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Well Tubularsock is guessing that it is daytime here in Oakland, CA -USA on Wednesday, September 9, 2020.

It is according to the clock 11:50AM but when Tubularsock looks out of his top floor corner office from the underground bunker overlooking Washington, DC (see Bunker Tour) it appears to be night!

Tubularsock is not kidding!

The California Fires are so intense in the surrounding area of the SF Bay Area (even though they are a couple of hundreds of miles away) that the sky is a intense gold color with little light. And there is a light fine ash resting on every horizontal surface.

If Tubularsock didn’t know better Tubularsock would guess it was about 9PM-ish in the evening.

Very, very weird from Tubularsock’s normal psycho state! Ohhh, where’s Tubularsock’s butcher’s knife anyway?

It gives Tubularsock a very disturbing overall feeling.

It also reminds Tubularsock that we are all on one earth and what we fuck up in one place is not just isolated to that place ……… unfortunately it affects ALL OF US!

Funny how that works isn’t it. And the real disturbing thing about all this is THERE IS NO PLACE TO GET AWAY! It surrounds Tubularsock with no immediate escape in any direction! Scary. The AIR is what it is and it is the ONLY air we have. The WATER is what it is and it is the ONLY water we have. And yet, as a society we disregard it like we need not protect it. Insanity is when you keep repeating the same errors believing thing will change. WE ARE AN INSANE SOCIETY! Golly, maybe we could have another international committee to discuss what needs to be done and take some kind of vote. Maybe even outline a projection of a possible shift in our environmental policies to be enacted in 2093.


ONE EARTH ……….. that is all we’ve got!

But don’t you worry. Once this all calms down we’ll all be able to “get back to normal” and live our “regular lives” without having to change a thing!

Did somebody say, “Kick the can down the road”?

It just happens to becoming a shorter road. And shorter and shorter ……….





  1. Norman Pilon says:

    Aren’t fires a natural part of ecosystems? As natural as wind and rain?

    How, then, to explain the existence of plants that tend to depend on fires for their very existence, like closed-cone coniferous trees, for example, whose seed cones require the extreme heat of fire to open and engender the next generation of trees? What of the chaparral biome?

    In California, as in many other parts of the world, it is the active suppression of wildfires that is actually an assault on nature.

    So that ash that is falling around you is actually more of a reminder that in some respects the earth would prefer less human intervention than more of it — unless it were the deliberate setting of an overdue blaze here and there.

    Fires in the wild portend, not destruction, but renewal. Kinda like social revolutions that are less top-down and more from the bottom-up and spontaneous . . .

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    • tubularsock says:

      Norman, so true but the PROBLEM is that those damn trees planted themselves right up next to our houses. We had to cut down those trees to enhance OUR “natural space” to build OUR houses!

      AND THIS is the thanks we get?

      Another argument for concrete and asphalt!

      You see, WE want to live in nature …… just don’t want to follow Nature’s rules.

      Tubularsock is witnessing another day of dark orange colored smoke filled skies. If this keeps up people won’t have to put up Christmas lights to meet that festive look.

      And at the moment there is no argument for wearing a mask outside. In this case the case for masks are clear if you can see well enough to find one.

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      • Dearing says:

        don’t tell me the “wild turkey” has flown the coop – i know sometimes they are funny about smoke !

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      • tubularsock says:

        Dearing, don’t you worry about the Wild Turkey.

        Tubularsock rushed to protect the WT and took a couple of shots in preparation for smoke protection.

        And yes, for some the shots are lethal but Tubularsock is well practiced in the field and holds his own.

        Tubularsock houses his WT in a protected secured area of Tubularsock’s top floor corner office in the underground bunker overlooking Washington, DC from Oakland, CA.

        And to be sure a couple of hits of “funny . . . smoke” is often a handy support as well.

        Thanks for your concern Dearing and keep safe ……. here one for you!


  2. Batt Guano says:

    (Sung to the tune of Old Man River)


    Oh ol’ man Earth…
    He just keeps spinnin’…
    He don’t say nothin’…
    But humans ain’t winnin’…
    But ol’ man Earth…
    He just keeps spinnin’ along…
    He don’t cry out..
    He don’t tell us why..
    But every single minute..
    Another person will die…
    But ol’ man Earth…
    He just keeps spinnin’ along…
    Drill that oil…
    And burn that coal…
    Make another buck..
    Should be the main goal…
    If some people choke..
    And others may die…
    It’s very unpatriotic…
    To ever question whyyyyyy…
    So let’s go ahead..
    And burn our fire…
    We ain’t got long..
    Til’ we all expire…
    Oh I gets weary…
    And sick of tryin’
    I’m feared of livin’
    And scared of dying’…
    But ol’ man Earth..
    He just keeps spinnin’ along…

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  3. swo8 says:

    I think Norman has a point there Tube. We’ll just have to get out of the way when she (mother nature) decides to have a barbecue.

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  4. I think California can kiss goodbye to the southern half of the state once the Colorado River runs dry. The whole Los Angeles area was desert and has only survived due to irrigation. It’s hard to say if the northern half will run to desert, but given the droughts and annual fire seasons, it sounds like this is the natural course there as well. If you’re looking for a second home, give some thought to Iron Mountain Michigan.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well DrB. Tubularsock has always believed in Northern California and cared little for Southern California so having it return to desert wouldn’t matter much to Tubularsock.

      But Iron Mountain Michigan? Don’t think so. Before Tubularsock would EVER head for a place like that Tubularsock would join ISIS and see the world. Jihad!!

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  5. selizabryangmailcom says:

    We really are an insane society. And blind and dumb.
    I hope you can map out some kind of escape route just in case, which is a horrible thing to even consider. I hope you’ll be okay. All of my extended family lives in San Francisco and Sacramento. My cousin says it’s very smoky, but she feels safe. So far.

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    • tubularsock says:

      SB, Tubularsock thanks you for your concern. The major concern is that one could almost chew the air. Going to be this way for the next three days and the best one can do is stay indoors.

      The entire region is under this and in the Bay Area it is mixed with low fog with ash and smoke though Tubularsock can’t smell the smoke. And a high ozone count.

      There really isn’t an “escape route” unless maybe a boat heading to China.

      Tubularsock’s extended family lives in the Yuba City/Marysville area Tubularsock’s home town and is exactly why Tubularsock “escaped” to SF/Oakland. NEVER to return again!

      NOW they are blowing smoke in Tubularsock’s direction! Yes, Tubularsock is taking it personally. It MAY even fall into a conspiracy theory if it last longer than a week!

      And on 9/11, on top of it!

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  6. selizabryangmailcom says:

    Well, the prez once said, during fires in California a while back, that it’s OUR fault. We didn’t do enough raking.

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  7. Opher says:

    I am reminded of the Incredible String Band – Smoke Shovelling Song.
    Only when the world is smoke will the Trumpists admit that there may just be global warming and climate is real.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Opher the Trumpists aren’t the only ones who have missed the global warming boat. Fucking Biden and the Democraps have been looking the other way for years.

      However thanks for the link …….. Tubularsock has been smoking and tapping his foot .


  8. Opher says:

    Reblogged this on Opher's World and commented:
    Oh Global Warming you are not real
    Climate change is such a thrill!!

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