You know what Tubularsock LIKES about Republicans?

And it is not that they don’t spin it to the Exceptionalistic-American-Brain-Dead that they are doing it to make America Great Again, they do spin it that way.

And the Exceptionalistic-American-Brain-Dead BELIEVE it the same way as they believe that TIDE makes cloths brighter!

You may not like this Trump crowd but they are up front in their directed destruction.

Unlike the Democrat’s elite, you know the Clinton-Obama Cartel, that fucks you over but does it behind the facade of “caring”! You know, “A Humanitarian-War”.

And their followers too believe in TIDE.

So all of this whirlwind of Trumpism coming down the tracks every news cycle is just dust thrown in our eyes. There is a constant barrage of distraction.

So you may want to pay attention to the man BEHIND the curtain, Steve Bannon. The so called “brain” behind the voided-headed-Trump.

You see Steve, it has been revealed, LOVES WAR and as a result he “attacks” life AS A WAR. He is a big fan of the Chinese military treatise The Art of War (孫子兵法) by Sun Tzu.

This little treasure of war has 13 chapters giving “directions” on how to go about WAR.
And not to labor over YOUR next war but it is interesting in light of what is currently going on to read how it is done.

For example Chapter 2, explains how “success requires winning decisive engagements quickly”. Hence, the rapid signing statement fury. In Trump’s case it was the appearance of fast action to something that looks impressive in the press but in fact will be in the courts for some time. It wasn’t really a slam-dunk. But appearance “trumps” reality!

And Chapter 3, the source of strength of a strategic attack is defined in terms of unity, not size. Explaining why the inner circle is seemly a tight group.

Now this is just a hint from Tubularsock of how things are being orchestrated but we may not like the tune.

Every few minutes the 24-hour news cycle whips up everything from the Russians are the cause of EVERYTHING to Vice President Pence doesn’t dine with women without his wife being present.

The important thing is to look a bit deeper because what seems to be HEADLINES is the least you have to worry about!

Now on the brighter side, you may not really want to know. That of course is very “normal” for the dysfunctional American family. Daddy is fucking his daughter but we all go to church on Sunday to keep up our “loving” family image in the community. That has been the modus operandi of the American public, as so obviously displayed on 9/11.

Oh sure, three buildings fell down at free fall speed into their own footprint and most of the “terrorist’s” were from Saudi Arabia ……… let’s bomb Afghanistan!

So all of this just goes to show you that the obvious is obvious but denial makes you feel better. THAT’S AMERICA FOR YOU!

  1. Lara/Trace says:

    Tricksters, Tubular. Start the fire in your front yard to distract – do their dirty work in your backyard. Worked for years. I am so dizzy right now.

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    • tubularsock says:

      LT, Tubularsock understands the ways of the Tricksters. Tubularsock knows they are the ones that hide my truck keys and cause the loss of the one sock. Tubularsock is used to them.

      When they start the fire in the front yard, time to kick some butt!

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  2. swo8 says:

    I’m still stuck in a Grecian Urn a la John Keats.

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  3. I share your view in preferring that people who want to fuck me up are honest about it instead of getting all smarmy like Obama and sneaking behind my back. I understand the Art of War is required reading over at the CIA.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Oh! The CIA reads? Ok, maybe so. They are just on a different page than Tubularsock!

      Tubularsock figures that if it was good enough for Mao and General MacArthur it can’t be all bad! Or maybe ………

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  4. Tubularsock, I must be hard to please. I don’t seem to like being screwed over, whether to my face or behind my back. They’re both nasty. And if we humans are so smart, why can’t we find some better way to deal with one another! Sigh. Could this all be an april fools joke that got out of hand and won’t go away? – Linda

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    • tubularsock says:

      Linda, now really, “if we humans are so smart”? Yes, Tubularsock sees the “if” but that “if” only shows that you already know better!
      If this makes it any easier Linda it is not April Fools Day but rather that Ground Hogs Day movie that we’re struck in AND IT WON’T GO AWAY because we see our own shadow.
      Thanks for your comment, Cheers!

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  5. A democrat called me a cynic once, Tube. Me–while standing on the throat of a couple of Mitchell and Jessen supporters at an ant-war parade where a MovedOn dot Org Still Again person took me to task for my violent misuse of grammar and poetry-like substances. I knew then, but never actually thought–that Russia would be the next Saddam’s CIA anthrax by North Korea without dental coverage.

    It’s like living in Salinger’s outhouse sans the crazed followers in my driveway or monthly checks.

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    • tubularsock says:

      YOU Al, a cynic? And on top of THAT the nerve of a MovedOner chastising YOU for “violent misuse of grammar and poetry-like substances”! What is the world coming to?

      Stay strong when you go over the wall of the Cuckoo’s Nest!

      Thanks for your comment and Tubularsock loves you “perils” of wisdom always taken with a shot of Wild Turkey neat and a long toke of Afghan hash.

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  6. Make that antiwar…though the ant-war parades for Raytheon are soon to follow I’m certain…

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