Tubularsock has just posted a new video on YouTube today.



And yes Tubularsock enjoyed creating it even with the tedium of the process.
And Tubularsock would recommend taking a look because in the past, YouTube has taken down one of Tubularsock’s video which broke some rule about “hate speech”.
That video was retooled by Tubularsock and then called “Hate Speech: A Lesson” and was allowed back on YouTube, go figure.
So check it out and comment as you wish.




  1. I think it is easy for Mr Presidente because everyone is trying to socially distance themselves form him anyway, He has an advantage there.

    Good video.

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  2. Denise M. says:

    Oh, no….et tu, Tube? You got a bad case of plandemic mind control! You may want to have that looked at.

    The left is being played on this one big time by Bill Gates of Hell, the Center for Disease Creation and Propaganda, the World Hell Organization, Anthony Fucky, and Big Pharma. They’re all counting on your knee jerk response that anything Trump recommends, MUST be bad, and the left is delivering! Now we have this travesty of formerly progressive people calling for a LONGER lock down, GREATER reduction of our first amendment rights, and MORE draconian restrictions.

    Hell, I’m waiting for the once rational and justice-oriented left to start demanding MORE surveillance. Send out the drones! Force us to wear armbands! Papers, please! Let’s get that snitch line set up so we can all snitch on our neighbors! Fines and jail time if you go out without a mask! Mandatory vaccines, hell yeah, bring it! They’ll probably be signing up to trap and vax anyone who dares resist.

    Yeah, we’ll show Trump! Bring on the police state! Who cares if it’s medical fascism, as long as we feel “safe” from this “deadly” virus with the less than 1% death rate and we’re opposing anything Trump says!!!

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    • tubularsock says:

      DM, Tubularsock thanks you for your informative comment. And Tubularsock is not in disagreement with your overall position.

      But here is the issue ……… this “pandemic” may have been orchestrated by forces unseen which is not news to Tubularsock BUT even though it may have been orchestrated DOES NOT MEAN that they give a shit that people may die because of their virus creation.

      The question is, do you risk their willingness to let you die and proceed like it is just another flu or do you watch out for yourself?

      Which comes back to, “Trust in Allah but tether you camel”

      Tubularsock is just tethering his camel, that’s all.

      Thank you so much for your comment and feel free to continue enlightening Tubularsock on the issue. There have been others that have commented with information that presents similar information and Tubularsock does not take this information lightly.

      However …… wash your hands.


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      • Denise M. says:

        Here’s the thing. The CDC is a captive agency; basically a marketing front for the pharmaceutical industry. Does it not seem a little suspicious how loudly they are trumpeting that the only real “cure” for this is a vaccine, and oh gosh, we may just all have to be on some form of lock down for 18 months until a vaccine comes out. (By which time we will have millions of starving, desperate people and probably martial law, which is notoriously bad for public health). Bill Gates of Hell is pushing hard for it to be mandatory and saying “we” “must” give that vaccine to every single person on the planet. WTF?

        OK. They are running this terror operation scaring the bejesus out of everyone about this virus. Which, even Dr. Mengele Fucky has admitted will have a less than 1% mortality rate (in the New England Journal of Medicine, a few weeks ago.) Already in the US, around 8000 people die every day. A recent graph of flu deaths shows a disparate drop in 2020 compared to previous years – looks like reclassified deaths to me. And for that, we are completely destroying the global economy?! It’s as if its right out of a playbook to increase public demand for vaccines (well, how about that, there already is one!)

        In addition, we CANNOT TRUST THE NUMBERS THEY ARE GIVING US. Why? Because right now hospitals are hurting financially; many are laying off staff. They get paid an average of $13,000 from Medicare for every COVID death they have. And the WHO stated about two weeks ago that they can declare it a COVID death on clinical evidence alone, without even giving a test. They need that money! 8000 people die each day in the US anyway…recategorize those deaths and you got yourself a plandemic.

        In addition, hospitals get $39000 from Medicare if they put people on ventilators. These are harsh, invasive treatments, with a high risk of death and serious bacterial infection. They could be using less invasive treatments like C-Pap, but since they get paid so well from the ventilators, well… Death from medical treatments is the third cause of death in this country. Isn’t it possible, that many – especially those elderly and/or with comorbidities – are dying from dangerous and invasive treatment? (Not to mention sheer terror, which has been shown to create actual physical toxins in our bodies.)

        Tube, this is a psy-op, plain and simple, an evil one that is hurting and scaring a lot of people. You know 9/11 was a psy-op, why so hard to believe this is? If we identify who benefits (Gates of Hell? CDC? Big Pharma?) it should be crystal clear who is running it. Much as I also hate Trump, in this case…he is not the one who benefits. He knows he has to go along but is doing so grudgingly.
        Lastly, it is not just Trump who wants people to get back to work. Millions of people all over the country are demanding it. So give them some credit for having the intelligence to do their own risk/benefit analysis and also to figure out how to safely conduct their business.

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      • tubularsock says:

        Denise M., thank you for all this information in a nut shell. Tubularsock IS NOT saying that this is not a possible psy-op like 9/11 which I expressed to sojourner as well.

        It probably is a psy-op!

        The issue for Tubularsock is that the powerful DON’T CARE IF WE DIE! They really are not interested in that. They have infected the world with this shit and they are willing to let the chips fall where they may WHILE they have taken precautions to protect themselves!

        So to set out and gather in THEIR CREATED VIRUS does not expose the psy-op it exposes the chances of more deaths from the psy-op!

        Tubularsock’s message, bottom line, and the message of Tubularsock’s video is you’d better pay attention to your own safety and NOT TRUST what you are being told!

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      • Sha'Tara says:

        That makes sense, and kind of my approach also. I respect how others feel about their fears and their beliefs (this is much more about faith than anything else) but I also point out whenever possible how this “thing” was implemented and the voracious appetites of the mass media being sated by ever more gruesome “news”. Follow the source of your information and follow the money.


    • Sha'Tara says:

      I have to totally agree. I know that each time I hear Trump speak I cringe and wonder why they let him. Nevertheless tRump, stupidly and ignorantly and from bad blood certainly, is saying the right thing if for totally the wrong reason. He doesn’t give a shit about people or their problems, he just wants to see “the economy” pick up again to make it look like he’s ushered a “boom” just before the elections. But the real enemies are indeed Vaxxer Gates, the World Hell Org., Dr. “Mengele” Fucky and of course, Big Brave New World Pharma. The good news is I see more and more people returning to work, re-opening their small businesses and mocking the COVID-19 rules. No doubt there’s polarization happening and all’s far from rosy out there but I know that when I phone a supplier (as a small but operating business) and let them know I will NOT be using them if I can’t go inside their place to pick and choose my supplies, they have meetings and they discuss how much business they are losing and whether it was worth jumping on the gov’t. bandwagon so eagerly thinking they’d be saving money though lay off of staff. IDIOTS. Because that was, and remains, the ONLY motivation behind businesses sending their staff home and of course, unpaid. The whole thing, however you shake it, was always about pure greed. That remains the ONLY motivation for the Draconian measures. Final score: return to work: Trump and his Repugnicans win – the people lose. Collapsed economy and Gropin’ Joe and his Democraps win. The people lose.

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  3. Batt Guano says:

    Tube: Im sure we have all noticed that Trump has a limited vocabulary. This is particularly noteworthy in his use of the word “incredible”. Which the dictionary defines as something unbelievable. Popular usage over the years has applied this word as referring to things so stupendous or noteworthy as to be incredible. Such as Jayne Mansfield’s bust size or Pablo Casal’s talent with the bass violin. Trump has over used the word incredible so much that it has really lost its original meaning. So to interpret what Trump really means when he overuses this word, your humble servant, Batt Guano, has compiled a scale of 1-10 to interpret Trump’s nuances of this word. It is recommended that in his daily Punch & Judy shows for the press, where he so often mentions this word, that an interpreter, much like those employed for the hearing impaired, be provided. As Trump uses the word incredible the interpreter will hold up anywhere from one to ten fingers to explain just how incredible Trump’s “incredible” really is. So, on a scale of 1-10, 1 being the best, here is explanation of Trump’s use of the word incredible:

    Incredible #1—absolutely the greatest, true to the actual definition of the word.Trump’s never
    achieved this on anything but he tries to sell it anyway for his Caronavirus handling.

    Incredible #2—Good but not great.Still beyond his capacity.

    Incredible #3–Just above average. But Trump’s trying to make it look good..

    Incredible #4—Barely above average, but since it happened on Trump’s watch he’ll take credit for
    it and hype it.

    Incredible #5—Average, but Trump cannot admit mediocrity. He’ll blame it on Obama

    Incredible #6—Below average. But Trump will blame it on Dr, Fauci.

    Incredible #7—Well below average, based on advice he got from Stephen Miller.

    Incredible #8—Well, well below average, based on advice he got from Jerod Kushner.

    Incredible #9—The level that Trump most operates on in the crisis. If he notices his interpreter
    using nine fingers so often he may issue an executive order to have some of the man’s fingers

    Incredible #10–an abject failure.But as in Coronavirus testing he’ll mention America has tested
    more people than anyone while failing to mention the US is about 40th per capita in testing among
    the world’s nations.

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  4. Wick Burner says:

    A Long Time Ago
    In A Galaxy Far, Far, Away
    While Trump Sat on His Fat Ass

    Nice work Tubularsock!!

    My disbelief of the nature and numbers is exacerbated by the fact that Trump is not being taken down from all quarters for flagrant disregard for human life and safety. Like, if ever there was something impeachable, right?!?!? So maybe there is something to the argument that the whole thing is a little overblown. Maybe.

    BUT, as you wisely stated in a previous comment, the tethering of one’s camel is a valid precautionary action. I too have lashed a rope betwixt the septum of my dromedary and the nearest solid rail.

    Another wise man once said, when flooded from all sides, it is right to sit on the fence.

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  5. sojourner says:

    So this is better, right?! I don’t have a $24,000.00 refrigerator with $19.00 a pint ice cream packed in it.

    What pandemic. Tube?

    I know you hate Trump, Tube, but this is pathetic. All presidents live this way, and you damn well know it. Thus, your point is more than moot! And worse yet, you are supporting Big Brother and his agenda against the people!

    People in this state are now standing in bread lines, because they no longer have jobs, thanks to the scum who have created this so called pandemic, and the dumb fucking assholes, who continually act like Pavlov’s dog, that comply and support them.

    Are you one of these dumb-fucking assholes, Tube? Then why are you acting and responding like it?

    The impeachment didn’t work, so now it’s another common-strain of the flu that the left is using to get Trump., while at the same time, destroying the working-poor class, which is all of their wet dream desires.

    Most Californians aren’t any better off than Ohians and other poor American slobs. But I guess, from what you have concocted here, you don’t give a shit about what happens to all of these people, as long as you and your sacred democrat/liberal agenda gets accomplished, right, Tube?”!

    You need to go here and read:

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    • tubularsock says:

      Sojourner, Tubularsock finds it interesting that before someone comes for a face to face meeting with the President and the Vice President they have their temperature taken for a sign of carrying Covid-19.

      Yet Dump wants everyone else to go out and back to work.

      So if that idea is so SAFE why are these precautions being taken with him BUT NOT YOU?

      Being out of work or possibly being dead isn’t a difficult choice to make for Tubularsock.

      But if you want to “save America and the Stock Market” for the good of the Republic go right ahead!

      To date WE DON’T KNOW SHIT about any of this. If you rush back to work and forget this OPPRESSIVE social distancing and spread Covid-19 and cause a greater death toll that is an issue and on the other hand if nothing happens then you can say it was all a hoax.

      So the question comes down to are you willing to be the Guinea pig for the society?

      And we are really dealing with an unknown here. At the moment the death toll isn’t as high as the normal flu or so “they” say.

      But at what death toll do we have to climb to to start to believe it may be what they say it is? Just how much do we want to risk to be “right” or “wrong”?

      The Ruling Class will come out alright so the brunt of it all will be left to we peons to carry the weight ……… so what’s new?

      It sure not the first hoax THEY have played on us ……….


    • Denise M. says:

      Thanks, sojourner, the freedom articles are a great resource!

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  6. swo8 says:

    As far as I can tell, technically speaking, the helicopter and the aircraft all belongs to the federal government (the tax payers). The gulf course belongs to Trump.
    How long is this shutdown going to last? There are several variants to the virus so I doubt they will get a vaccine. And if they do come up with some vaccine, I’ll never get it because they have removed any responsibility from big Pharma should there be complications.
    BTW great video.

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  7. Great video, Tube. Definitely one of your best.

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  8. selizabryangmailcom says:

    I heart the Star Wars theme of the vid. Props!
    But excuse me–I gotta go. Gotta go chug some Lysol down so I can disinfect my insides against the virus. Or, wait, maybe I’m supposed to inject it……..? Hmm. Does CVS sell syringes………..?

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    • tubularsock says:

      selizabryan, very nice. Cleanliness is next to Godliness and by doing this you’ll increase your chances of being directly in the position of meeting God herself! Good luck with that!

      And forget CVS, they don’t even have toilet paper!

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  9. sojourner says:

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  10. Sha'Tara says:

    Amazing what people will think, believe, say and do when they come face to face with their own ignorance and stupidity. Climate change, pandemics, wars, famines, people never understood what “finiteness” means, much less “entropy” and now with 8 times the number of people a planet can support and a mostly useless technology sucking at the dregs of natural resources to competitively grow itself into mega pointlessness, well, it’s pay back time and most will die in the same halo of ignorance they fumbled their purposeless lives in. If you back away from it all and take a good look at the bigger, much bigger picture, the one thing that will stand out is, none of it matters, absolutely none of it. You can watch the game to the end but the home team has definitely lost, so enjoy your beer and hotdog. There’s nothing left to lose. Or is there?

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  11. Denise M. says:

    Thanks for the clarification, Tube. I could not agree more, the powerful do not give a damn if we die and there is definitely a psy-op.

    Where we disagree is about the nature of the psy-op and which part of what we are being told we should not believe. It seems to me from your answer above that you believe the psy-op is that they have created a deadly virus that could kill huge numbers of people if we dare to venture out. From this point of view, a mass quarantine makes sense and the people who want that are the ones to listen to.

    My problem with that is that as a bioweapon, this virus is underwhelming. The great majority of people have only mild to moderate symptoms and “social distancing” is delaying us from activating our immune systems, which, contrary to the CDC’s lies, work fine. A recent Stanford University antibody study estimates that the fatality rate if infected is likely 0.1 to 0.2 percent, which Fauci himself agreed with in a recent letter to the New England Journal of Medicine! The total isolation policies were motivated by grossly inflated WHO estimates which were based on a computer model coming out of Imperial College in the UK, which is funded in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    The average US death rate is around 8000 PEOPLE PER DAY, with overall life expectancy of 79. People dying is sad but NORMAL. They die in huge numbers from heart disease, cancer, and pneumonia. Now consider some plandemic sleight of hand. Deaths are being declared as “COVID associated” for those with one or more serious underlying illnesses they would have died from anyway. Hospitals receive an average of $13000 from Medicare for every COVID death. And they need the money, because they are so far from being overwhelmed, they are laying off staff. A few weeks ago the WHO said that they don’t even have to test for the virus to declare it a COVID death. Overall deaths in the US are DOWN.

    From my point of view, completely destroying our economy and our entire way of communicating with each other as a social species makes no sense for the above numbers and the psy-op is about terrorizing people so much that we think these draconian measures are reasonable. Quarantine is supposed to be used for sick people and for those who have been in direct contact….not for everyone! The media trumpeting this new “necessity” on their 24/7 news cycle are the ones I believe we should not listen to.

    And my take on “they don’t care if we die” is that even for the small numbers above that do not represent a pandemic, we have mass lock downs that are completely destroying millions of people’s livelihoods and wiping out small businesses. Who benefits from that? Since when does the CDC, who oversees our monstrous vaccine program resulting in death and devastating illness for so many, really care about human lives?

    Imagine for a moment you have no assets and no form of income at all due to mass quarantine. You not only do not have savings, you have debts. Your food is running low. You are being told that it’s not safe to go back to work while data is coming out everywhere that it’s actually a less than 1% death rate. You are watching the banksters at the Fed making the biggest heist of all time. You know close to zero of the pittance they are handing out to the plebes is going to get to you. You are aware of the study showing that all causes of death increase by 63% for unemployment. That means that if we see a tenfold increase (and we’re going to see more!) in unemployment, 1.8 MILLION people will die who otherwise would not have. How would you feel about reopening the economy then?

    That’s why I believe that the ones who REALLY do not care if we die are the ones calling to extend this lock down, whether they are doing that through their media lackeys, their bought and paid for politicians, or their social media echo chambers. When do we add into the equation millions of “deaths of desperation” from unemployment, severe poverty, isolation-related mental health issues and abuse, violence from civic unrest, suicides, and delayed urgent medical care from people too scared to go to the hospitals? Do those deaths not matter here?

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  12. Opher says:

    Before heading off to work they should all gargle with bleach and still a UV probe up their arse!!

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  13. I rate this 5 cans of disinfectant!

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  14. TRUMP2020 says:

    but when is it over bruh

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  15. TRUMP2020 says:

    its over when its over don’t be misleaded

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