Now leave it to Tubularsock to get to the bottom of the things around this Damndemic we are all living through. Well not everyone but some of us are living through.

Now just how can Tubularsock find THE TRUTH while others can’t?


Well, first by looking into the details where the devil does lurk. So welcome to another day in Tubularsock’s living hell. The ONLY protection is Tubularsock’s OSHA approved asbestos coveralls, N-95 triple mask, and plastic shield.

You see there is a beginning and there is an end. And some in the world are awakening and attempting to NOT COOPERATE with the end.

Americans are still under the delusion that the “the medical” and “the governmental” elements of the Damndemic are looking after their interests.

Which begs the question, just how many times will they allow themselves to be fucked over before they realize that their interests are not a primary concern to those in control.

But in America some are even lining up to allow their very own children to be fucked over as well, by the likes of Fauci and Gates, without a second thought. TALK ABOUT CHILD ABUSE in plain sight.

Who in their right mind would take their kid down to the corner and let some drug pusher shoot them up with a variety of drugs?

Would it matter if the drug pusher was wearing white?

There is such a low rate of Covid infection among children and even the ones who get it seldom have it for long or die from it. SO WHY THE PUSH?

Spooky! And Halloween’s over!

But all that is just frosting on the covid-cake-of-stupidity. And your child’s future health risks which WILL OCCUR due to this chemical goo is really on you because of YOUR LACK OF AWARENESS.

Sure you can send your children through “the Gates to get Fauci-ed” but it is you that has to attend the funeral.

Tubularsock isn’t a big fan of children BUT Tubularsock wouldn’t kill them! Good luck with that mom and dad!

My My My, how Tubularsock gets so off topic from Tubularsock’s original intent.

Ok, course corrected.

As Covid-19 hit the scene there was already a safe way to lessen its danger and cure and prevent it. That cure was HCQ (hydroxychoroquine).

It also had a 65 year track record of being both safe and effective around the world for a variety of illnesses including Covid after testing to discover just that way back in 2004!

And the biggest problem was it was CHEAP. Running at about $10.00 per course because it was an open market drug, the patent had run out. As opposed to Fauci’s big push for remdesivir at $3000.00 per course as well as really harsh side effects.

Fauci has investments in remdesivir!

But more importantly for Fauci and the Pharma Cartel the only way they could push their questionable “vaccines” was if they could get the FDA to issue the emergency use authorization act.

And to do that Fauci and the Pharma Cartel had to show that there was NO adequate, approved, and available alternative to this emergency shot.

So as any well rounded reputable scientists would do they stacked the deck against all the vast studies and then just lied as Fauci came out with the dictum that “. . . hydroxychoroquine should not be used because we don’t understand the mechanism it uses to defeat Covid.”

After Fauci’s statement Baylor University, Nature Magazine, Chinese studies, and studies out of Finland, Canada, and Saudi Arabia all showed the mechanism of the effectiveness of HCQ to defeat Covid. However the big money was only to be made if the SHOT got approved by the FDA for emergency use.

The end result to all this is that the Pharma Cartel was able to remove much of the world wide supply of HCQ and to discredit it as a “poisonous substance”!

Remember it has been used safely for 65 years!

This campaign begun BEFORE Covid-19 was declared a pandemic! Almost if THEY MIGHT HAVE KNOWN something we didn’t!

France and Canada banned it from over-the-counter sales and quietly removed it from pharmacy shelves.

Zambia and South Africa emptied drugstores of it and burned the medication in bonfires.

And the U.S. government in 2021 ordered the destruction of more than a thousand pounds because it was “improperly imported”.

And all this was going on while HCQ was showing remarkable results against Covid-19!

And then if that wasn’t impressive enough to show the power of PROFIT Google was scrubbing positive information about HCQ because suppressing information about positive information about HCQ and any thing else that challenged the vaccine industry is common practice at Google.

Why you ask? Google’s parent company ALPHABET owns several vaccine companies.

No really, Google It!

So here is the ten thousand dollar question:

If your mother, father, child, close friend succumbed to Covid and died due to Anthony Fauci’s self serving, immoral, policy that was done for profit over people, would it be ethical for you under the Biblical umbrella of an “eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” to hire an assassin to kill Anthony’s wife or one of his daughters or Tony himself?

These are the times that try men’s souls.

Tubularsock awaits your input ……………….

  1. Norman Pilon says:

    Not a good day today. My soul feels all tried out. Just going through motions . . .

    Didn’t think any of this COVID theatre would affect me as it has, but . . . not sure how to put it . . .

    It feels like something has to give.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Norman if misery loves company count Tubularsock in!

      Tubularsock totally understands the on-slot.

      More and more people are slowly waking up but it’s a world wide take down.

      The sun is still coming up so we’ve got that, At least for a couple of days.

      We each create our own movie so maybe you should take a little intermission and fill up on popcorn.

      Take care and take two aspirin and call Dr. Tube in the morning. By then Tubularsock will have your full bill added up.


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  2. swo8 says:

    Right on Tube, follow the money!

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  3. What really gets me, Tube, is that hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin also work against influenza – both for treatment and prophylaxis. For decades we’ve been giving people over 65 worthless flu vaccines (less than 10% effective) and let them die horrible deaths (slow asphyxiation is one of the worst ways to die) by denying them effective treatment.

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  4. Lara/Trace says:

    It seems Americans don’t know a genocide when they see it – or the rest of the world. I have been listening to Alan Watt archives – he’s now dead – that mystery not solved. Was he murdered?

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    • tubularsock says:

      LT, you would think Americans would understand genocide just from the amount that we have been responsible for through our history. As a society we seem to have slept through our history and Disney-ized our story. Could be why we have had so many Mickey Mouse leaders. Think?

      You can’t get any better than Alan Watts when it comes to clarity. Worth your time for sure.

      Back in time Tubularsock hung out in Watt’s circle and it blew Tubularsock’s mind.

      One evening Tubularsock attended a gathering in Berkeley, CA and Alan was sitting up in front of maybe twenty followers and the vibration was out of this world.

      Again in Mendocino, CA Tubularsock was in a small group where Alan “held court”. Most amazing.

      This is not to say that Tubularsock knew Alan Watts. Tubularsock just was at the presence of the creation. A “nobody” in the middle of an incredible force.

      Tubularsock’s library holds every book he published. Still refer to them when times get rough.

      Was not aware of his archive so thank you for that link.

      As for his death, Tubularsock has his own theory BUT will not be publicly express. A mystery is a mystery ………………..

      Thanks LT, and let Tubularsock just express that your work is so vital and so important for the betterment of the human spirit!


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  5. onnovocks says:

    Been watching this slomo train wreck since the late 90’s when it occurred to me that they could put an animal in a leadership position and it wouldn’t make a difference. Camel for president anyone? A Duck for prime minister? Frog for a King? Doesn’t matter, the central bank owns them all. Good luck everyone, because whether this disease is real or not, they have used it to gain total control. They did it all with money printed from nothing. The real disheartening fact is that some are actually asking for mandatory jabs, they seem happy in their captivity. Then again, who am I to argue with their herd mentality…..

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    • tubularsock says:

      Well saints be praised. Is it really YOU, onnovocks?

      It’s been awhile and welcome into Tubularsock-land, again.

      You have hit the nail on the head …… MONEY.

      Who makes it, who stacks it, who controls it, ahhhh ……… where exactly is it?

      No question that “leaders” aren’t.

      The scary part for Tubularsock is that at any point a “disease” can come and it can go. So it’s not only money these asshole can create.

      When people rush to get “shot” seems to show a total loss of mentality. Well, that’s what Tubularsock heard about the herd.

      Really happy to hear your clarity. Hope all is well with you.


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      • onnovocks says:

        Yeah, it’s really me Tubes, been busy with other stuff but since that has wound down I may have some time for reading again. I miss the view off the balcony of your underground bunker and sipping Wild Turkey. I’d bring some Cuban cigars but trumpf made them harder to get and on this side of the puddle a big effort was made to do away with the tobacco specialty stores. Swisher Sweets anyone?

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      • tubularsock says:

        onnovocks, yeah, “those were the good old days, we thought they’d never end”. Someone should write a song about that. The view from the underground bunker is still there and so is the Wild Turkey.

        Tubularsock does have a line on Cuban cigars but they are now made in China. They can fool you with both countries starting with the letter C.

        The Dump caused many things to become harder like simple logic but under the sleepy moron it’s on a rather steep decline. Oh well,one puppet is as good as the next Tubularsock suspects.

        Stay safe …………

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