Posted: May 1, 2020 in 2020 ELECTION



Well SHIT!

Tubularsock is having one hell of a good time reading all the information about the doomsday of the world.

Well hell, it is about time!

We, as a people, have ruined just about every aspect of the earth as a Garden of Eden.

We have chopped it, burned it, crushed it, asphalted it, pissed and defected all over it, and sliced and diced it.

And though the information of the “cost” of these ruinous activities is written all over the prison cells we have created for ourselves NOBODY has the ability to change our devastating actions because WE WANT OURS and fuck you!

So …….. it appears that the earth has decided that it has just had enough of this measly little human parasite and what better way to get rid of a parasite than to create higher temperatures, flood it, tornado and hurricane it, and volcano it a bit.

And on top of all that the “Head-Human-Parasites” (aka the super rich parasites and their cadres ) have promoted Covid-19 so as to profit from the destruction of the peon-parasites.


It is a way to make huge sums of money to the very end ——- can there be a higher human parasite goal than THAT?


Tubularsock, for one, is disgusted with the “profit motive”. And the reason is that it will ALWAYS lead to destruction. And has! Just look around …… proof’s in the pudding, but don’t eat it because it’s filled with GMO shit!

And the bottom line in this matter is to SHUT IT DOWN. Tubularsock MEANS DOWN!

Many are rushing to “Open The Slavery Back Up” so we all can Get Back to the Way It Was.

And on top of that even more want to get rid of the Big Orange Dump and go BACK ……. WAY BACK to the oppression of the BIG BLACK OBUMMER ERA with an empty worthless old pile of shit leading the way to THAT slavery, pussy grabbing Biden!
Talk about the fucking BLACK PLAGUE ………… SHITTTTTTTT ………

Even having the fucking degenerate Witch-Killery speaking in support of a host of sexual perverts who she can relate to after sleeping with wandering Willy.

Witch-Killery is one disgusting broad! Like Bill, she seems to go down with anyone!

So what we need is destruction of the current political class and a creation of a totally new paradigm.

Could this happen?

Not with the current mind stream ……… it is way too polluted.


You see here’s the rub, YOU HAVE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your own life.

But what we have been trained to do is ….. “Father Knows Best”.


The people have to bring back their POWER and form a new fair and equitable system!

Otherwise it is just slavery once again.

Tubularsock knows the response ……. THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE.

But it is not.


Seriously ……….. IT IS ALL MADE UP through agreement!!!

So if it is made up, lets give every person $100,000.00 a year PERIOD.

And we all AGREE it is worth $100,000.00.

Where does it come from? FROM OUR AGREEMENT! Just the faith that it is worth what we agree it is worth!

And just wait when Tubularsock explains Tubularsock’s Universal Educational System!

And Tubularsock has decided to announce his 2020 Presidential Bid for President of the United States!




  1. Lara/Trace says:

    All I can say is we are fucked if all goes back to “normal” slavery. Make us laugh while you are saving the world, Tubular..

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  2. Dearing Fauntleroy says:

    yep, Tube, right on – at least the two of us know the truth of the matter, lol. – the “labor” preceeds the “birth” and what a glorious, beautiful child it will be and that’s just the beginning ! thanks, brother.

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    • tubularsock says:

      So true Dearing. But the child will need help breaking out into new realities from the one’s we are currently and traditionally oppressed by in this society.

      Thanks for the comment. And enjoyed the “must read” article you sent awhile back.


  3. swo8 says:

    You’d have my vote Tube, but I’m not sure they’d let me vote there.

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  4. I think we may finally end capitalism this time, Tube. I honestly didn’t believe I would live to see it.

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  5. Sha'Tara says:

    There is only one candidate who is worthy of my vote and I will keep voting for her, no matter where I find myself travelling around “Spinner” (that being the name I’ve chosen to give this universe).
    SLOGAN: “VOTE FOR YOURSELF!” Do you really think there is anyone else out there more qualified that you to run things the way you want them run? There never was, there isn’t, there never will be.

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  6. Batt Guano says:

    Here’s the problem boiled down to a nutshell. Charles Darwin was wrong or at least misguided. We’re no longer in a state of evolution, but devolution. We’re moving back to our primeval origins. Just our presidential race alone verifies this. Both parties have passed over younger viable species (candidates) to subjects of the species (Trump, Bidden) who are near the end of their life cycle. And where humans once rose above their ape-like origins, we now have an orange orangutan as president and a sloth (Pence) as VP.. And when Trump is gone he will be succeeded by an Amoeba (Jared Kushner). Dolphins have never looked so good.

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  7. DB says:

    Won’t get any argument from me on this one, Tube!

    But, Tube, you don’t really want to be president, do you? I mean, you are not a scumbag who likes taking orders from inbred assholes. So how would you survive?

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    • tubularsock says:

      DB, Tubularsock would only do it as a side gig. Most of the time Tubularsock would be yelling and screaming and keeping “MY” ratings up.

      Taking orders with a solid paycheck and helicopter rides ……. who could complain?

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  8. DB says:

    By the way, Tube, I just realized that you don’t know who DB is. I am the entertainer formerly known as sojourner. Yep, I’m back. I was cussing out loud at the tv, and the neighbors started bitching. So I have a brand new blog to rant and rave on. I’m back spreading my brand of insanity.

    Three months was enough for me to know that I was addicted to blogging. I can’t get this fucking WP monkey off my back, Tube!

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  9. Batt Guano says:

    The reason I could get my analysis in a nutshell is this: Trump is a nut case, and our nation is just a shell of its former self.

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  10. You have my vote! (Whistling as I fondle my $100,000 windfall…). 😉

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