It seems just a bit odd ………

How is it that with every mass shooting in the United States of America there is ALWAYS SHOCK which then turns to “our hearts and prayers go out to the victims families” and the political establishment rush out and relay the same old message of “doing something about it”
ONLY TO FALL BACK ASLEEP to be sure that the gun lobby money keeps flowing into their next campaign.

Kind of gives one a suspicion that there is some sort of tried and true plan they are following.
Doesn’t it?

We are a violent society historically. Our country was created by indigenous genocide and we marched across the continent taking other peoples land and fought wars with just about everyone.

Even the Louisiana Purchase, which sounds like a great business deal, was a deal between the U.S. and France. The only issue Tubularsock has with it was the French stole the land themselves.

So, TRUTH BE KNOWN, the Louisiana Purchase was an act of buying stolen property.

Not to mention that the people living in the area were never consulted about THEIR PROPERTY being SOLD.

Big surprise when you wake up in the morning and find out that what you thought was yours ISN’T.

Thank God ……. you don’t have to water the lawn anymore! See, there is always an upside!

So in truth, gun violence is the corner stone of the building of America.

And was enshrined in our Constitution. Even though at the time it was clear that only WHITE MEN would be able wield them.

And our continuous foreign policy has ALWAYS been about MINE’S BIGGER AND BETTER which has only led to the slaughter of millions of innocent victims always in the blood draped covering of FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY!

So what have we created?


Every bomb and bullet the U.S. provides to Ukraine RIGHT NOW is just an “over there example” of Uvalde, Texas! Without the up to the minute details.

Every missile system the U.S. provides Taiwan is just another Buffalo, New York in the making just with a bigger payload.

But what the BIG LEARNING that every American citizen has been awakened to (IF YOU WERE PAYING ATTENTION) is according to The US Supreme Court, law enforcement agencies are not required to provide protection to the citizens who are forced to pay the police for their “services.”

Did you get that?

Appears that what the police does do BEST is beat minorities and kill them on a regular basis.

Just a little bit scary, don’t you think?

The trick you may wish to know is the police DO have the legal responsibility to PROTECT YOU if you have been arrested and held in their custody. If not, they are not required to provide protection to the citizens AT ALL! ………. IT’S THE LAW!

So depending what is going down be sure to get arrested BEFORE the shit hits the fan. Ahhh, spread the word.

You see that “What you project” is what you receive back. Little bit scary really if you understand that that is the way all this works.

Good Luck.

  1. swo8 says:

    Unfortunately our society is based on corruption and lies, Tube. The biggest bully wins as a rule.

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  2. julydase says:

    Still with all our country’s faults, I would rather live here than anywhere else.
    We are not just a violent society; we are a sick society. But I would rather be considered a wolf than a sheep.

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    • tubularsock says:

      Welcome julydase to Tubularsock, “. . . first hand coverage, second hand news.” And thank you for your comment.

      Tubularsock agrees with you about living in the U.S.

      It is a great place on many different levels, no argument there.

      The problem comes when this country decided to control and run the WORLD. Tubularsock is sure you know other countries like themselves as well and don’t want to be run over by the U.S.

      If the U.S. would stay out of other peoples houses and mind its own business perhaps the world would be a better place all away around.

      Being a wolf comes with some responsibility. First and foremost not to rile the sheep into a position that they are willing to destroy themselves as well as the wolf. And this scenario is not as impossible as it seems when dealing with egos and “manliness”.

      A little old sheep with and AK-15 can do a wolf a great deal of damage.

      Just maybe it is time to break the wolf/sheep dichotomy.

      On a happier note. Reviewed your work on your blog and became a follower post haste.
      Some excellent writing. Tubularsock shall return.


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      • julydase says:

        Thank you for the follow. 🙂
        I agree with your comments above. I never have thought we should try to police the world; we’ve made a lot of enemies doing that.
        Re my wolf and sheep comment—for clarification, in my mind, sheep are weak, believe too much of what MSM and our government feeds us, so are easily led; while wolves, on the other hand, think for themselves.

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      • tubularsock says:

        julydase, Tubularsock agrees with you about the sheep/wolf imagery after your clarification.

        This has been a constant issue throughout our history. Much of this “looking the other way” that the “sheep” do is they are afraid and want security over truth.

        Waking up is always difficult to do but is critical if change is to be made as Tubularsock knows you are aware.

        Thanks and stay safe in the illusion we live in ……………


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