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You know OrangeTweet is pretty consistent in his ability to leave a highway of failure in his wake.

He is like “a hundred-per-center” in the inability to do anything but fail.

The most recent example (well Tubularsock hasn’t seen the news in the last three seconds so recent is relative with the Orange-Dumpster’s crap)

But lets use the “Imbecile-In-Chief’s” firing of Kirstjen Nielsen, the secretary of Homeland Security.

That move has made an impression because due to OrangeTweet’s actions, the Department of Homeland Security “. . . is now without a secretary, deputy secretary, ICE director, FEMA director, Secret Service director, inspector general, undersecretary for policy, undersecretary for science and technology, chief financial officer and chief privacy officer,” (Dianne Feinstein 4/8/19)





Now compare that to OrangeTweet’s former business failures:

Trump Hotels & Casinos Resorts

Trump Castle

Trump Plaza

Trump Taj Mahal

Donald J. Trump Foundation

Trump University

Trump Airlines

Trump Steaks

Trump Vodka

Trump Model Management


Do you note a pattern here?

And then you add the Trump narrative repeated ad nauseam claiming,

“I built what I built myself, and I did it by working long hours and working hard and working smart.”

And his followers believe it.

Now Tubularsock asks you …….. who are the dummies?



  1. Batt Guano says:

    FIRST Trump did it to his many lady friends….
    THEN he did it to his business associates…
    SUBSEQUENTLY he did it to his business enterprises…
    And what did he do?
    He gave them all a good screwing…
    And the nation is next on his list…
    And like the previous entities the nation will get an STD…
    A Special Trump Disaster that is!…

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  2. Sha'Tara says:

    Who are the dummies… indeed. Would those who voted for Trump, assuming they had a business, hire that man to run it? Yet they gave him the whole country to play bankrupt pussy grab with. And I think Batt just outdid himself!!!

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  3. sojourner says:

    Yes sir, Trump’s the typical rich-kid, business dumb-fuck, who can’t wipe his own ass without an owner’s manual or some slut.

    I still remember going to bed that night, back in November, 2016, and laying there thinking, “Well, it’s going to be Bill Clinton II (a senile, cock-sucking shyster with terminal pms) for the next four to eight years, or this bad-hair day, business dumb-fuck. Either way, we are Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition!”

    And damn if I wasn’t right! Imagine that? A failed composer/decomposer finally getting the gist ahead of time! Damn, am I proud!

    Okay folks, all together now, just like we’re on the Titanic (and we are), “Nearer my god to thee, nearer to thee”!

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  4. sojourner says:

    Here is some truth to chew on:

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  5. Lara/Trace says:

    I am starting to think most Americans have some form of lead poisoning (which is a concern) (and it’s been going on a very long time) Add to that: flouride in our water supply which dims the pineal gland. What you get is a dumbed-down population. Right Tubular?

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  6. You have no choice, now, Tube. You’ve got to throw your hat in the 2020 presidential race.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Dr. B, Tubularsock views your suggestion as a sign of a ground swell of support!

      Now, just have to find a really really really wealthy capitalist to represent once elected!
      Oh the trials and tribulations of leadership!


      • Sha'Tara says:

        Tough one that, isn’t it Tube. If you want to go straight to the top of the Corporate Corruption ladder, may I suggest his highness, Jeffrey Preston Bezos? You might have to shave your head but it’s a small price to pay. Then there’s the mandatory training on how to turn the screws tighter on helpless immigrant warehouse slaves, but it can be done. Remember those dedicated death camp Kommandants. Human nature can accomplish much in the quest for power… or the satisfaction of its deepest lusts.

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      • tubularsock says:

        Interesting that you mentioned turning “. . . the screws tighter on helpless immigrant warehouse slaves . . .”.

        Just finished a reference book that Bezos sent Tubularsock on just that topic.

        Seems Tubularsock has an extra battery powered electric power drill (always thinking of the environment) that could be put to use. Such a sweet guy that Bezos.

        Jeff has been a bit concerned with the fact that Tubularsock has befriended his former wife Mackenzie, now the third richest woman in the world.

        But Tubularsock is sure we’ll work things out before the 2020 election.

        Thanks for your concern Sha’Tara.


      • Sha'Tara says:

        You’re welcome, Tube, and all the best as Amerikkka’s new president in 2020. Just remember the three main points: More guns, mandatory vaccinations, less freedoms. Go for it, make Amerikkka Great Again… you’ll just kill them, Tube!

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      • tubularsock says:

        Sha’Tara, Tubularsock’s plan is pretty simple for Amerikkka.

        We take our guns and kill the children so there will be less need for vaccinations and no need for those pesky freedoms!

        Does Tubularsock have your support? And if so, may Tubularsock remind you that you will be entering a conspiracy.



      • Sha'Tara says:

        Oh boy, hm, can I think about this? I mean killing children in cold blood with automatic assault rifles seems a bit drastic and not terribly politically correct. Couldn’t we starve them instead, or poison them? Oh wait, we’re already doing that. Well maybe use drones to bomb their schools and buses? That works all over the Middle East, why wouldn’t it work in Amerikkka? I don’t know, I need to think, Tube. Meanwhile I’m sure that as your campaign picks up a massive groundswell of Make America a White Hot Hate Again, I’ll become convinced of the rightness of the cause. Will I have to believe in God again as part of the Hate campaign? How low do I have to go, Tube?

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      • tubularsock says:

        Yes Sha’Tara, you’ll have to believe in God again to hate BUT ONLY the white god! Amen.


      • Sha'Tara says:

        White God, of course, goes without saying. I’ll go dig in the closet for my bonnet. I got an invitation at my door yesterday to attend the Easter Jehovah’s Witness service. Will that do for a start or do I need to find something more British… or Roman? It’s not so easy taking such a big step backward in my personal evolution you know though I’m fully aware it will be a huge step forward in my egolution… Looks like this is going to be a busy week!

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      • tubularsock says:

        Wow. What Tubularsock loves about the Jehovah’s Witness is they are as constant as a clock. Few things are these days.

        But remember to keep your egolution in check.

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  7. selizabryangmailcom says:

    The Dumbing Down of America! It’s too late! If people could just un-dumb themselves, they’d realize the Orange One completed a walk-in of Johnny Cash’s corpse and made Hurt his personal anthem: “And you could have it all, My empire of dirt, I will let you down, I will make you hurt.”
    They think it’s Johnny Cash singing to them and they’re swooning and by the time they open their eyes and “come to” they’re wearing at T-shirt that says “He Said We’d Make America Great (White) Again, And All I Have To Show For It Is This Pile of Dirt.”

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well, you are so correct that getting anyone “un-dumb” is a tough “NUT” to crack!

      However, may Tubularsock present a bit of a different approach for your consideration.

      Let’s change the Johnny Cash song to Folsom Prison.

      “I’m stuck in Folsom Prison
      And the time keeps draggin’ on”

      And the T-shirt would read, “He Said We’d Make America Great (White) Again, And All I Have To Show For It Is This Fucking Crook”

      It is just a Tubularsock attempt to “un-dumb” the swooning dumb-dumbs.

      Thanks for your comment.

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    • Sha'Tara says:

      Well said, clapping loudly!

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  8. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Yesssssss. And you must mean the Orange One’s singing that he’s stuck in F. Prison, right? ‘Cause otherwise why would my heart be singing at the thought?

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  9. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Lol !!

    * La la la la la-la-la… *

    You get the high note, Tube!

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