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Well Tubularsock is so excited. This is going to be a week to remember in American history.

The Orange Wonder to date has attempted every rig in the book to WIN.

And EVEN so some Republican’ts are standing up against his onslaught which is very rare because Republican’ts over the years have had their share of total assholes to defend.

Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon …….. don’t get Tubularsock started!

And the Democrap’s have as well. Obummer, Clinton, Johnson, Jackson.

But all that is just piss under the bridge from our pseudo-democratic-existence.

Well this Wednesday the 6th, Congress will have a joint session and Tubularsock himself plans to have a joint session. About the only way to put up with the bull shit!

And all AlbinoBoy Pence has to do is open fifty envelopes and read out the numbers and declare the guy with the most votes the winner.

Doesn’t sound that difficult but AlbinoBoy Pence first has to pull his white head out of his white ass to do this and that is why Mother will be there to tidy up. He’s a big boy now Mother.

As for the rest of the deliberation it will be like TOTAL fun to watch and if the American public haven’t asked yet why we even pay these collective imbeciles then this will be the opportune time to ask that question.

BUT WAY MORE FUN will be to watch the streets. That’s where stupidity will reign and the violence that will occur has been driven by the OrangeTurd himself. He has pumped his base up to the point that when violence breaks out he should be held for “inciting a riot”!

Because that is the stage OrangeDump has set into play. Tubularsock can’t wait!

Yet the right wing is setting the stage in their own way and like always their skew is well, “off the wall”.

For example: “These radical Left bolsheviks have been highly trained by the FBI COINTELPRO and/or CIA SPECIAL OPERATIONS to execute their disruptive missions with precision.”

“You can be sure that the U.S. Intel Community will have their deep cover agents and stealth operatives positioned all over D.C. on the 6th, looking for any opportunity to throw a wrench in the Patriot juggernaut that’s about to roll over everything inside the Beltway.”

And just how perfect is that? A pre-setup so when violence breaks out it won’t be their fault ……….THEY MADE US DO IT!

Oh don’t worry, the left sets up the same shit.

Seem like if nobody is to blame then nobody has to take responsibility for their actions.


And this “nobody has to take responsibility for their actions” runs from your city council member all the way to the Presidency.

The citizen has to reward their governmental officials with their vote ONLY when they support the citizen and not support governmental officials when they double cross you.

They have to be held to account!

Otherwise you will be taken to the cleaners and THAT IS YOUR OWN FAULT!

OH …… that does mean that you have to wake up to the issues that act against you and keep informed.

Just three examples:

Mitch McConnell blocks stimulus to the people but backs huge money to the rich AND THE VOTERS reelect him from one of the poorest states in the United States. WHY?
Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein have continually voted for corporate bailouts and war and against real people AND THE VOTERS reelect them. WHY?
It is another example of LOOK IN THE MIRROR politics.

The 6th is closer now than it was when Tubularsock started this rant and Tubularsock needs time to get the pop corn ready so dial it in: “BURN THE FUCKER DOWN” an American Story.


  1. Lara/Trace says:

    I have matches!

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    • tubularsock says:

      LT, Tubularsock knew that you could be counted on to provide the stealth equipment for the operation.

      Tubularsock will bring the weed.


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      • wolfess says:

        Don’t talk to me about joints — at my age they allllllll hurt and Gov c-Ricketts refused to even allow legal marijuana on the ballot in this last election even though it had gotten enough signatures to be voted on! There sure are a lot selfish (and self-righteous) reptardicons in power all over this country!

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      • tubularsock says:

        Legal, “ill-legal” doesn’t really matter wolfess. There is plenty to go around and always has been.

        But keeping it off the ballot is just another example of the “greatness” of the democratic system.

        The self-righteous are some of the best tokers Tubularsock knows. But they usually blow it out their ass!

        Thanks for the comment.



  2. swo8 says:

    Are you sure that’s all?

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  3. wolfess says:

    I’ve been hearing some chatter that moscow mitchybrat didn’t actually win — in some counties more people voted than actually live in those counties; and … the vote-counting company behind the outcome in Kentucky is Election Systems & Software (ES&S) and has its headquarters right here in Omaha. Evidently this company has ‘voted’ to keep a number of reptardicons in power in thos last election.

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    • tubularsock says:

      wolfess, Tubularsock wouldn’t be surprised that either of these fucking control parties (Democraps or Republican’ts) made up ALL the figures.

      It won’t be long before the system will just mail out who won without we having to waste our time voting giving all of us more time to shop at Walmart!

      But be careful of “chatter” unless you have proof. Proof is so much more difficult to get!

      Thanks for the update however. It is difficult to get info from Russia. But Mitch has an inside track it seems.

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  4. I agree with Wolfess. Mitch didn’t win. He stole the vote.

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  5. Opher says:

    Who knows why people do not think????????


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