The question that Tubularsock doesn’t understand when it comes to backing Bernie Sanders is just how many people miss the bottom-line-point of supporting Sanders. And that point is that the people that do back Bernie are NOT backing him because of his name BUT RATHER because of his POLICIES.

And here again the likes of Whoopi Goldberg ranting against Bernie staying in the Presidential race and not getting out of the race and backing Senile-Near-Dead-Joe comes into play.

Whoopi Goldberg who was a big backer of Corrupt-Bitch-Killery is now all in for Senile-Near-Dead-Joe! Go fucking figure. Obviously she doesn’t “get-it”.

At one time, Whoopi appeared to have some basic principles and some integrity but Tubularsock figures that for many once they get cash in their pocket they just sell out to the highest bidder.

To listen to Goldberg rant against Bernie and interrupt him to push her agenda could have been a hell of a lot easier for her to do this anti-Bernie rant without him.

But the base line, it appears, for the Democrapic establishment is doing all they can right now to set it up so when Senile-Near-Dead-Joe doesn’t win then they’ll have someone other then themselves to blame for their loss. AGAIN!

And, oh gosh, Russia won’t work any better the second time around so they’ll put all their eggs in one basket and we’ll hear that it was ALL due to those Bernie Bros!

But the REAL point that the Democrapic establishment continues to fail to understand is that their fundamental platform that they plan to stand on is as rotten to the core as usual and bankrupt policies DON”T GARNER WINNING VOTES! PERIOD!

It is not Bernie that a third of the current party is voting for IT IS HIS POLICIES!

Can you Comprendo Whoopi? Can you fucking get it?


Ok here’s the test:

Name one policy that Senile-Near-Dead-Joe stands for?

Times up.

You see, some people vote for the principles they believe in and if no one is there with those principles then those people stay home. They just don’t vote for the next name on the list …….. they just don’t vote.

And the numbers of these type of voters in the United States happens to be huge. Much larger than the silly “polls” indicate …….. they really don’t know.

But there is a significant number of “non-voters” who have given up voting because voting the “lessor of two evils” no longer is acceptable to them.

If we ever have an election which was based on principled policies rather than cult of personality THAT election would be amazing.

But rest absurd that that will likely NEVER HAPPEN because the Democrap/Republican’t Party is the only party in town and they are doing like they have always done maintain and control the power.

As for “THE PEOPLE” you should be able to see AGAIN where you stand in all of this.

Just look at this last bailout that the DEMREP PARTY just past before their three week break ………. HOW DID YOU MAKE OUT. Case in point!

Do you fucking get it yet!

However, THE FAT LADY HASN’T SUNG,YET. And that is what Tubularsock is holding out for in anticipation.

And ……….. Fuck you Whoopi!

  1. swo8 says:

    Nice legs Tube!

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  2. wolfess says:

    Tubularsock sez: “Name one policy that Senile-Near-Dead-Joe stands for?” Anything that benefits Wall St., but can you seriously see him telling them “I’m the only thing standing between you and the pitchforks” … he’s more likely to get confused and say he’s the only thing standing between them and the ‘pitch-a-bitch[es], or the only thing between them and the ‘pitchblack[s]’!

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  3. sojourner says:

    “Whoopi”: another one of Trump’s aces in the hole, provided by the dems, along with the other ‘beotches’ on that piece of shit, blather-on show. Where do they get these assholes? A psych ward, or whorehouse?!

    Bernie doesn’t stand a chance, since the dems are as capitalist pig as any of the neocons. Poor old Bernie, he’ll have to wait another four years to fail again.

    Thus, we are in store for four more years of bad hair day. And four more years of the dems and their sacred cows whining their dumb asses off!

    “Don’t ya just love it? Chic-a-boom chic-a-boom-boom-boom!”

    Tube, it don’t matter no how, Big Bro is making his move. Hell, who knows, after this bullshit flu scare is over, they may crown the Trumpster king?

    $1200.00! Finally enough to buy some WT!

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    • tubularsock says:

      sojourner, YES! Wild Turkey here we come. You are correct that the next four years will be a disaster no matter which of these assholes get themselves into the slot.

      But the fat lady hasn’t sung yet ……… there is many a slip ‘tween the cup and the lip!
      Bernie may still be a major player.

      The total reason for Tubularsock’s total commitment to The Turkey!

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  4. Batt Guano says:

    It’s a sad state of affairs for our election prospects, so of course this inspires the old Battster to produce yet another poem.


    …It”s no secret that our next president…
    …will be a man whose life is nearly spent…
    …One of three men will be our chief..
    …Two are elected servants…
    …And one is a lying thief…
    …Two have hair of shades of grey…
    …The other has a do’ distinct in its own way…
    …All are members of the septuagenarian class…
    …And the one with bad hair is a Consummate Ass…
    …Donald Trump will be seventy-four…
    …And is nothing more than an ignorant bore…
    …Joe Biden will be seventy-eight..and counting…
    … And his mistakes and gaffs are constantly mounting…
    …Curmudgeonly Bernie Sanders will be seventy-nine…
    …But his ardent supporters think he is just fine…
    …No matter which of these is elected…
    …It matters very much who they have selected…
    …To be their Veep…
    …Because septuagenarians often die…
    …Then we’ll need a good replacement standing by…
    …So whether its Trump, Bernie or Joe…
    …One of them is likely to go…
    …To that great White House in the sky…
    …And our new president… be it Pence or a female…
    …Will have to lead us bye and bye…

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well done Batt.

      Tubularsock would be supportive of both Dump and Joe going to the White House in the sky as soon as possible.

      Which box on the ballot does Tubularsock have to check?


  5. The system is unraveling before our eyes, Tube. No question about it.

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  6. sojourner says:

    Off topic, but a friend just sent me this:

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  7. selizabryangmailcom says:

    And then again, Bernie DID have a heart attack and is probably headed for more (or worse) in the future.
    I guess if he got in with a good Vice and then keeled over….we’d still have the Vice……………..

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    • tubularsock says:

      selizabryan, the important point you have brought up here is THAT THAT proves he has a heart as opposed to dead man Joe and the Orange Blob!

      And just like any repair job the more recent one has been checked and repaired may be a better sign than a deterrent.

      But no question a strong Vice is important (and Tubularsock has many). Chances that any of those three making it another four years is up for grabs for sure.

      Due recall, that fucking Cheney had a heart put in because he never had one and that fucker is still alive! Of course, after all, he is a “Lizzie” so that may be the reason!

      Thanks for your comment.

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  8. Do we really need a president? “None of the above” is my perennial choice.

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