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Now Tubularsock doesn’t know whether you have noticed or not but the story line being promoted around this entire Covid “Vaccine” is ONLY a ONE WAY street.

And everyone that is anyone is hyping the UNTESTED “vaccine” that is NOT a “vaccine” because a vaccine PREVENTS you getting whatever your vaccine PROTECTS you from ……….. that is why you get one!

But let Tubularsock warn you right now ………. there is a man behind the curtain!

And that “man” is the profit margin of the pharmaceutical industry.

The so called Covid shot DOES NOT PREVENT nor does it keep you from being a carrier of Covid.

And even though there are effective alternatives that help to prevent and even cure Covid in existence YOU’D NEVER KNOW IT.

You see, the owner of your health is really YOU but so many people leave themselves at the door and instead of looking into how to protect themselves let “doctors” and “science” determine FOR THEM what is best FOR THEM!

Ernest Holmes, the philosopher, best describe this phenomenon this way, “. . . an assumption which someone loudly proclaims and plausibly maintains, and when enough people come to believe in it, the subconscious reactions of their own thought seem to substantiate their claims until all become hypnotized. This kind of self deception which leads to real conviction, right or wrong, is evidenced in an extreme manner by the number of “Napoleons” in padded cells in our mental institutions.”

Now Ernest was stating the above as an explanation of religious propaganda but the results work rather well with Covid as well in Tubularsock’s mind.

Now lets get a couple of thing straight here.

First, Tubularsock is not an anti-vaxxer. Vaccines have their place. BUT THEY HAVE TO BE REAL NOT PART OF A SHELL GAME! You see a vaccine has to be a vaccine not just called one.

Second, Tubularsock is a big promoter of science BUT BY NO MEANS …. A BLIND FOLLOWER!

Science is a continuous expansive process not a pre-controlled pre-paid result.

THERE IS ARE NO FINAL CONCLUSIONS IN SCIENCE, only proposed theories which always remain “true” until “proven” otherwise.

And when science and scientific research are corrupted to match the results wanted for the pay received THAT isn’t science! THAT is adjusted truth to the highest bidder.

Those people should be bankers NOT scientists!

As for the public: they have been hoodwinked with an EXPERIMENTAL injection which has been given to them and that has known side effects but what is TOTALLY unknown is what future negative effects there may be on their health. Well good luck with that.

The public has been misinformed by those they put their trust in and now they have little recourse because the pharmaceutical factories have been given immunity from any responsibility for what happens to them because of their product.

You can thank your Congress BOTH Democraps and Republican’ts for NOT looking after your interests but rather to the interests of their benefactors.

And just how was all of this pulled off in plain sight? Nahh, not sleight of hand but outright fear mongering. And now, shaming people that are intelligent enough to question what has been manufactured as well as censorship of ANY other possible choice of protection other than a shot.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube are all censoring alternative to the main stream vaccination narratives.

All Americans should be alarmed that these giant firms are acting as judge and jury on enormously important issues, like our health.

Now just why would they do that. DON’T YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO HEAR ALL SIDES OF A DISCUSSION?

Oh! Tubularsock forgot. That’s only in a democracy.

However, the word IS getting out ……. Ivermectin as well as hydroxycholoroquine are two promising helps in Covid prevention and cure.

Now all of this just to say, people should be given ALL THE INFORMATION so that they can decide what approach will be best for them and their family.

NOT BE deprived of critical information and then pushed in a direction that is not beneficial to them.

THAT is what FREEDOM is all about.

So lets practice it.

  1. swo8 says:

    Once again, you are right Tube. When people finally get out and about without masks, etc. there will probably be a surge. I have a supply of hydroxycholoroquine in the medicine cabinet so why get the vaccine when I have the cure?


  2. Good essay, Tube. I guess we’re lucky here in NZ that we gained access so late to the vaccine. The government is still trying to persuade our senior citizens to take the jab but more and more are balking everyday. They won’t get around to the general population for another month, and thanks to several mass letterbox drops about the vaccine side effects, hopefully most people will have been at least exposed to an alternative views.

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  3. had a lot of fun telling “plot believing” relatives of my wife, horrified by my wife’s 96 year old aunt getting a Covid shot, “just imagine how much better cell phone reception will be here.” and “just think how easy it will be to find aunt in her kitchen. now she can just be stuck on the fridge.” of course pharma is making a killing from covid, as are all branches of the medical-industrial complex and as far as it goes, I hope trumpists don’t get vax’d. let them get covid and do us all a favor and die. covid is a hoax, right? remember, orange fuckhead said injecting bleach will cure covid.

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    • wolfess says:

      I agree with you — the more trumpers the trump virus kills the better I will like it!

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      • tubularsock says:

        Now wolfess, do think of the poor virus for a minute having to even deal with trumpers. There may be a shot for that.

        Do you happen to have a 44 magnum?


      • wolfess says:

        Do I have the ‘correct’ shot for trumpers? Why yes, yes I do — I have a ‘mare’s leg’ that shoots 44 mags, and it’s perfectly safe to use whenever I want because I also have a governor and 2 judges in my pocket! 😁

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well wcs, you made Tubularsock laugh aloud once again. Tubularsock just can’t seem to get rid of the picture of your wife’s aunt attached to the refrigerator. Priceless!

      Now, now do remember that violence breeds violence, wcs.

      The sad thing for Tubularsock is that if you scrape off the trumpist you’ll only get a bidinest asleep. That’s America for yeah.

      Great to have you drop by with your pearls of wisdom. Refrigerator magnets will never be the same for Tubularsock.


  4. tubularsock says:

    Wolfess, some people have all the luck ………. here’s to “good” shooting!


  5. Marlapaige says:

    The flu vaccine gives me the flu every time I take it. To make a vaccine you use dead samples of the virus you are protecting against to allow the body to learn to make antibodies. That’s just how vaccines work

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    • tubularsock says:

      Welcome Marlapaige to Tubularsock, “. . . first hand coverage, second hand news.”

      Very kind of you to follow Tubularsock.

      So true about vaccines. Tubularsock has noticed as you described that every friend that Tubularsock knows that has gotten a flu shot, with the exception of one, comes down with the flu.

      Tubularsock has never gotten the flu shot and has never, to date, had the flu. But Tubularsock has been known to walk on water so ……….

      The covid crap is scary because gain of function is scary. And things don’t improve with this “experimental-shot” either.

      Seems to be a very bad movie! And whatever you do DON’T EAT THE POPCORN!


      • Marlapaige says:

        I get the flu whether or not I get the vaccine. I got the covid vaccine, both of them actually and I didn’t get covid…

        And the popcorn was delicious with just a tad of salt 😊

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      • tubularsock says:

        Well Marlapaige, Tubularsock is happy for you.

        Tubularsock is not against vaccines if one wants to take one.

        To each their own.

        Tubularsock wouldn’t take this “shot” because “THEY” don’t know what the end results may be.
        Tubularsock read the ingredients and the guinea pig nature of this shot and just is not interested.

        Tubularsock puts enough shit in his body already without the help of big pharma!



    • tubularsock says:

      Well hot-damn Between Fire and Water, welcome to Tubularsock, “. . . first hand coverage, second hand news.”

      Thanks for dropping buy with such a helpful message.

      And Tubularsock believes that, though a man of few words, your wisdom shines through.

      And Tubularsock must add ……… the sooner the better! It’s going down from here.



  6. tubularsock says:

    Well Between Fire and Water, Tubularsock has checked to see if your earlier comment had been lost somewhere in Tubularsock’s Underground Bunker but alas no luck.

    “sell*”, pretty much says it all. Sometimes too many words get in the way of the escape hatch.

    And thank you for the follow.

    As all this was transpiring Tubularsock was reviewing your work and just have to say that there is no way Tubularsock couldn’t follow you as well.

    You are putting out some amazing shit! (Oh, because you don’t know Tubularsock — That is a compliment!)

    Keep your powder dry.

    Until . . .


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