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Just recently Adolf Hitler’s personal traveling phone was sold at Alexander Historical Auctions for $243,000. Now really, did you know that? Tubularsock would venture to guess that you didn’t.

Now not to be smarter than any of you but Tubularsock says that it wasn’t worth more than $8.00. What the buyer had to pay for were the PAST DUE long distance bills.


You see, another thing many of you don’t know is that long distance time multiplied by LONG DISTANT TIME (as in historical time) plus late fees and the buyer was very lucky to get off with such a deal.

Now this was Adolf’s “traveling” phone which was the “cell” of it’s day. What has been lost to date was Hitler’s Twitters.

But those are being duplicated today by President Orange Tweet.


An upset Hitler and an upset Trump are cut from the same cloth. So it really doesn’t take much to extrapolate the Hitler/Trump Formula and figure in what direction all this is going.


  1. Michael Fuhrig says:

    Tube: You know about Hitler’s sexual fetish–too X rated to be mentioned even in a Tubularsock blog. I wonder if Trump might have the same fetish? (HINT: the rumors about the “Golden Shower” are pretty close to it.) In any case what Hitler liked to have done to him Trump is going to do to the American people.

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  2. sojourner says:

    And here I thought this was going to be about Adolf’s skin cells, or some other type of cell, and that the asshole corporate owned “scientists” were going to try to clone him.

    Oh well. I was disappointed. And as a former AT&T employee, I must warn you not to talk about Communications in this manner. The gestapo had nothing on AT&T security!

    Poor old Donald, he’s been set up for the woo, and now you and others are comparing him Hitler, and after only one month on the gig. I mean, the guy has been left with a dying piece of shit to rule over, after Tattle-Gray got finished. How would you like to follow the Cheney and Step-n-Fetch-its’ administrations?

    If the Trumpster is Hitler, then what would you call Dick Cheney and ASSociates?

    Okay! Enough bsing.

    Tube, your far-left slip is showing again. I have started to blast the Donald now, but Hitler? Really?

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  3. swo8 says:

    You think Trump is bad, we have a fellow in Canada, who is on the Dragon’s Den who wants to Führer. This guy has got the big “T” beat by miles.

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    • sojourner says:


      The world has been going to hell for a century or more now, or maybe even longer would be my guess. We just happen to be “lucky” enough to be around for the finale. There is no antidote for what ails all of us on planet earth. There are just too many lunatics in charge for the rest of us to fight against.

      It may be time for all of us to just bend over and kiss our asses goodbye, after, that is, we all get totally smashed and raise a whole lot of hell!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Tubularsock is not that knowledge about Canadian TV but it is one of the stars on the show?

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      • swo8 says:

        He’s not a star, he’s a megalomaniac, that decides whether some entrepreneur will get money to finance his business. You might know the show as the Shark Tank. He’s a classic shark.

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    • Amen, Leslie! Just the sort who give heartless predatory capitalists a bad name!

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  4. sojourner says:

    Leslie, point well made. And besides, I’m a happy drunk, so how much hell could I possible raise that way?

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  5. Michael Fuhrig says:

    To LESLIE:
    Are you talking about your prime minister Trudeau? I would trade Trump for him any time and throw in a shortstop; outfielder and a left handed relief pitcher. Let’s make a deal!!

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  6. Tubularsock, Speaking of sharks … I’ll point out the obvious here and say there’s no need or time to snipe at one another, there’s too much else to do, and too much to try to avoid.
    But here’s my usual trivia question … who bought the damn phone? If this isn’t poetic license at work, all bidders, sellers, and anyone concerned with the auction need … wait, I’m supposed to be non-violent — but clearly such is not my natural inclination! What is that sick reverence for relics of celebrity, anyway? The lust for autographs or for anyone’s used undies is not one of humanity’s finer qualities!
    Okay, rant over. Maybe. Anyway … knowledge being power as they say … thanks for keeping us so well informed! – Linda

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