As usual, Tubularsock was sitting in his top floor corner office in the underground bunker overlooking Washington, D.C. from Oakland CA minding his business when the whir of a personal drone hovered overhead alerting the electronic protection barrier that there was an incoming message.

Tubularsock was able to read this message using his paranormal natural aptitude and determined that it must be past on ……………. (translation: Tubularsock received an email.)

So here is the direct transmission.

All Tubularsock can say is that the author is a regular reader of Tubularsock, “… first hand coverage, second hand news” but a first time contributor.

Tubularsock would love to hear what other readers think of this slice of truth ……. enjoy!


   “Awake, awake, you drowsy sleepers.
               Why do you lie, and slumber still?”
( Ian and Sylvia—song)

            Donald Trump—Catalyst for Awakening

Several months ago I was having afternoon coffee with my husband, who is a political blogger.

We were talking—of course—about Donald Trump.

I had a sudden shift in consciousness and seemed to “see”  about Trump something that opened my eyes.

What I “saw” in this vision shift was that we are—or may be— dealing with a phenomenon that not only as a personality does not follow the rules set up, but who actually can not be dealt with according to our usual rules and set-up.

I am not speaking here of his psychological issues (which are many), nor even of his the-worst-of-the-American values of money, “stardom”, what-you-own-is-who-you are . . .

I am speaking of what Carlos Castaneda was opened to in his journey with Don Juan, the shamanic “teacher” who opened Castaneda’s eyes to a non-rationally-organized world.

Castaneda had to learn to deal with phenomena that didn’t operate along the lines of “life” as we are taught it in the limited “reality”- system that we are taught in schools and raised to follow in society.
What I said to my husband as I glimpsed Trump in my altered state was:  “OMG!  He can’t be dealt with as we usually deal with problematic situations.  He’s of another order, in a sense, has some kind of quicksilver quality that keeps him from being caught.

Almost like “evil”.  I don’t mean ”evil” as a “bad” thing, but rather as a force that requires a leaving of the usual lines of logic and orderliness to overcome.
I thought of Don Juan and Castaneda. I thought of the Matrix.  I thought of Martial Arts and Zen and improvisational theater where awareness to the moment, not formulas, are demanded.

And I thought of how we are taught in school—to follow the bell, to be on time, to write on the test what the teacher said was true.

I thought about how we’re taught:  “Follow these things and life will turn out.”

But real Life isn’t like that.  Real Life is not chaotic, but it does not operate along set lines.  One must be awake to what Life is offering up at any particular moment, and be willing to move with it, as it demands.  If the house is on fire—get out and leave your stuff.

One must be in the MOMENT and move with the MOMENT.

What we have with Trump and his tricks is a “policing  force” (Congress) that is playing according to grammar school rules.  Follow the protocol, follow decorum, follow the rules and it will all ‘turn out”.

But it’s not “turning out”—except for Trump!

When Trump and his henchmen refuse subpoenas, Congress has the right to call the sergeant-at-arms and haul them away to JAIL!   They are breaking the LAW!  But no one does that.

What stops them?  Is it just too much to break though the image, emblazoned in our minds as children:  “But that is the PRESIDENT!”

It’s like watching children who  were left  by their parents in a car parked in the heat who won’t get out because “Mom told us not to get out ’til she gets back.”  Or a child or woman (or man) in an abusive relationship who just can’t call the cops because “It’s daddy.  You can’t call the cops on daddy”.

What say you, Tube?


Sounds like you are right on top of this American travesty! Thank you for your call for awakening. And tell your husband from Tubularsock that he should listen to you more and pay attention because you have hit the nail on the head and just might with your insightful advantage drive both his and Tubularsock’s blog out of business!




  1. Sluggo says:

    Great read for sure, Tube-
    Trump is giving us a taste of what it is like living under a Dictator. I remember reading of dictatorships in High School, but I always thought they happened “somewhere else” in the world. I hope this turns out to be a positive lesson to Americans in the end.
    Thankfully we have (whats left of) checks and balances, and finally they are coming into play. One can only imagine where Trump would be at this point if he actually had full free reign. We would certainly have “State TV” as our only information source. All independent government agencies would end up reporting to the president, probably even local police eventually. Funding for education would be drastically cut, as an educated public is the greatest enemy of the Dictator.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Sluggo, thanks for your comment. Yep, you are spot on in terms of Dump but the real problem is the loss of values from both parties. They have sold us out for years and the public really hasn’t noticed.

      How many young men and women, not even hundreds of thousands of innocent victims, have WE had killed and paid for by paying our taxes?

      The real guilty are WE CITIZENS that aren’t willing to fucking burn it down!

      And Tubularsock would gladly lead the charge but Tubularsock hasn’t the time, you know with Monday Night Football, Doritos and beer!



  2. Sha'Tara says:

    An interesting take on the issue. It involves the concept of psychopathy which Trump has/is and greatly enjoys, and delves into the study of “evil” which Andrew Lobachewski (my spelling, I can’t do the Czech thing) wrote about relating to Stalin which he called ponerology. That said, it doesn’t explain why Congress in particular, as a group, should collectively fall for that. No, the real reason the leaders of Congress wanted to avoid tackling Trump is because their handlers wanted Trump to remain as president: it served their purpose. Now there may be a shift. Trump may have served his purpose and his Middle East chaos may have turned the tables… maybe. Maybe they have found someone even better than Trump to place as the next “president” and have made the deal with the De-mock-rats, they being the CIA, the Military, the Fed and associated banks, the IMF, any, all or more of the above. It’s all about money, influence and power at that level and you can be sure that at the moment the wheels are turning faster than ever to hang on to the status quo. More could be said but enough for now, eh?

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    • tubularsock says:

      Sha’Tara, thanks for your insights.

      Tubularsock does appreciates your construct and you may be correct.

      However, it may be way more simple than that.

      Tubularsock calls it “Bully on the Playground” Syndrome.

      It is just the inter play of Trumps five year old self facing off with the Congress’ five year self and the results are confusion and fear all away around.

      It appears that there are NO ADULTS in politics!


      • Sha'Tara says:

        Yes Tube but they are adult enough to know when their pockets are being lined. The rest: the lying, the pretending, the bullying, the “nyah, nyah, nyah, my daddy has a bigger dick than your daddy!” yes that is playground bullying in spades, and these days all politicians, bar none, who want to see some votes drop in their bucket, do it. OK, here goes, once more: religion? No answer. Politics? No answer. One more economic collapse, this time involving everybody world wide and Money? No answer. The end… or a new beginning?

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  3. We studied the work of Carlos Castaneda in our anthropology forum when I was doing my psychiatry residency. Castaneda submitted The Teachings of Don Juan as his PhD thesis for a doctorate in anthropology. He was dismissed from the program as the whole thing turned out to be total invention. There was also a slight problem with plagiarism.

    That being said, I enjoyed Castaneda’s books. He tells a great yarn.

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    • tubularsock says:

      DrB, yes Castaneda had an imagination but for Tubularsock it doesn’t have to be “factual” to assist in broader thinking.

      Call it “alternative facts” if you like.

      When it comes to “outer body experiences” others will NEVER understand unless they EXPERIENCE the experience.

      The question Tubularsock always asks when “doubters” challenge the concept of “outer body experiences” is, explain to Tubularsock the “the inner monologue voice in your head”.

      WHO is that, 24/7?



      • Sha'Tara says:

        Very interesting observation, Tube. This afternoon, sitting down and kinda-sorta contemplating pieces of my life, I said to myself, “Yes, I know I’m talking to my self. Yes I know you talk to me… so who are we?” And I knew, I didn’t have to answer myself, I just knew. We’re very temporarily physically stuck here, literally living straight-jacketed Matrix-designed lives but we are mentally free to roam; to think whatever we choose to think; to say ‘fuck you!’ to the powers that be. In the mind, we are always free unless we deliberately choose to enslave ourselves to belief systems. Today was Canada’s voting day to decide who the next bunch of rip-offs are going to run this place. I am now tearing up my voting card. As Bob said in “What about Bob”, “Free! I’m free!”

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  4. wolfess says:

    “One must be in the MOMENT and move with the MOMENT.”
    Well that just sounds like sex! I suppose sex is enjoyable anytime we engage in it (otherwise why would we engage in it?) but for sex to be really enjoyable and pleasurable you must be IN and move WITH the moment — THAT’S what produces the orgasm. Now, speaking from my own experience I wouldn’t want all of life to be in the moment or move with the moment b/c I believe life is made up of highs, lows and everything in-between; I want a minimum of lows, but the same can be said of the highs — they wouldn’t be as mind-blowing if they happened all the time. Life needs to be dull, and sometimes boring so we have the strength to ride out the lows, and so that when we have one of life’s orgasms we can truly BE in. that. moment.!

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    • Sha'Tara says:

      Totally agree with your comment, Wolfess.

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    • tubularsock says:

      wolfess, thank you for your comment.

      Well, Tubularsock hates to be the one to tell you wolfess but we ONLY “live” in the moment. The moment is all there is ………..

      Now that is where our mind comes in …….. we create the past and future within our mind. We project our mind and believe what we project is “real”.

      By continually doing this as most of us do we actually are not PRESENT in the now because we are busy using our mind to compare it to the past or project it to the future and miss the experience in the now.

      That is how most people live ……….. they miss living.

      EVEN within the context of sex many miss the “real” experience because of projecting past and/or future onto the moment.

      The great thing here is YOU can choose what you want and live it that way. You are the creator and performer in your own life-play. Shakespeare was correct in that we each play a part BUT what if YOU take control of your own life?

      Of course, there are group thought which brings about CULTURAL thought which creates rules, regulations and “norms” which become “real” from thought …….. Even when most of them are lies which control us.

      The mind is a powerful tool …… use it wisely.



      • Sha'Tara says:

        I’ve always “staunchly” supported the idea that “living in the moment” is in fact an impossibility, and pointless! How long is a moment? An hour? A minute? A second? No, it’s much less than a second: it doesn’t actually exist, just as a border does not exist. It’s just a demarcation point between the past and the future. “There is a purpose for ‘Time’ Mr. Wilson. It’s to keep everything from happening all at once.” (Timescape) To live “in the now” one has to first escape the space/time reality and enter into a non-timescape. We do it in dreams and visions but we cannot do it “here and now” if we are living. There is no now, just the future flowing into the past and we stand on the spaceless/timeless line between the two. Just attempting to be logical about some I find obvious. Obviously if we didn’t live in the past/future we would have no memories at all, and no concept of what could possible happen two minutes from now. We could never plan anything or even do anything. IMHO.


  5. Can’t we just convince Trump to turn into Don Quixote and chase some windmills.

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  6. Opher says:

    You excel yourself Tub!!

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