Now, now just calm yourselves down.

With the entire fabricated framework of DEMOCRACY in the balance due to a totally corrupt and morally deficient President who is about to be tried in an Impeachment Trial by the United States Senate …….. also known as the upper legislative body ………


Yep, nothing spells IMPENDING CRISIS like vacation.

That is why when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor they picked a Sunday!

Because, at least then, American’s were “closed”. Sitting around watching baseball and eating apple pie!

And heaven knows with the grueling work load that our dedicated Congressional members have to do and with their meager salaries it is understandable. Vacation!

At a paltry pay rate of $1017.54 to $1041.91 PER WORK DAY our Congressional Members with 171 to 194 days off a year that $174,000.00 a year sure doesn’t go as far as it used to!

Tubularsock knows you feel for them. You know, they have to take the legislation that is written by the corporate lobbyist and fax it to the bill printing office and then place it into the flow of other corporate bills being “legislated” and voted on.

Talking about stress. That is why they have their own swimming pools and and private gyms and lunch rooms within the Capitol building complex!

And because of this constant flow of corporate generated bills our Congressional members don’t even have time to read what they are voting on. But the ayes have it!

Especially if its for building guns and bombs but not so much for health, schools, libraries, infrastructure …… you know, “Just Where Can We Get The Money?”

And all that is necessary to vote is pressing a button. Too busy to write.

And OH YES, OrangeTweet is on vacation as well and it only is costing the tax paying citizens about $104,000,000.00 to date for just his gulf trips!

And the fact that much of that expenditure if paid to Dump’s family businesses is a questionable procedure for any government official to be involved in.

The bottom line ……… is that WE are paying for all of this and ALL OF THIS are off on vacation.

Somehow the gravity of this historical Impeachment event seems to have been lost in the mist of the


But rest assured, they ALL line up at the feeding trough to pick up their “employment” checks …… right on time! (no vacation there)



  1. Kc says:


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    • tubularsock says:

      Well Tubularsock IS pleasantly surprised, amigo!

      It takes Christmas to have you appear down Tubularsock’s chimney EVEN with a fire in it?

      Email Tubularsock and we’ll catch up!


  2. Batt Guano says:

    In relation to your last two blogs Here is a short poem sung to the melody of “White Christmas”:

    –I’m dreaming of a Trump Christmas…
    –Unlike the one’s I used to know…
    –Where the tree tops die…
    –From poison in the sky…
    –And Mega hat rallies put on a dismal show…
    –I’m dreaming of a Trump Christmas..
    –With every nasty Tweet…
    –The Orange Man writes…
    –May our days be merry and bright…
    –As we watch our two political parties…
    –Stage a bitter partisan fight…

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  3. swo8 says:

    Those positions look pretty lucrative Tubularsock, have you thought about running?

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  4. Not to worry. You are not paying congressional salaries, benefits, and vacations, nor are you paying for the Dump to play golf, fly, attend rallies or tweet. Your progeny until the sun burns out will be paying the interest to the Fed on the funny money it invents out of thin air to indebt the government and unborn taxpayers ad infinitum. Unless the government, like the hot air balloon it is, collapses before then, of course.

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    • tubularsock says:

      katharine, you are sooooo correct that the money is created from thin air and it all comes due with our great, great, great grandchildren for evermore.

      However to save time Tubularsock just has so much time and room to make political points so as not to get too much involved with detail about the true monetary realities of the system.

      So just because economic forces have left the Gold Bullion foundation Tubularsock is just old fashion enough so as to stay with the Gold-bull-yarn explanation for a quick hit!

      And Tubularsock leaves the in depth economic revelations to you katharine, Thank you.

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  5. Opher says:

    I think it’s us who need the vacation Tub!!!

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  6. For myself, I much prefer the Fed inventing money out of thin air than private banks (97% of our money comes from private banks inventing money of thin when they issue loans – this is where all our public and private debt comes from). My problem is where this Fed invented money is going. I think it should be spent into the economy to pay for infrastructure, health, education, housing for the homeless, etc. At the moment the $60 billion/month quantitative easing is being used to buy back Treasury bonds the Russians and Chinese have dumped – no one else will buy them.

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    • tubularsock says:

      DrB think of it this way. Every corporation when they get a couple of bucks buy back their own stock to keep the price up.

      The Chinese and Russians are dumping our bonds which sends the price down so we can pick up “ourselves” on the cheep-cheep-cheep! Sure it’s for the birds but it keeps everyone busy.

      Thanks for all your work keeping Tubularsock and others informed and on our toes throughout the year.


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    • The Fed spent a mere $4 trillion on quantitative easing, which did nothing other than create a stock market bubble and contribute to the real estate bubble. What could have that money done had it gone to social needs, schools, health care and infrastructure?

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  7. Opher says:

    Reblogged this on Opher's World and commented:
    Here’s hoping that a break enables them to see the light and dump the corrupt pervert.

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  8. wolfess says:

    Tubularsock wrote: “Somehow the gravity of this historical Impeachment event seems to have been lost in the mist of the HO, HO, HO’S. But rest assured, they ALL line up at the feeding trough to pick up their “employment” checks …” Now see there? We all realize they are nothing more than elected wHOres! But I ain’t bitter … well, maybe not too much …

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    • tubularsock says:

      wolfess, thank you for your close to bitterness but “not too much” comment.

      Yep Whores Of The Realm for sure but THEY ARE FUN!

      Just how low can they go! It is amazing ……… but Tubularsock is never “bitter” about the circus that has always been out of control.

      To Tubularsock, the best part is because of Trump, the underbelly (and in Dump’s case it is huge) is all being exposed for the sham that it is ………….

      Priceless, or in fact it is more like ………… name your price!

      No really, $130,000.00 for one fuck! Hot damn!

      And all the evangelical Christians only ask, “just how far can we open our assholes Mr. Trump! Amen.

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