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Tubularsock was just sitting around his top floor corner office in his underground bunker over looking Washington, D.C. from Oakland, CA (see Bunker Tour for background) when he noticed that his top-flight-NSA-resistant-carrier-pigeon came flying through the space-time-continuum-tunnel.

There was nothing out of the ordinary for this to happen except it was a direct PTTC (Pentagon To Tubularsock Communiqué).

American troops are the representatives of DEMOCRACY in Afghanistan and the fact that we have been there for 16 years and still don’t understand the Afghan customs and culture have presented some problems.

U.S. troops have been told to IGNORE child rape by Afghan Security Forces because according to U.S. commanding officers’ instructions, “. . . look the other way because it’s their culture.” (as reported by UPI)

The Pentagon, it has been found after a Defense Department investigation into the matter, had no written guidance or policy telling U.S. personnel not to report such behavior (child rape), but that it was best for it to be left alone.

In addition, those Marines that did report such activities “. . . were told that nothing could be done about child sexual abuse because of Afghanistan’s status as a sovereign nation.”

Now hold on here, Afghanistan’s status as a sovereign nation?

Since when?

If Afghanistan is a sovereign nation then the U.S. broke International Law 16 years ago by attacking a sovereign nation! And those International Laws were agreed upon and the United States signed on to them.

Police! Police! Arrest someone!

Oh, International Law only applies to OTHERS when they conduct aggression on a sovereign nation. Seems fair. Because the United States respects the law!

And then ………..

The outcome of the U.S. Department of Defense Inspector General Report was to recommend that the Department of Defense determine whether child rape by Afghan security forces constitutes “gross violations of human rights that require further review by United States Forces-Afghanistan or the Gross Violation of Human Rights Forum.”

Well there you have it. It’s official. It has taken two years to prepare the report to ask the question:

Tubularsock sure wishes the DOD would have come directly to Tubularsock for the answer. Tubularsock would have given them the answer for half the price with way less paper! The report is 106 pages long.


What government can accomplish if you give then enough money and paper.

And honestly, don’t dwell on this too long.

Besides, the U.S. has been raping Afghanistan for over 16 years anyway so who has time to really worry about the children?

And we’re the good guys ………….. horse shit!


  1. Lara/Trace says:

    horseshit…all shit… stinks

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  2. Batt Guano says:

    Why not let rape, male chauvinism sexism and sexual abuse continue in Afghanistan because it’s a “cultural thing”. Hmmmm… Let’s see where else is that normal too? A poem may solve it…
    Hey..Hey USA…
    How many women got raped today?…
    But Ladies don’t despair…
    Don’t lose hope…
    Perhaps instead of rape..
    It’ll only be a grope…
    Politicians do it…
    Business leaders do too..
    Hoping the fondling
    Will lead to a screw..
    Don’t protest..
    Don’t say “ouch”…
    Just let the predator…
    Take you to the couch…
    For if you want to get that promotion…
    You’ve got to put up…
    With all the commotion…
    Or…is there another approach?…
    One to rid you of that predatory cockroach…
    Kick the predator in the groin…
    And with other abused woman do join…
    In a movement to put up spirited fights…
    And win a collective effort to gain your rights…
    Go women of America! And Afghanistan too!

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  3. sojourner says:

    And of course, this is not to mention Bill Clinton and his child trafficking buddy, Jeffrey Epstein, who is just one more Talmud loving, child raping and enslaving Zionist!

    But, Tube, lest we forget, and as you say,

    “Remember, ‘You can’t get there from here.'”

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  4. swo8 says:

    I’m overwhelmed by the eloquence of Batt Guano.

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  5. sojourner says:

    Have you read this, Tube? Looks like the msm is finally willing to go with an attack on one of their very sacred cows. It also looks like Hillary is going to finally bite the dust as well!

    Okay, all together now, “We were high and mighty…”

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  6. In my mind, the current epidemic of pedophilia is the natural consequence of a male dominated society that fears and loathes the movement by women to empower themselves and reclaim their identity (instead of allowing men to define it). American men especially are terrified of women’s sexuality and the possibility women might make sexual demands on them. This is the great thing about having sex with children – they are totally passive and malleable. Just like the way women are featured in pornography, which is one of the largest global industries now – and far bigger than the mainstream film industry. Like children, the women featured in pornography are bone thin and have no pubic hair. While the advertising industry is unashamedly sexualizing preschool children to increase profits.The last two decades have seen popular western culture dominated by this latent pedophilia – only I guess it isn’t so latent any more.

    As this culture insidiously spreads to the third world, it’s no wonder Islamist jihadists feel revolted and seek to protect their children from it by any means necessary.

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    • tubularsock says:

      No argument with that DrB. Just not sure if it is any worse today. It may be just exposed more due to the internet. Sure is everyplace now. Signs of the decay of a civilization!


  7. I remember standing in the early morning on the groyne at Fremantle harbour, Western Australia, with a megaphone and booming out to the troops standing to attention on the US battleship sailing in: “Hey, hey, USA, how many kids did you kill today!” Great fun because the buggers couuldn’t do anything back! And anyway, TS, if child rape is okay for Afghanistan, why get up in arms about dear old Moore, the home grown child rapist!

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    • tubularsock says:

      Ah yes, protesting American troops and all that insanity was/is one of Tubularsock’s past times. And after all of that the U.S. is selling arms to Vietnam. Can’t help ourselves Tubularsock guesses.

      But we did finally stop the war and got rid of a President but they keep coming back like cockroaches!

      And the “Moore Thing”! When you look at all the sexural predators in the U.S. Tubularsock figures it must have become an American Value!

      Thanks for your comment CC!


  8. jtremaine says:


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  9. tubularsock says:

    Sha’Tara, it appears while you were in your moody blues we digressed into paranoid black sabbath.

    Thanks for your comment.


    • Sha'Tara says:

      Just my usual snark: I was commenting on Satan being spelled “Satin” in one comment… so couldn’t resist pushing the envelope a bit farther under the door.

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      • tubularsock says:

        Sha’Tara, so you were being snarky! Isn’t it a bitch when you are snarky and Tubularsock misses it completely.

        The subtleties of your snarky stance is lost on Tubularsock who is much more aware of the full frontal hatchet attack about his spelling misfortunes.

        But Tubularsock will attempt to become more sensitive to clandestine-snark.


      • Sha'Tara says:

        Ah be but forewarned and bewared, O great Tubularsock, as you sit contentedly surveying your domains from the penthouse of your underground bunker and watch the stars spin tales of a cavernous heaven… this entity may just devolve into a sneakier snarkie…

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  10. tubularsock says:

    Sha’Tara, Tubularsock has been a devotee of Yoda for far too long to be fooled by mere “sneakier snarkies”!

    Much Sha’Tara to learn, “sneakier snarkies” does still have.


  11. Sha'Tara says:

    Yoda, O Yoda… Thou great Teacher… and Tubularsock, may the Force ever be with you, and within you!

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