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A word to the wise from Tubularsock.

DON’T wake up in the morning and turn on the “news” before you have adjusted your mental-intake-valve.

This is a must if you want to maintain any bit of sanity in the insane world in which you find yourself.

Years ago Krishnamurti said, “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

And of course that holds even more true today. And believe it or not we have hit the iceberg and it seem like the US-TITANIC is going down!

What we are experiencing today is the decline and collapse of a society that has lost its way.


Golly gee, that doesn’t sound good now does it. Well, unless you are the kind of person that will bet on a dead horse and then bitch and moan at being a loser you’ll need to take extra care in viewing what is going down.

Now just where is the surprise in a country that will go off to another country and burn to death thousands of men, women, and children and then be SHOCKED and DISMAYED about your very own gunmen killing people on the streets of our country.

Somehow Tubularsock just isn’t shocked at all. In fact, when Tubularsock looks over the political landscape of this country and our obsessive addiction to guns it seems to be a natural extension of a military mindset.

You see if you are 18, you are a hero if you slaughter the enemy “over-there”. The power structure will even give you a medal!

And by golly the power structure will even give that medal to your parents or spouse if you happen to get yourself dead in your slaughter endeavor. THAT is just how important that MEDAL happens to be. Queue in the hand over the heart ……. so sincere.

Tubularsock see a false sense of priorities here.

Dick Gregory, once said that the U.S. doesn’t have to force democracy on other countries because if it is such a good thing they’ll steal it! WE ourselves have to practice it as an example for others. No we really are going to practice it right after you elect us again and again and again. Remember we only have one party. The party of money & control!

And that is why we aren’t a democracy. We just keep promoting the “IDEA” of Democracy as a propaganda tool for the citizens to believe while the American Oligarchs swim in the cash they create on the backs of the citizens!


Now some have called Tubularsock over the years “un-American” …. NA’. Tubularsock is much more on the Fuck-America track. A country that will lock up a person for exposing the TRUTH of the corruption and evils of the military and rather then giving that person a medal for exposing TRUTH they give him 30 years to life! FUCK-AMERICA!

Or a country that will arrest climate activists as terrorists rather than giving them medals for exposing TRUTH! FUCK-AMERICA!

This list could go on as communities militarize their police forces into armies with assholes with guns and expect the citizen to “respect” the police. FUCK-AMERICA!

And Tubularsock’s largest FUCK-AMERICA is directed at the “Two-Party-System which is just ONE PARTY who have never-ever funded a war they didn’t like!

So, DON’T be un-American BE FUCK-AMERICAN!

And God will love you, amen.

But Tubularsock is always hopeful and is in total agreement with Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn when he stated, “The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie. ONE WORD OF TRUTH OUTWEIGHS THE WORLD.”


  1. swo8 says:


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  2. Julydase says:

    We are indeed a sick society ruled by oligarchs. But despite the mass shootings, I don’t think banning ordinary citizens from owing guns is the answer; if that is ever enacted, then the criminal element that pays no attention to laws will be the ones with guns, and we will be at their nonexistent mercy. So much has contributed to the breakdown in our society that has fostered these mass shooters, I can’t even begin to go into it here. Our country needs a good ass kicking by a concerned parent AND mass psychiatric help. — And politicians who really care for our country would help.

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  3. Lu Stevenson says:


    Tried to comment . . . and can’t.

    Wanted to hit some “likes” too.

    GREAT graphics and cartoons!


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    • tubularsock says:

      Lu, Tubularsock is happy you liked it. Thanks for letting Tubularsock know about these issues.
      Will check them out.

      May be just part of the “Global Elite’s Technotyranny’”.


  4. Eric says:

    Reblogged this on Calculus of Decay .


  5. fauxcroft says:

    If people think the answer to the issues in the US is buying and carrying guns, then I think you know where the problem is. 🙏Faux

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    • tubularsock says:

      Tubularsock does lean in the suggestion you pose.

      However Tubularsock has noticed that when it came to the oppressive tactics used by governments during the height of the Covid mess the fascistic tendency of Australia, Canada, and New Zealand was hindered in the U.S.

      The reason Tubularsock believes is we have a scary armed society just on the edge. Booom!

      Thanks for your comment.


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