE, the more advanced, the more sophisticated, the more educated missed a fundamental principle to life itself.

How has this transpired?

Well, Tubularsock doesn’t have all day to hash this over really. And you already know. After all, many of you have allowed the education system once again to fill your small children’s minds with that fucking Thanksgiving bullshit AGAIN!

So exactly what about, “WE came and brutally slaughtered “the Indians” and took there shit”, is so difficult to explain to our kids before we gather around with our dysfunctional families in our dysfunctional society and hack up a dead turkey carcass on our dining room table? Seems like a pretty easy thing to do but WE DON’T.

Now the other day Tubularsock happened to see an interview where President Step-en-Fetch-It responded to this young journalist’s questions about WHAT is the “President” doing about the Standing Rock Sioux pipeline protest. And this gutless wonder we call a president says he’s “monitoring the situation”.


Now exactly what is there to be “monitoring”? And at what point did the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers come up with an oil pipeline that would run through ancient burial grounds of the Sioux and run along and UNDER major water sources?

Which brings us back to where we started. At what point did WE as a civilization FORGET that you don’t foul your water supply?