Tubularsock posted a video called PAST IS PRESENT on You Tube that some of you early birds were able to view before You Tube removed the video.


Well this was a first for Tubularsock which has been posting videos on You Tube since 2006.

So Tubularsock was reported for HATE SPEECH ……… so Tubularsock sent in an explanation to the You Tube censors and explained:


“To You Tube to reinstate PAST AS PRESENT

The purpose of this video is NOT to promote “hate speech” but rather to highlight the historical tactic of hate speech in the political context to show the dangerous repeat of “group think”.

It is history repeating itself and an attempt to alert people to the dangers of such tactics.


And as Tubularsock expected writing an anonymous group the response was:


Well, really no surprise there so Tubularsock went back to the drawing board and produced HATE SPEECH: A LESSON.


Tubularsock will be interested in what You Tube’s response will be this time. In truth, the new video is far superior to the other one and Tubularsock would recommend seeing it right away just in case You Tube misses the point of the video again. This time Tubularsock has made it VERY CLEAR!


The link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFFOCwNegis&pbjreload=10







  1. swo8 says:

    I don’t know Tube, if they don’t watch it to the end they’ll fixate on Hitler and pull it down.

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  2. Sluggo says:

    As you well know, I have been comparing Trump to Hitler even before he was elected. You know how much flak I drew on Writerbeat, but Trump has proven to exceed my expectations as a Fascist Dictator, even with what “checks and balances” we have left in our country.
    When I watch his “rallies”, I am even more reminded of the Fuhrer.
    Could it be due to something still in the bloodline of the Drumph families early German heritage?
    Could Trump be remotely related to Hitler?
    Not saying that all Germans are prone to this trait, but the possibilities of Trump inheriting this are disturbing. After all, his favorite read in the early years was a collection of Hitler’s speeches, according to his first wife.
    After watching old Hitler rally recordings and Trump rally recordings, I see a scary equality.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Sluggo, yes Tubularsock is aware of your comparison but isn’t it sad that you were so right on the money?

      Tubularsock has heard that Trump read some of Hitler’s speeches but now that we know him a little …….. had to be that his first wife read them to him, Tubularsock believes.

      Yet, the American voters will have to wake up or we’ll have the fucker for another four!


  3. sojourner says:

    You nailed them, Tube! YouTube, like Google and Facebook, is an extension of the government.

    Hate speech = censorship and the denying of our universal/natural freedom of thought and speech. And this Big Brother bullshit is coming primarily from the pseudo left. Unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse!

    I’m sorry this happened!

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  4. Tubularsock,
    The controls exerted by the internet traffic directors scare me more than Trump does. The First Amendment doesn’t protect us from internet censorship.

    Glad I saw this You Tube before You Tube censors it, but your introduction is better and shows a little of what we’re dealing with in CyberLand.

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    • tubularsock says:

      katharineotto, Tubularsock agrees but one has to be reminded that YouTube is controlled by a corporation and it’s rules don’t have to conform with the First Amendment. It is a private entity and thereby protected by their own rules.

      Tubularsock agrees that control of the internet as well as the “free” press is just what is preached but not what is done!

      Thanks for you input.

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      • I realize a private entity can do whatever it wants, but there’s something to be said for embarrassing them into behaving. To let their censorship pass unnoticed implies consent. That’s why I like your introduction, which exposes the face of the corporate beast. YouTube does provide a valuable service, though. It’s interesting to know exactly what gets censored.

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      • tubularsock says:

        Tubularsock has posted many videos over the years but to be “removed” when the charge wasn’t true is disappointing but in these times, not surprising.


  5. Great video, Tube. I like it even better than the one that was censored.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Dr.B, thank you and Tubularsock agrees. The first one was off the cuff and Tubularsock was thinking to hit and run.

      This one took a bit longer but far superior to the first.


  6. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Oh, this one is totally headed for more censorship. You can’t quote Mark Twain questioning the ways of the world! Reason is heresy and critical thinking is blasphemy! How dare you?!

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  7. Sluggo says:

    Trump overruled local control and permitting of 5G cell sites. They can now pretty much put them anywhere without restrictions. Just last month, Verizon put one about 30′ from a neighbor’s 2nd floor bedroom window. The city had no knowledge of it, and also stated that they had no control due to Trump’s FCC ruling. The support pole even has an RF exposure sticker on it, warning people not to stand within 6′ of the pole for a long period!
    5G operates at much higher frequencies than regular cell sites. The higher the frequency, the more physical damage is done for a comparable RF power.
    Screw our physical health, screw the environment, it’s all about “jobs, jobs, jobs”!

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    • tubularsock says:


      Now, Tubularsock wonders if there is a devise that could be sold to screw up the 5G signal that your neighbor could buy and install pointing at the 5G installation.

      Just another gorilla tactic for defense.

      Tubularsock can’t believe that it doesn’t exist already but what a fun business to get into and screw things up big time.


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