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Tubularsock went straight to his crystal-ball and called for the GAS SPIRIT to come-forth and POOOOFF! there she was dripping in salt water.

Impressive, Tubularsock stated.

“GAS SPIRIT tell Tubularsock who blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline?”

“IT WAS POSITIVELY NOT RUSSIA!” the GAS SPIRIT said quite quickly.

“Well, just how can you be so sure, oh wise SPIRIT?” was Tubularsock’s retort.

The Gas SPIRIT took three fast steps to the East, turned and stated, “It is as plain as U.S. Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken having his head up his ass!”

“This may be true, GAS SPIRIT but Tubularsock needs more PROOF than that”.

“Well here you go then”, the GAS SPIRIT stated as she spread her arms in a revelation gesture.

“Sweden and Denmark are investigating the sabotage which all parties have agreed was perpetrated on the underwater pipeline.

Russia has not been allowed to investigate their own pipeline and yet to date Sweden and Denmark has discovered that there are explosion craters at the destroyed pipe locations.”

“But still who did it is unknown” Tubularsock added.

“So if Russia had done this Sweden and Denmark would have been yelling that information from the top of Mount Olympus at the top of their voices”, the GAS SPIRIT continued.

“But what they have found shows someone else did it, Soooooooo. It is now classified and top secret and in that gesture alone shows that Russia is in the clear”, and at that she sat down very pleased with herself.

That has been the last Tubularsock has seen the GAS SPIRIT but as Tubularsock pursues the elusive gas fumes the fact that the USS Paul Ignatius, a U.S. destroyer, was spotted hovering over the areas where the explosions happened and left the area a short time before they happened make for interesting conjecturing.

And if you take into account that on May 20th “. . . Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III announced that Navy Rear Adm. Thomas E. Ishee for appointment to the grade of vice admiral, and assignment as commander, 6th Fleet.

Thomas Ishee is well versed in underwater fast attack, and he commanded fast attack submarines and oversaw the operations of torpedo retrievers, floating dry dock and the Navy’s submarine rescue systems.(

And you wrap all this up with the fact that the U.S. 6th Fleet were conducting “military exercises” in the Baltic dealing with among other things training an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit and unmanned underwater vehicles.

Move along, nothing to see here.

But for Tubularsock it is clear that once the discovered information was made classified tells it all and to date Tubularsock has heard zilch from Mount Olympus!

  1. Mr. TubularSock, have you seen the latest episode of DarknetDiaries? It’s on Odysee. It’s a story about how the GCHQ hacked Belgium, an ally in the EU! It seems fitting given that what happened in the Nordic sea was not just an attack against Russia, but an attack on the German economy as well!

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    • tubularsock says:

      DE, thank you for the information. Tubularsock will follow your suggestion and go farther down the rabbit hole.

      In fact, Tubularsock has been down so many rabbet holes that Tubularsock has installed an escalator. Makes the assent much easier.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and for reading Tubularsock.

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  2. Julydase says:

    I sometimes think the US wants war with Russia….seems like everything is blamed on them. Me, I’m not so sure…

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    • tubularsock says:

      Once again Julydase, Tubularsock thanks you for your insight and taking the time to comment.

      The U.S. has wanted a war with Russia for a very long time. And if it hadn’t been for their BOMB we would have attacked them years ago.

      That is exactly why North Korea development THE BOMB so as to keep the U.S. off their backs.

      The U.S. approach to “world order” is to overthrow any government that doesn’t go along with our control and direction. And we will roll over any country that won’t capitulate!

      So the ol’ BOMB saves the day.

      Tubularsock has always thought that a couple of Atomic Bombs in downtown Washington, D.C. might not be all that bad.

      Well, Tubularsock can dream.

      Stay safe, and DON’T do your Christmas shopping in Washington, D.C.

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      • Julydase says:

        Yes, the US government is bad about sticking their nose into other countries’ business. We have enough for them to worry about at home, which the current administration waves off as nonexistent.
        I wouldn’t go to DC if I were paid to…just a cesspool there; and luckily, I live far away from there. 😆

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      • tubularsock says:

        You are right on the money there but even though you live far away from Washington, D.C. those men in dark glasses that follow you may not be just tourists!



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